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Michael Jackson

Every Shocking Death Scene Photo

6/15/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0614_michael_jackson_evidence_photos_launch_v2Here it is ... the Michael Jackson death scene ... every single shocking photo taken, from the doll he slept with, Propofol bottles, Dr. Murray's mysterious medical bag, portentous writing on the wall, old costumes ... everything.

The photos were taken by LAPD investigators on June 25th, 2009, the day Michael died. A few of these photos trickled out during Dr. Murray's criminal trial, but now they're all here in one gallery ... ALL 155.

The gallery is a fascinating window into how Michael lived ... and how he died.


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wow what a nut case. slept with a doll? seriously? and the masks? What a pedo. ugh.

458 days ago


You know what these pictures are good for???

They are good for the Jacksons to show to the court that MJ was so mentally disabled and therefore his last will was made while he was not able to think and take care of himself, therefore, the will should be deemed invalid, and contest it at court. Quite hire a good lawyer and go after the Estate lawyers. That way the Jackson can get some money, instead of suing AEG barking up the wrong tree!!!

458 days ago


I personally think they should protect High-Profile people's privacy a little more. This is over the top! If this was either one of my parents druggies or not I would not want the public to see this. How painful this must be to remind them of the House of Horror they came from! RIP Micael as an entertainer but Pray for his kids who saw and heard more than I want to know!

458 days ago


You have every right to state your opinion. I think people will always be split 50/50 on whether or not Michael was a child molester.


quit twisting. The survey done by TMZ showed 70% of the "world" think that MJ was a child molester. And the TMZ world had a very humongous rabids base. Outside in the real world, I would not be surprised it is like 98% of people believing MJ was a sick child predator sex abuser!!!

458 days ago


what's shocking? That he had lots of drugs? or that he was a complete slob?

458 days ago


I feel bad that he lived in filth and clutter. Was MJ a hoarder? Sad photos and no real reason to publish...but then again, I viewed every single one of them.....

458 days ago


Note: this man was NOT a genius. He wrote some songs and was a good dancer, but a genius? Hardly. He had limited vocabulary and was uneducated.


He did NOT even write a lot of his hit songs. Quincy Jones wrote a lot of them.. or MJ was a co-writer.


The beats are what made his songs, but again - he had help from producers.


Even if he single-handedly wrote every single song and every single beat - I probably wouldn't call him a genius..


He had the same dance moves for 30 years. They never changed, developed or evolved. It was the same schtick for years.


Regardless, even if he was a genius -- he was still human and governed by our laws.. and shouldn't be made into some sort of God, like his crazy nutjob fans make him out to be.

458 days ago


INKEDUPGIRL, his fans are totally delusional nutjobs. What 30/40/50 year old man sleeps with teen boys? And has so many allegations of molestation against them -- that gets this type of support? .........


As sharewood (a crazy nutjob of a rabid) often said - you hit the nail in the head!!!!

What I want to say and show the world is that this is so worthy of repeating!!!

458 days ago


Tons of Hydroquinone skin whitener, a little sex doll for on the go and a diaper. Obviously MJ not only wanted to be a child again, but especially an incontinent horny white child...

458 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

Love to hear the MJ loonies explain all of this...

458 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

Vitiligo you say? He was white at his death yet had about 20 bleaching creams in his house. Yeah sure! MJ loonies must be mad!

458 days ago


INK: You misunderstood my comment. I never said I thought his behavior was normal – in fact, I described him as someone who was very disturbed.. The friendships and sleepovers with male children definitely could have been Michael grooming his intended victims.

Of course it’s NOT NORMAL for a grown man to have sleepovers with children. It should never have been allowed. I was commenting on why Michael behaved like a child himself (I also mentioned he was a child, but with adult hormones).

I'm on the fence at times because Michael was so bizarre in other areas of his personal life, that he doesn't fit the classic MO of a child molester (they tend to fit in with members of the community, and Michael definitely did NOT).

I’m not an MJ fan, but I thought he had incredible talent. He was found not guilty at his trial, and there has never been any physical evidence to prove he was guilty. However, if I was forced to vote whether or not I thought he was a pedophile, I would say YES.

458 days ago


Not really very shocking, IMO. Anyone who has witnessed addiction in their own family is no stranger to a mess of a house like this one. Did you notice that the pill bottles had been filled at VARIOUS pharmacies - Mickey Fine, Walgreens & CVS? That's a tell-tale sign of prescription abuse. It also appears that some of them weren't even in his own name. I've never said the doctor is innocent here - clearly he was a horrible enabler who was only interested in a nice payday rather than being a good moral medical professional - but clearly MJ was a hard-core addict. Whose Cardiovascular book was that? I find it hard to believe it belonged to the doctor. Seems maybe MJ was "educating" himself on medical information to further the "treatment" he felt he needed. *shrug* PS - is that a big bottle of brownish-looking piss?! YUCK! He was so out of it he couldn't even walk to the bathroom? And I agree with the comments about the "youth" related items in the room - VERY creepy and weird. What straight, level-headed grown MAN has pictures of strange babies and children in his bedroom and sleep with a weird little doll like that? And I don't believe for one second the doll belonged to Paris like someone here suggested - she was already too old to be playing with dolls when he died, IMO. That doll was his. Smh. I can't help but be a bit relieved that this man is no longer walking the earth. He had NO intentions of ever actually getting HELP for his multitude of mental issues and drug addiction. None whatsoever. Waste of a life in that case. His children are much better off without him making them a part of his weird isolated little world. Now only if they could kick the rest of the Jackson clan, they may actually have a shot at having a normal life.

458 days ago


What a mess. That bathroom was disgusting dirty. No wonder Paris Jackson is a basket case -- look what kind of filth her "father" exposed his kids. This is medical flotsam.

458 days ago


Based on these pictures - he wasn't even able to use the restroom since he was so out of it. Urine bottles, diapers and disposable bed mats? I find it very hard to believe that he was even capable of being any sort of dad to his children in his last years. This man was a complete mess - to really disgusting levels. I hope the stories of his children not being allowed in that room were actually true. How sad if they had been exposed to that mess and their drugged up father. Yuck. The more I see it, the more disgusted I am by it. Glad those children are no longer under his control - although, who they've been left in the care of seems to not be much better :-/

458 days ago
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