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Lil Wayne


American Flag

6/17/2013 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lil Wayne
trampled the American flag over the weekend ... and there's footage.

Weezy performed the stunt while shooting his new music video for "God Bless Amerika" in New Orleans.

During the shoot, Wayne begins rapping in front of a giant American flag ... which is released to the ground. After it's on the floor, Wayne continues to rap ... while stepping all over the stars and stripes.

The lyrics to Wayne's song are just as controversial ... "My country 'tis of thee / Sweet land of kill 'em all and let 'em die / God bless Amerika / This ole' godless Amerika."

So we gotta ask ...



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LOL Some Americans are so ridiculously delusional it's unbelievable. I'm American and can't stand Lil Wayne for anything but we truly need to stop being delusional in regards to our past as well as the absolutely atrocicities that have occurred here. There is no God in America and if there is one at all, he sure as hell left along time ago. In fact, I'd be sure to bet he was never here at all. Wayne's rap was nothing but pure truth and you can tell that from simply learning our history. We have no ethics, morals, or values. Never have. From the time we tied up Africans to chains and made them slave, to running Native Americans off of THEIR land, slaughtering them, making a holiday to remember it (Thanksgiving), to hosing down and setting the dogs on blacks fighting for rights, lynching blacks, burning them alive, to police officers beating women who were simply fighting for women's rights; the list goes on and on. American was literally built upon all things cruel - death, hate, slavery. Facts like these are the reasons as to why I cringe when I hear older people saying, "Children of today have no values," when in reality, we never have had any. America may be better than other countries in terms of our freedom (which some people only were granted within the last century) but it sure is not the great loving country we Americans make it out to be. Stop ignoring and past and covering up with with phony BS and stop putting down people who have the balls to speak out about it.

461 days ago


It's both free speech and unforgivable. Lil Wayne is trash.

461 days ago


The man wont respect his own Body what makes anyone think he would respect a Flag ?

461 days ago


Hey Lil' Nobody... it's this country you hate so much that lets no talent pieces of crap like you become millionaires.

461 days ago


What a loser, poser.

461 days ago

small asian penis    

drug addict mentality that the world is out for them

461 days ago

Nita Frantz    

Though he was wrong and disrespectful, it is his right.

461 days ago


I love how all you sheeple are on here b itching about a flag getting trampled on. what about your rights, how many of you have Verizon phone service and are being looked at just like a terrorist by your beloved MURICA. wake and look around, your government doesn't care about you. When a country treats its people as enemies, it symbols are pointless. Open your eyes America, 1984 is now!!!!!

461 days ago


Why is no one blaming the guy who actually dropped the flag?

461 days ago


See what sizzurp does to your brain kids?

461 days ago


He is such a talentless piece of s***, and I LOVE hip-hop music. I am going to make it my goal to produce a song and bash Lil' Stayne 16 bars at a time. WTF is wrong with him? Regardless or lyrics, people fought and died for that flag so he can have the right to spew his bulls*** album after pathetic album.

461 days ago


The Next Seizure should do it

461 days ago


He's a fool. People died FOR HIM and his relatives. If you disrespect America then leave it. Go somewhere to a country that won't defend your right to freedom of speech. We don't need or want you! No One steps on our flag just to make an a-hole statement and get free publicity without there being a public outcry about it. If he gets enough heat he'll talk back his stance. Wait for it... Coward!

461 days ago

total scrotal implosion    

So what its just a flag and it was probably made in Mexico

461 days ago


He was not exactly trampling it...and his lyrics are true- It just is laughed at because it is coming from him!!! This Country has been losing it's faith for a long time, Church and Religion have taken a huge hit under Obama-and just look how the people in this Country suffer more and more each day...Americans are becoming the s*** of the earth, so self righteous when it comes to terrorists over here, and bitching about a war GW started while Obama is killing civilians in other Countries every single day, when we aren't even at war with them...He is having our American Soldiers train terrorists, and give them weapons...It's hard to love America when the Government is destroying everything we ever had a reason to be proud of.

461 days ago
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