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Shawne Merriman

Appeared Incredibly Sober

After Alleged Hospitalization

6/10/2013 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

update_bar8:20 AM PT -- Merriman is now acknowledging he was hospitalized, and tweeted that he was just "dehydrated" -- which might explain why he looked so sober and coherent in our video.

Mystery solved?0314_divider_graphic
For a guy who was allegedly hospitalized at 9:30 pm Sunday night, retired NFL star Shawne Merriman appeared incredibly SOBER when TMZ shot him out just 3 hours later.

The whole situation is bizarre ... considering law enforcement has confirmed with NFL.com that the former NFL All-Pro was transported to an L.A. hospital for an undisclosed "medical emergency" around 9:30pm Sunday night.

In fact, law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... officials responded to a "possible overdose" at Colony nightclub with a caller reporting a man who was "barely conscious."

Sources tell us ... the 29-year-old former NFL All-Pro had been inside the club -- but was "escorted out" after people inside believed he appeared like he was going to pass out.

In short -- our sources are ADAMANT Merriman was hospitalized last night.

Which brings us to the video ...

Our TMZ photog noticed Merriman leaving Greystone Manor (a short cab ride from Colony) around 12:26 am on Monday morning ... and struck up a normal TMZ conversation with the guy.

In the footage, Merriman appears lucid, conversational ... and in no way like a person who was "barely conscious" just 3 hours before the video was shot.

At one point in the video, Merriman asks us "So, what's up?" Our guy responds, "Just livin'."

Merriman quickly jokes back, "Yeah, me too."

Plus, Merriman was tweeting around 2:40 am ... telling people he was partying with rapper The Game.

So, what REALLY happened Sunday night? Seems the jury is still out.

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No Avatar



I pray he's OK.

497 days ago


Remember, on Monday nobody is suppose to post any comments. We are all boycotting TMZ because of their coverage of...Oh, wait...DAMN!

497 days ago


Recently retired at 29? Ouch.

497 days ago


If you take a drug like Special K, there are reversal agents that will get you back on your feet in under an hour. They have those at the hospital

497 days ago


GHB overdose. You return to normal after a few hours. That's the only thing it could be. He took too much and almost G'd out. Couple hours later, you're fine.

497 days ago


Cocaine can sober you up easy.

497 days ago


If your stomach is pumped, you can sober up very quickly. Meds that counter the effects, even charcoal, there are ways, it isn't a mystery.

497 days ago

The Madd Gabber    

Sounds more like diabetic. Low blood sugar can look like being drunk. Once a person gets some sugar in their system they can bounce back very quickly. WHICH also explains retirement at 29. Needless to say players have been asked to retire or be traded when diabetes was a factor.

497 days ago


If it were anything opiate related, a shot of Narcan will sober you up very very quickly. GHB wears off quickly, and there are reversing agents for Ketamine... Not very mysterious...

497 days ago


Sounds like diabetes, low blood sugar, a person appears to be drunk and can bounce back pretty quickly as if nothing happened.

497 days ago


He without a doubt took too much G and molly. Seen him do it before in san diego but his friends drove him to the hospital and he went to vegas the next day. not a shocker!

497 days ago


Definitely sounds like G'd out (gun overdose), possibly with some Molly & coke mixed in there as well

497 days ago


Sorry, but why is it only ever famous people who have to be hospitalized for "dehydration"? The rest of us just have a drink of water, or juice, or milk, or soda, or coffee, or tea...There must be fifty ways to avoid dehydration, other than going to the hospital! I guess someone thinks the public is incredibly stupid when the shoe is on the other foot.

497 days ago

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