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Kanye West

Under Attack

Over 'Parkinson's' Lyric On New Album

6/19/2013 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West
is being slammed as "ignorant" and "distasteful" over a lyric on his new album which uses Parkinson's disease as a punch line ... TMZ has learned.

The song in question is called "On Sight" -- which includes the lyric, "A monster about to come alive again / Soon as I pull up and park the Benz / We get this bitch shaking like Parkinson's."

Now, TMZ has learned the American Parkinson Disease Association is upset about the lyric -- with the org.'s VP Kathryn Whitford telling us, "We find these lyrics distasteful and the product of obvious ignorance."

FYI -- the APDA has been around for over 50 years and it's the largest organization in the country dedicated to helping those with Parkinson's and furthering efforts to find a cure.

So far, no response from Kanye's camp.


No Avatar


Kanye West said something repulsive? *GASP* I don't believe it!

498 days ago


As much as I really do not like this Kanye fella, our world has become so ridiculous with the "insensitive" use of words and politically correct BS!!! I'm kinda over all these whiners complaining about the use of certain words used to describe things. There are bigger fish to fry isn't there, like the shape our country is in???

498 days ago

Bob DaMahn    

LMAO I don't like this Big Head mofo but that chit is funny!

498 days ago


This is nothing new from the little weasel

498 days ago


It's distasteful and hurtful, but it's unfortunately not surprising for Kanye. I hope he considers what they've said and responds thoughtfully, but I wonder if he'll care about their objections. Kanye's not all bad at all, but he's not exactly empathetic.

498 days ago


I hope he gets parkinsons and alzheimers together and dies.

498 days ago


My father has parkinson, so I find this so disgusting. I never liked the media representation of Kanye, but really didn't care a bit about him. Now I find him sick, repulsive, and I can only hope more pain comes into his life than into those who suffer with parkinson so he can learn a little empathy.

498 days ago

CoCo Lattee    

and this surprises you? he's an IDIOT

498 days ago


The guy has been slammed by two consecutive Presidents of the United States do you thinj he really cares about the Parkinson's group being upset

498 days ago

marc cuban    

"the day that happens the world will stop spinning, and michael j fox will come to a standstill"- eminem

"girl shake that ass like a donkey with parkinsons"-eminem. Where was the outrage then? shake it off people its just music

498 days ago


Just another example of my ongoing dislike for the idiot.

498 days ago

Edith Ann    

His baby could have MS or Parkinson's it's called sin's of the parent's disease. Don't ever make fun of anyone with a disability, you may just be tested yourself, and after the rude way he did Taylor Swift that showed what kind of disrespectful idiot he is. Just a wannabee, Bill Cosby would be ashamed of him.

498 days ago


He and his porn-star girlfriends are irresponsible pigs. I suspect little more form their (unfortunate) offspring.

498 days ago


They didn't seem to mind when Eminem made a Parkinsons punchline in one of his songs...why react now, I mean who really cares? Do they think that KANYE WEST (of all people) is going to change his song for them? Oh please...

498 days ago

mal ware    

kanye really should watch what he says, but the day that happens the world will stop spinnin' and michael j fox will come to a standstill. hahaha. girl shake that ass like a donkey with parkinsons. if eminem can say it kanye can say. sorry white folks. *kanye shrug*

498 days ago
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