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Michael Jackson

Every Shocking Death Scene Photo

6/15/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0614_michael_jackson_evidence_photos_launch_v2Here it is ... the Michael Jackson death scene ... every single shocking photo taken, from the doll he slept with, Propofol bottles, Dr. Murray's mysterious medical bag, portentous writing on the wall, old costumes ... everything.

The photos were taken by LAPD investigators on June 25th, 2009, the day Michael died. A few of these photos trickled out during Dr. Murray's criminal trial, but now they're all here in one gallery ... ALL 155.

The gallery is a fascinating window into how Michael lived ... and how he died.


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I've learned so much about Michael over the years, and I can tell you that he's always kept a messy bedroom, even in his early years when was younger. Even Latoya said how when he was younger, before Thriller and all, he would never let the maids come into his bedroom. He has always been the messy type. He's only human. We need to stop putting celebrities on pedestals of infallibility.

460 days ago


wow. did he not have a housekeeper? i wouldn't even be able to think in an atmosphere like that.

460 days ago


It's very Mean and unethical to display MJ death room photo (that will truly help his kids) SHAME on you TMZ you will do any thing for money He 's a dead man now Show some respect he deserve some privacy AND IF you can read this photo reveal only the suffering and the tragedy he was living he was a tortured soul

460 days ago


To all the lunatics out there:
If you choose to insist on IV drugs for whatever reason you desire, then you choose to take a chance with the gift that is life and you choose to disrespect that life.

That life may be taken from you. That delicate life may no longer be yours.

I don't care who you are, if you choose to repeatedly go under anesthesia be it for numerous rhinoplasty, chin jobs, eye lifts, facial reconstruction, lip thinning, or anything else, every single time you opt for surgery you take a chance that you will not wake up.

That is your choice to make, but that is a serious potential complication of surgery. Ignore it at your own peril. Blame noone else.

If you happen to like the way those drugs make you feel, and decide to use them after surgery, do so at your own peril. Do not blame anyone else for your choices.

Whatever your reasons for liking how drugs make you feel, do so at YOUR peril, YOUR risk, and take a chance with your life.
But please, do not burden the state with lawsuits of criminal negligence or any other foolery.

If you have a loved one who acts in such a manner, please be aware that they may not emerge from safely from these drug induced states.

But please, do not blame anyone else for their demise. Accept it, or talk them out of it. But for the love of God be aware of all risks associated with drug use, recreational or otherwise.
Thank you!

460 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Don't blame the maid. She probably took one look inside that room and freaked out.

It kind of stinks to have the fairy tale (no pun intended) slip away and be replaced by the horrible truth, right fans?

460 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Let us take this day, Father's Day (in the US), to remember what a fine father MJ was. How he allowed "his kids" to be raised in such a disgusting and unsafe environment as he insisted on being under surgical anesthesia 12-18 hours a day.

Sure, "his kids" said he was great, but they knew nothing else, and much like many of his fans, when you are told how great something is, no matter how horrible the reality is, from a very early age, you tend to believe and repeat it.

Tell me fans, what do you think would have happened if child protective services walked into that situation? Sure there's a possibility MJ's money would have made things go away, again, but if it was anyone else, they'd be removed from the home.

.... and the fairy tale fades a little more...

Oh, and I forgot.
*** Finger Snaps ***

460 days ago

Adriana Williams    

I don't get what is wrong with this place. When my husband and I moved cross country with all our stuff. we still have half opened boxes and stuff in the second bedroom for months. We hadn't had time with full time jobs, to unpack everything in one sitting and keep it perfectly neat. Yes, the man was living out of some suitcases and some stuff were in the closet, what is the big deal ? I don't get it, I can name many friends/bachelors whose houses look like this :)

460 days ago


Paris & Prince Jackson Have Different Biological Fathers, Report

Posted on Jun 16, 2013 @ 7:41AM | By Radar Staff

Paris Jackson always believed she and Prince were full siblings – with mom Debbie Rowe and the same biological father.

But according to a new report, just weeks ago, she learned she and Prince have different dads and the shocking revelation was one of the traumas leading up to her suicide attempt.

A string of arguments between Paris and Prince followed Michael Jackson’s only daughter learning the truth of her parentage, a source tells the London Sun.

PHOTOS: Paris Jackson Shares Images From Her Schoolgirl Life

There have long been reports that Michael Jackson was not the biological father of any of his three children, and a series of men have claimed that role. But most — including Paris — had previously thought that she and Prince were full siblings.

Paris is still recovering from her tragic suicide attempt, ironically at the same hospital where her father was pronounced dead.

PHOTOS: Paris Jackson Shares Images From Her Schoolgirl Life

460 days ago


Lawsuit evidence: Michael Jackson lost dance moves in last days

By Alan Duke, CNN

updated 12:22 PM EDT, Sun June 16, 2013

Compare Michael Jackson in 2001 to 2009

Jurors watched a comparison of Jackson's performance of "Billie Jean" in '01 and '09
Show director was "concerned he would embarrass himself on stage, or worse yet -- get hurt"
Jackson lawyers argue AEG Live pressured his doctor to get Jackson ready for rehearsals
AEG Live lawyers argue Jackson chose and supervised Dr. Conrad Murray

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Michael Jackson's health deteriorated so badly in the last weeks of his life that he couldn't perform some of his trademark dance moves, according to evidence presented in his family's lawsuit against a concert promoter.

Jurors in the wrongful death trial Friday watched a comparison of Jackson's performance of "Billie Jean" from 2001 with rehearsal video from June 2009, when he was preparing for his "This Is It" comeback concerts.

"I have watched him deteriorate in front of my eyes over the last 8 weeks. He was able to do multiple 360............ spins back in April. He'd fall on his ass if he tried now," production manager John "Bugzee" Houghdahl wrote in an e-mail to AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips on June 19, 2009.

Show director Kenny Ortega sent Jackson home from a rehearsal that night because of his strange behavior.

"He was a basket case and Kenny was concerned he would embarrass himself on stage, or worse yet -- get hurt," Houghdahl wrote. "The company is rehearsing right now, but the DOUBT is pervasive."

Executives asked: Did Jackson need a straightjacket?

What did AEG know about MJ's health?

AEG CEO e-mail: Big trouble with MJ

Paris Jackson's 'cry for help'
The e-mail chain -- titled "trouble at the Front" -- is key evidence in the trial in which Jackson's mother and three children contend AEG Live is liable for the singer's death because it negligently hired, retained and supervised Dr. Conrad Murray.

Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Jackson's death, told police he used the surgical anesthetic propofol to treat Jackson's insomnia so he could be rested for rehearsals. The coroner ruled Jackson's June 25, 2009, death was caused by an overdose of propofol.

AEG Live lawyers argue it was Jackson who chose and supervised Murray and that their executives had no way of knowing about the dangerous propofol treatments being administered in the privacy of Jackson's home.

Houghdahl's e-mail came during a "highly charged time" when there was doubt the show would be ready for its London debut in July of that year, Phillips testified Friday.

Phillips met with Dr. Murray, Michael Jackson and Ortega at Jackson's home a day after getting the Houghdahl e-mails, according to testimony.

While Jackson lawyers argue that meeting was intended to pressure Murray to make sure Jackson was ready for rehearsals, AEG lawyers contend Dr. Murray assured producers nothing was wrong with him.

'Miracle' of Jackson's concert announcement described

AEG's lawyer showed jurors a clip Thursday of Jackson performing several non-consecutive 360............-degree spins while rehearsing his song "Billie Jean" on June 5, 2009.

Phillips described them as "multiple 360............ spins," although conceding he was not a choreographer.

Jackson lawyers, in their rebuttal Friday, showed the jurors the side-by-side comparison of the routine in 2001 and the one weeks before Jackson's death that was seen in the "This Is It" do***entary made from rehearsal video.

"Anywhere in the movie does it show Michael Jackson doing multiple 360............ spins?" Jackson lawyer Brian Panish asked Phillips.

"No," Phillips said.

460 days ago


Where are all the funny rabids?

Yo, rabids why stop posting? You guys crack me up!!!

Wait, I thought I saw phantom posting some videos a couple threads earlier. I guess after all these pictures, they've all crawl back to the rabid holes!!

460 days ago


I think the world has to declare no more father's day from now on, you know, because it is just too traumatic for Paris Jackson. We don't want to hurt her feelings that she didn't get to celebrate this day after her father died so unexpectedly four years ago.

So, we will stop celebrating father's day until Paris Jackson feels better!

460 days ago


This is not Micheals u say hoax time

460 days ago


TMZ why you have all photos like this? You buy it from police? Leave Michael alone!!Privacy!!!!!!!!!!

460 days ago


Wow. Multi-million dollar drug den. How tragic. And the family points their fingers... they could not tell he was in trouble by the looks of his house???

460 days ago


Why can't you share your bed? Ahh cuz it illegal. This dude had demons.

460 days ago
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