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'Parenthood' Producer

Fatass, Racist Man-Nanny

Corrupted My Kids

5/20/2013 11:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0520-brian-grazer-tmzLegendary producer Brian Grazer wants to strip his ex-wife of sole nanny-hiring powers -- claiming the last "manny" she hired was a fat slob and a racist whose attitudes have rubbed off on the kids.

Grazer -- who divorced his wife Gigi back in 2009 -- filed the declaration in new legal docs, claiming the 20-something-year-old man she hired to look after their sons (aged 9 and 13) was the worst possible influence imaginable.

According to the docs, the manny in question was terribly educated, disrespectful toward Grazer and others, used extremely foul language and was also a racist.

Grazer says the manny resigned a few weeks ago, but Grazer still believes the bad habits have rubbed off on his kids.  The legal docs do not give specifics about the offensive things the manny and the kids said.

Grazer now wants a judge to modify his and Gigi's parenting agreement, giving both parents equal say in who takes care of their kids ... and not just nannies either ... teachers and coaches too.

Grazer -- who pays Gigi $40,000 a month in child support -- also wants more custodial time.


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He's too old for that spiked hair. Grow up.

498 days ago


He may know whose to blame, but if he didn't see the "manny" say these things, he can't really lay blame. When questioned we all know kids will sometimes tell the truth & sometimes rat out an innocent party to distract from the deed. So yeah he may have a problem with the manny or maybe just a problem with the ex. If someone is bitter about being left behind, they will try anthing & point in every direction except their own.

498 days ago


Calling someone a "FAT" slob is a disgustingly biased comment. It's as if someone called Brian a Chicken Head because he looks like an anorexic chicken who stuck his claw in an electric socket!

498 days ago


Calling someone a "FAT" slob is a disgustingly biased comment. It's as if someone called Brian a Chicken Head because he looks like an anorexic chicken who stuck his claw in an electric socket!

498 days ago


Being reared in Hollywood, with the crazy circles these people run in, I'm sure the negative influences are plentiful. Ah the problems of rich folks.

498 days ago

Bon Beams    

You mean we get to blame other people when our brats are doing wrong? "It cant be my fault". What a load of BS. I guess rich people get to do that hu?

498 days ago


fat, slob, racist, your kids better stick to you, you sound so much nicer than that fat, slob, racist nanny.

498 days ago


Parents not raising their children on their own is whats corrupting their children!

498 days ago

la babe    

Too bad he chooses not to be involved in his kids' lives as much as he should and was obligated to. The whole thing is BS. Why would he put his kids through this?

498 days ago

Toasty J    

Brian, if you had taken any time out of your busy schedule to actually raise your kids, THEY would have been aware enough to tell you if the guy was a creep. Now he is the only parental figure that they have known. Jackass.

498 days ago

New Orleans    

It's always the "educated" ones that are the problem. They make up words like "fatass."

498 days ago


Hollywood has contributed violence and racism and prejudice in their worthless money making films. Typical liberal- Lazy Fatass slob- lol so sensitive- and which bs fundraiser did you attend to sell the public about sensitivity Brian?? And btw with all your $$$ why not take time away from the crap you make and raise your own kids. Lest they turn out like most of the Hollywood mental cases. Lazy Fatass slob Nanny??? OMG

498 days ago


And if you had spent more time with your children AND RAISED THEM YOURSELF, maybe they wouldn't have turned out to be brats! But of course, blame it on others instead of yourself!

498 days ago


Are we sure it was the manny that corrupted his kids? Based on his comments about the manny it sure seems like he is not a great role model himself.

498 days ago


oh like he isnt a pig himself... what an ass

498 days ago
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