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Philip Seymour Hoffman

Entered Detox

For Narcotic Abuse

5/31/2013 8:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Philip Seymour Hoffman just got out of detox for a drug problem that was spinning out of control ... a problem he desperately wanted to nip in the bud ... and he's already back doing a movie.

Hoffman -- who struggled with substance abuse in the past but kicked the habit for 23 years -- fell off the wagon more than a year ago.  He tells TMZ it started slowly with prescription pills, and recently escalated to snorting heroin. 

Hoffman -- who won a Best Actor Oscar in 2006 for "Capote" -- tells us the heroin use only lasted a week or so and he quickly realized he needed help, so he checked himself into a detox facility on the East Coast.
He says he was at the facility for 10 days and checked out last Friday.  Hoffman credits what he calls "a great group of friends and family" for helping him seek the treatment he needed to get better.

And at least for now, it seems it worked, because Hoffman is clean and back on a movie set in Europe.



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I commend Philip Seymour Hoffman for addressing his addiction problem. It is tough when you are in the spotlight to share such personal problems, but it sounds like he has a great support system at home, which crucial to help beat any dependency. I hope that Philip being open about his road to sobriety will spark conversation nationally and within the celebrity community that prescription drug abuse is a growing epidemic that often leads to the use of other opiates such as heroin.

446 days ago


Good for him for getting help quickly.
He is a good actor.

446 days ago


For those trapped in addiction and are looking for answers check out:

446 days ago


After going through detox, he may be the only member of the cast that's not drugs.

446 days ago


After going through detox (again), he may be the only member of the cast that's not on drugs.........after all, the entertainment industry is fueled by meth, cocaine and heroin..........

446 days ago


Just one more example of a gifted Democrat actor who becomes "intoxicated" with his own importance and false immunity after reading his press notices. I love this man as an actor and have always admired his work. Why am I not surprised that he has opted for a long trip down the toilet. Enjoy the ride. I am one disappointed, though not surprised fan.

446 days ago

Carl Jerry    

He should have stayed in the nervous hospital longer than 10 days.

Umm Hmm

446 days ago

Carl Jerry    

He should have stayed in the nervous hospital until he is well. 10 days is not enough.

Umm Hmm

446 days ago


For all of you negative a-holes saying that he is like "oh look at me" or he's on an ego trip. Do you asshats realize how many children, teenagers, & adults abuse prescription drugs,and heroin so, yes it's a good thing to be candid & nip it in the ass unlike true famewhores *cough* Lindsay

446 days ago


Not a long detox. Wonder if he is now on Suboxone?

446 days ago


Yet more proof that being able to pretend you are someone else (wow, such a noble profession) doesn't mean you are the sharpest tool in the shed.
These Hollywood types are falling over each other to congratulate themselves - yet if they didn't get their lucky break most would be wiping tables clean in the local diner.

446 days ago

Craig Smith    

I wish him wellI
I think he's a great actor. Always makes me laugh!!!!!!!

446 days ago


Is this guy so bored with life that he has to resort to Heroin to make his outlook on life tolerable? I don't wish him well. I hope he OD's and comes within an inch of dying. Something has to make this idiot understand that the money he paid for the dope is used to kill good people. Anywy he is not going to kick the addiction in just a short time in rehab.

446 days ago


The man's a great actor and a good guy, cut him some slack! Good for him for seeking treatment. Half of the biggest stars from the 60's -80's had either coke or heroin addictions at some point. It's tragic but, as the Eagle's song says, it's "life in the fastlane".......

446 days ago


For those of you who say ten days of treatment wasn't long enough, the man had been clean and sober for over twenty years. He has the tools in his toolbox, he just needs to pull them out again. The inpatient time is just to ensure his medical safety. Now it's time to get back to work on sobriety. He will be able to do that with AA/NA and doesn't necessarily need inpatient treatment to do that. He just needs to get back to the basics of the steps. I wish him well. Relapse is all too common for addicts in all walks of life.

446 days ago
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