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Charlie Sheen

to Farrah Abraham:

Hell Yeah, I'll Go On a Date!

6/13/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah Abraham is involved in a full on textual relationship with Charlie Sheen, TMZ has learned -- and the two are now planning to hook up in person. 

TMZ has obtained text messages that show the "Backdoor Teen Mom" porn star first reached out to Sheen back in May saying she hopes to meet Sheen if she can score herself a role on "Anger Management."


Farrah even took the initiative ... and asked Sheen out on a date  -- either a parent playdate with their kids ... or an adult get together for some coffee. 

Sheen's response: "Coffee is for amateurs and grandma."

He also said he's down to meet up ... because ... well, he's probably a big fan of her work. 

Farrah followed up with Sheen and asked him to an event she would be attending with some "porn star ppl" ... but Sheen wasn't able to attend. 

We're told they have stayed in touch ... and are trying to work out a date to see each other ASAP, but they're both busy with work ... and kids ... and porn. 

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No Avatar


She will FK Charlie and when he doesn't give her $$$ will she Trash talk him like she did James Deen?

465 days ago


That's a combination of nasty I never thought I'd see.

465 days ago


Idea for a new TV Show. Charlies Whore House.

465 days ago


Like dust to a swiffer, trash will always attract trash.

465 days ago


Just ewwwwwww!!

465 days ago


I'm guessing she screenshotted those to you. I'm sure charlie won't be hanging out with her now. Why hang out with someone who is immediately going to run to TMZ to tell them what she is doing? Also, the first thing that came to mind when she said her life had a wide spectrum was "that's not the only thing of yours that's wide..."

465 days ago

all about the money    

So she's trying to find her next porn partner? Instead of Farrah Abraham Backdoor Teen the next movie will be Charlie's knocking at the Backdoor or if Charlie is still on his Latin name phase it could be Farrah Abraham's Carlos Sanchez (play on Charlie and Dirty Sanchez.).

465 days ago

Enough Already    

So how in the hell did she get his # in the first place??

465 days ago


I do not have a CLUE why I continue to like Charlie Sheen. I think I need CSAnonymous. He is an excellent actor. And when he takes his meds or doesn't take to many illegal meds, he is just so like able. But he is always looking for that next rush. That next experiment into feeling something new but I think Charlie has done it all. I can't stand this new porn whore and she is willing to use anyone to continue her new found fame. Women have always used a willing Charlie. Here's yet another one n a long line. Please, just no child with this one Charlie. Please.

465 days ago


Farrah is such a funny looking thing. She was kind of ugly before all her cosmetic surgery but she turned herself into a goon. And with the Sheen thing it's obvious what she's up to...she knows Charlie's rep as a drunk druggie and she figures she can manipulate him. I bet she thinks he'll be too messed up when they have sex to remember to use protection and she wants to have a kid by him so she can claim she needs millions in child support. Probably no other star with money who'd fall for her con game. I hope Charlie turns the tables on the skank and porks it to Farrah's mom instead of her.

465 days ago


Parents: "Our daughter is famous!"
Citizen:"Yeah? What does she do?"
Parents:"Oh.....she's a whore"

465 days ago


I saw the Farrahs movie last week, she looked some awesome in it, she has a rockin hot body, Charlie is lucky, I would love to do Farrah!

465 days ago


I can tell by Charlie's texts that he's playing with her head.

465 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

Charlie, aftet your highly -publicized bi-polar ranting , I was willing to give you anothet shot but if you start dating this lowlife, I will never watch Anger Management or any of your movies again. I only grant ONE second chance and only if I. feel they've earned it.

465 days ago


I think TMZ should do a poll on who'd guys (or gals) would rather do...Farrah Abraham or Her Mom. I'd go for the Mom because I think she'd have a tighter private than Farrah. You can tell Farrah is too loose to be fun because for one she claims James Deen is a pindick and everyone knows that ain't the truth and in her text to old Charlie Sheen she comments she has a "wide spectrum". Only a moron like Farrah would think having a wide cooter is a good thing.

465 days ago
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