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Paris Jackson

Judge Orders Investigation

Into Attempted Suicide

6/7/2013 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge who made Katherine Jackson guardian for Paris Jackson has ordered an investigation into Paris' attempted suicide, to determine if her welfare has been compromised ... TMZ has learned.

Judge Mitchell Beckloff has asked an investigator in the probate court -- where the guardianship was established -- to "prepare a written report and include therein any recommendations relating to the minor child's health, education and welfare."

Judge Beckloff notes he was alerted to Paris' crisis by media reports.  As you know, TMZ broke the story ... Paris is under psychiatric evaluation after cutting her arm with a meat cleaver and downing a number of Motrin, in what authorities call a suicide attempt.

It's an interesting development ... because the judge seems to be concerned about the supervision and guidance Paris is getting from the people responsible for her care.



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What supervision and guidance? It seems that Debbie is making an attempt at some normalcy, at least.

506 days ago


good for the judge!!

506 days ago


It could have to do with the fact that their co-guardian, T.J., moved to Corona, 76 miles away from them:

Child-welfare investigators descended on the home of Michael Jackson’s family after Paris Jackson’s suicide bid — and were shocked to find that her co-guardian is nearly out of the picture, sources told The Post yesterday.

Cousin T.J. Jackson — who is supposed to be watching the teen and her brothers with their 83-year-old grandma, Katherine — is now living almost two hours away from the family’s Calabasas, Calif., home, sources say.

LA County Child and Family Services agents had no idea that T.J. had flown the coop until they inspected the home hours after Paris scarfed down pills and had to be hospitalized Wednesday.

“They thought he was living around the corner,” a family pal said. “They were totally surprised by this. They’ve said they’re going to need a few days to sort this out.”

506 days ago


A judge should have investigated why a black man accused of pedophilia showed up with two white and one Latino child who bear absolutely no resemblance to him. Where were the courts when Debbie Rowe and Arnold Klein sold their to children to this sick self hating freak?

They should find out who Blanket's real mother and father are and have him go live with them. He is young enough, he will cope.

506 days ago


jeepers! sum1 should call her father and notify him that daddy's lil girl has been BAD! "who's bad??"

506 days ago


Ok has anyone thought this may be a way to get the guardianship changed by Paris?

506 days ago


Katherine Jackson might be a kind, nice old lady, but sitll I think her allegiance is first and foremost to those manipulative, greedy kids of hers. I also think she's easily duped, easily swayed, and I don't think she's a good enough guardian. Katherine Jackson let her own kids be abused by that monster of a husband of hers for years ad years, and she sat silently by, doing nothing. She's the typical enabler. So of course, she isn't going to do anyting if she sees one of her own grandchildren spiraling out of control.

506 days ago


What with Katherine Jackson being allegedly kidnapped by certain members of her loving family and TJ Jackson allegedly moving over an hour away from the children he is in charge of -- despite collecting cash for the job -- there is a lot worth investigating. Plus, now Debbie Rowe wants to be in Paris's life after she gave her away as a baby? Paris Jackson should be adopted by a nice family with no ties to craziness. It's sad and sick. Good luck, Paris, and good luck to your brothers too. Props to the judge.

506 days ago


Please... look at all the Jacksons. Who do you think made them that way? You put Paris under the care of the one who made all these freaks the way they are...and NOW you want to question your decision. What a f*cked up court system we have in California.
That little freak is just one more cloned Katherine/Joe Jackson. She seeks attention...just like all the rest of them. It's almost in their DNA!

506 days ago


People in their Debbie is so much better theory. Noticed she tried killing herself ever since debbie came around? Just Let the girl be on her own. She'll realize it ain't easy.

506 days ago


Its about time someone is looking out for those children's welfare. If the judge strips Katharine, and he should, Diana Ross is the next in line. Will she step forward to care for Michael's children? Obvious there is no one in the Jackson clan who truly cares for their welfare without getting paid to do so. Its really sad. I hope Paris gets help & her birth mother is kept away from her.

506 days ago


And find out what?

506 days ago


I feel very sorry for this beautiful young girl. Katherine Jackson seems like a very nice lady, BUT, she did allow Joe Jackson to beat, bully and make his sons practice singing and dancing OBSESSIVELY when they were young. He was a terrible father and Ms. Jackson just LET him do all of it. I wouldnt have all owed MY kids to be treated that way by their father or anybody else. Kids need love, support and nurturing from their parents. Joe saw his boys as meal tickets. Its no wonder Michael had some of the problems he had as an adult after his horrible childhood. I wish Paris well and I hope she gets the help and love she needs.

506 days ago


They should start by investigating how that mafia of a family the Jacksons have been trying to murder and silence the real father of the children!

I have a VERY strong suspicion Deborah Rowe is part of the problem and whatever she is telling poor Paris brought her to the point of feeling completely hopeless, again I think it has to do with the father.

506 days ago


I'd start by looking into how she gained so much weight since her father passed away. That's the key to this whole thing. For her to gain 50+lbs within such a short amount of time will cause not only physical disfigurement but also mental issues. People always focus on diabetes and high blood pressure when it comes to sudden weight gain, but there's also a mental aspect of it as well. You end up hating yourself when you turn into a whale, especially at such a young age and constantly under the spotlight.

506 days ago
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