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Nicole Richie

SHAMES Paparazzo

You Dropped Your Kid to Shoot Me??

6/5/2013 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0605-nicole-ritchie-instagramNicole Richie claims a paparazzo did the unthinkable at LAX ... he dropped his own kid on the floor so he could whip out his camera and get a shot -- and then she shamed the guy on Instagram.

Richie posted the photos a couple of hours ago ... claiming the man -- not a TMZ guy --  "dragged his poor, sweet little girl on my plane from NYC to LA."

She continues, "As he ran her off the plane, he dropped her ON THE FLOOR of LAX as she laid there, crying her eyes out.. Just to get his shot. #Heartbreaking #FatherOfTheYear."

In fairness to the photog, there are no photos showing the snapper actually dropping the kid on the ground.

But if N.R. is telling the truth ... what a d-bag.


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Um, it looks like she is following him. The first pictures are him holding his child before going through security. The picture with the child on the floor is after security.
Also, the kid is laying on the floor in the area where you put your shoes on. The man would have been sitting down to get his shoes back on when taking that picture, so he would have had to put his kid down to do that anyway.

473 days ago


Gotta love TMZ. They will report any rumor or gossip they hear. But when it comes to paparazzo, you know, the people who make their website possible, they get all journalistic. "In fairness to the photog, theres no photos actually showing...." Actually, theres a photo of the guy taking a photo with the kid lying on the ground in front of him, of which he is paying not attention, what more evidence do you need that hes at the least a horrible father?

473 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

"not a TMZ guy" they never are, are they?

To hear TMZ tell it, you'd they only use paps who maintain a respectable distance, don't talk crap to the celebs, don't jump in front cars, don't chase, and don't push or shove the other paps. In fact, they probably stand in the back and wait for the others to be finished taking photos and then if the celeb is still around, they ask politely if they can get a few quick snaps, thank them so graciously, then leave.

473 days ago


While I understand what you're saying.. it doesn't mean that the pictures are in order... the kid on the ground might be the first picture Nicole took.. then she took 2 other ones after the man picked up her kid.

473 days ago


correction.... *his kid

473 days ago


This is a worthy shaming, Nicole. The guy certainly appears to be a selfish, bad dad on that day. Hope the message gets through to him or the mom. If that was my child, I would be horrified at how she was treated. Allegedly.

473 days ago


As a mother if that was my kid I would beat the hel out of him. But luckily kids are resilient hopefully she'll be ok.

473 days ago


Why would you waste your time and energy taking a picture of a nobody like Nicole Richie?

473 days ago


Just sad.

473 days ago


She says he ran her off the plane, there's no security after you arrive-no need to take off your shoes after your flight..

473 days ago


Good for her!

473 days ago

A pap    

driving the wrong way stone on the freeway while high on Vicodin doesn't make you Mother of year!

And also, this NOT a professional paparazzo.

473 days ago


So many stupid apologists in here, including Harvey Kardashian. You people are stupid, going out of your way to find a conspiracy

473 days ago


I sat behind this guy on the AA flight from JFK to LAX yesterday afternoon. They were a middleaged couple with 2 kids, one was a smaller baby than the one on the floor. I did see him running toward the rental car bus without the kids like a maniac to catch up with the family. He grabbed his suitcase off the luggage rack and let the rack roll into the street in front of some cars. The wife seemed normal but this man was definitely strange acting. Held the little girl upside down in a wierd manner on the plane as well. I don't know if he would have dropped her though. This is speculation I'm sure.

473 days ago


I believe Nichole Richie. Paps only care about money. That guy would probably sell that little girl if it would get him an exclusive photo.

473 days ago
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