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Chad Johnson

I'm Losing

$45,000 a Month!

6/16/2013 12:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0610_chad_ochocinco_tmz_4Chad Johnson's money woes have gotten so bad, his expenses outpace his income to the tune of $45,982.76 per month ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Johnson has been battling his baby mamas in an effort to lower his child support payments ... seeing as he no longer makes the cash he used to at the height of his NFL career.

In docs filed in April, Johnson claims to only make about $3,000/month ... but that immediately disappears thanks to the $16,525 he already pays in child support.

Then when you get to his own expenses, Johnson forks over $9,063.24 in mortgage payments, $2,500 for food, $2,650 on car expenses, $3,500 on clothing, $250 for grooming, $5,000 on entertainment, $1,000 for pet expenses along with various other expenses that total $31,154.76.

Add it all up ... and Johnson is in the red $45,982.76/month.

But it's not all bad news ... Chad still has two houses, two cars, and a few bank accounts that put his assets at a nice $4,720,672.57.

Maybe 30 days behind bars wouldn't be such a bad thing ... FREE MEALS!


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No Avatar


Now he has to live with the results of letting his little head over rule his brain.

503 days ago


I'm crying just thinking how hard his life is. I know about the starving children around the world. The wars that are killing millions of people yearly. But his situation tops all of that. How can we save this POS?

503 days ago


Okay, he can cut out the $2,650 in food. The Duggers probably don't spend that much. We can get that down to about $250 for 1 person. No need for $3,500 in clothes. That's not a MONTHLY necessity. You can wear the same pair of jeans more than once. $250 on "grooming" -- OUT. Buy a pair of clippers and Schick Quattro and you're set. $5,000 on entertainment?! I don't think so. Stay out of the strip clubs, utilize Red Box or splurge on Netflix. You wouldn't have all those damned kids in the first place if you'd stayed at home. $1,000 for pet expenses?! Not in this life. Buy that pooch some Iams at Walmart and bathe him yourself. I just saved you $12,150/month. Deduct that from that $31k and you're spending just over $19k/month.

503 days ago


he should be in Jail where everything is Free.....

503 days ago


Hey if your fame is almost gone on your way to being broke and have 3 kids from 3 moms your a black athlete...bout right.

503 days ago


Typical athlete people problem. Also seen with folks in the entertainment industry. They don't hire accountants, buy too big and too much and when income dries up, they can't maintain that lifestyle and refuse to downsize until forced to by gigantic mortgages, baby mamas, the tax man, and dogs maintenance.

503 days ago


He's obviously exaggerating, but can you blame him? He knows he'll be broke eventually, $16,500 a month for child support is outrageous! He's not making millions anymore, and probably never will again. The amount should be adjusted, it's only fair

503 days ago


Time to get with your budget and live within your means clown.

503 days ago


He might be getting free meals in jail but those mortgage and other payments sure as hell aren't going away while he is there.

502 days ago


...and you wonder why the Dolphins coach said,
"Hit the road Jack"
and don't you come back
no more, no more, no more, no more"
because he knows that Chad--doesn't-get-it because he's stuck on himself.
He just recently got his ass handed to him AGAIN in court. I suspect the judge was pressured to roll back the 30 days... John Q. Public would have been required to serve the full time.
Chad is a trip--just a few months ago he claimed he was raking in over $66k/month now he says $3k/month

502 days ago


Chad Johnson is getting just what he deserved! His arrogance and disrespect to Evelyn was not cute at all!

Chad, maybe this will make you grow up!!

502 days ago


ESPN is fitting to do Broke Part 2 featuring Chad Johnson all by himself at this rate.

502 days ago


Priorities Ppl. He's too busy trying to be a big baller. Pay your bills first dude. Quit whining and take care of your kids. Stop shopping for clothes a couple of months and watch cable for entertainment.

502 days ago

Jay W.     

I hate being poor! ...and being the massive RHOID that I am, doesn't help ease the misery. This duck just needs to sell some of his assets off and he'll be fine.

502 days ago


Chad was that head butt worth it?

502 days ago
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