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Chad Johnson

Ripped By Judge

for Slapping Lawyer's Ass

6/11/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad has just filed a motion asking the judge to reconsider the ruling.

10:46 AM PT
-- Chad is currently at jail and is being booked.

10:30 AM PT
-- We just got video of the love tap. Check it out.

7:55 AM PT
-- Chad was arrested in the courtroom and has been ordered to serve 30 days in jail.

7:45 AM PT --
Chad and his attorney are back in front of the judge ... apologizing ... and desperately trying to convince the judge to accept the original terms of the deal.

Chad Johnson
was just kicked out of a Florida courtroom ... after the former NFL star playfully slapped his male lawyer's ass -- a move that ENRAGED the judge, TMZ has learned.

Johnson was in court in Broward County, FL to face the judge for his recent probation violation in his domestic violence case.

During the hearing, the judge and Chad's lawyer were about to finalize the terms of Chad's punishment -- terms that were pretty favorable to Chad.

But the whole thing fell apart at the last minute, when the judge asked Chad if he was satisfied with his attorney -- and the ex-NFL star reached back and playfully slapped his lawyer's ass.

Chad smiled ... the court erupted with laughter .... but the judge wasn't amused.

In fact, the judge found the move disrespectful -- and lashed out at Johnson ... asking him if the whole proceeding was a "joke" to him.

Johnson replied, "I had no intent to make this a joke, because my life is in shambles right now."

The judge -- who lost her patience -- suddenly announced that Chad's deal was OFF ... and kicked him out of the courtroom.

Story developing ...

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No Avatar

Iris Myandowski    

But Ms. Lohan gets to write "F*ck Y*U" on her nails, hold them up to the judge and thats just all cool n stuff ?

479 days ago


Too late, sucker.

479 days ago


Wait a minute!
Wasn't he in court because he used a body part to show he's feelings towards someone?

479 days ago


yet lindsay lohan can have **** you on her finger and always skips out and she just has to go chill out in some luxury rehab for a few weeks bs

479 days ago


Missed it by this much

479 days ago

The Love Sponge    

Way up on the stupid scale.

479 days ago


He needs to remember that he is a black man in America, not a coke snorting drunken red head that gets away with anything. people expect him to become a statistic and any chance someone in authority gets, they will make sure of it. She definitely overreacted but he should've been on his best behavior. Cut the jokes, your freedom is on the line.

479 days ago


wow...i guess this judge would give lohan 20 years......best for celebrities to stay in hollywood where there is zero punishment for any celebrity

479 days ago


Good I'm glad the judge did this. I hope more judges do this sort of thing every time a celebrity acts up inside a courtroom.

479 days ago


The Judge didn't see the mosquito land on Chad Johnson 's attorney butt

479 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

This Judge sucks. He playfully did that to his lawyer after she praised that lawyer. This wasn't a violation and she was willing to accept the plea deal before it. She lost control and he should appeal.

478 days ago


What an uppity broad.

478 days ago


typical judge.sounds like she is a **** to me.typical she has that rhobe and wants to let people know it.30 days just for slapping your lawyers ass.what a ****ing joke.this **** is power hungry

478 days ago


Geez. Nolifers whining about Lohan. That's what you get for believing TMZ's hyped up "news" and that she is some kind of outlaw or something.

478 days ago


you people praising this judge for this.need to grow a sense of humor.i mean really you think a judge was justified in giving a man 30 days in jail for playfully slapping his lawyers butt.get over yourselves.many of you on here just cheer when someone famous gets jail time.if they spit on the street you people think they should be sent away for 50 years.

478 days ago
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