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Paula Deen

I've Used the N-Word

... But I'm NOT Racist

6/19/2013 11:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

11:52 AM PT -- Paula's rep issued a statement to TMZ ... saying, "Ms. Deen does not condone or find the use of racial epithets acceptable. She is looking forward to her day in court.”  

When Paula Deen was asked, under oath, if she has ever used the N-word -- she responded, "Yes, of course" ... and the shocking admission was all captured on tape.

Deen was being deposed in connection with a pending sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former employee who claims she was subjected to a barrage of racist, sexist and generally inappropriate comments while she worked at Paula's Oyster House restaurant in Georgia.

Here are the highlights from the jaw-dropping depo:

Lawyer: Have you ever used the N-word yourself?
Paula: Yes, of course.

Lawyer: Okay. In what context?
Paula: Well, it was probably when a black man burst into the bank that I was working at and put a gun to my head.

Sidenote -- Paula was held up at gunpoint during a bank robbery in 1986.

Lawyer: Okay. And what did you say?
Paula: Well, I don't remember, but the gun was dancing all around my temple ... I didn't -- I didn't feel real favorable towards him.

Lawyer: Okay. Well, did you use the N-word to him as he pointed a gun in your head at your face?
Paula: Absolutely not.

Lawyer: Well, then, when did you use it?
Paula: Probably in telling my husband.

Lawyer: Okay. Have you used it since then?
Paula: I'm sure I have, but it's been a very long time.

Lawyer: Can you remember the context in which you have used the N-word?
Paula: No.

Lawyer: Has it occurred with sufficient frequency that you cannot recall all of the various context in which you've used it?
Paula: No, no.

Lawyer: Well, then tell me the other context in which you've used the N-word?
Paula: I don't know, maybe in repeating something that was said to me.

Lawyer: Like a joke?
Paula: No, probably a conversation between blacks. I don't -- I don't know. But that's just not a word that we use as time has gone on. Things have changed since the '60s in the south. And my children and my brother object to that word being used in any cruel or mean behavior. As well as I do.

We reached out to Paula for comment -- so far, no word back.



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I am a Black woman and I have to say that I am so disgusted by the use of the N Word by all races, escpecially Black. How can we get offended by such a negative word and still use it TOWARDS each other. Here is the thing, I dont use the word, nor do my friends. And its unfortuante that this although small population of people (rappers or other celebrities) use this word, means thats how all Black people act. When I hear young kids using the word, it just breaks my heart. Do they even know what the means?

As far as Paula Deen, saying a racial joke can qualify you as a racist (if there is a measuring stick). I dont find racist joke funny at all and to be honest, mostly because I dont get them. If you can put together a racist joke in a flash, you probably are a racist. Also, when she said she called the bank robber the N word to her husband, that also tells me she is a racist. Now lets be clear, she has EVERY right to be upset to say the least about getting robbed. However, if you are not a racist, saying the N word wouldnt even come to mind. He may have been a lot of other curse words, but not the N word.

430 days ago


As a Black male, I have no problem with someone admitting their mistakes. Especially considering she hails from the South. Kids learn racist behavior from their parents. So I hope her sons didn't pick up her bad behavior!

430 days ago


If I hear you call your Grandma, Gam Gam Lips, does that give me the right to also call her that since you say refer to her as Gam Gam Lips to the rest of YOUR family? Thats the rationale behind "blacks use the N-word everyday when speaking to each other"

430 days ago


Paula uncovered on a tv show that her great grandparent own slaves .

430 days ago

total scrotal implosion    

Wow an old southern white lady who can't remember how she used the n-word..seems pretty standard

430 days ago


Here's the thing....whether or not "some" blacks choose to use the word does NOT justify anyone using the word negatively. It's all about connotation and the intent in which the word is used. The same goes for the word 'bitch' with women friends and '***got' with gays. It is widely excepted by some as Ok to use amongst themselves but if it is used negatively and especially by someone outside of the community then it is NOT Ok. I know it's kind of a blurred line but nothing in today's world is strictly black or white (no pun intended). We live in a huge grey area. Get over it!

430 days ago


Slavery has no color, all people have been slaves all thru time .

430 days ago

yvonne whitmore    

I had to change the station because of your female African American Reporter. She sounded as if she was on a Jerry Springer Show...cutting everyone off and her loud screeching voice was horrible to listen to...did not hear a word of intelligence or understand what she was trying to say. Will try to tune back in when i think she is done!

430 days ago

yvonne whitmore    

I had to change the station during your discussion regarding Paula Dean. Your Female Reporter during the discussion was so unprofessional with her cutting others off and raising her voice above others...she sounded as if she was on a Jerry Show! Very unprofessional!

430 days ago


People use it every day, and they will continue to use it every day. You can't regulate it or outlaw it.

430 days ago

Mrs Jackson    

This fat bitch I cant believe she used the N-word I ate at her restaurant my husband bought her cook books we also have her cookware. I ****in hate u paul Deen ill never spend another ****in dime on anything that has your name it on BITCH.

430 days ago


Not long ago there was all this news coverage regarding blacks using the "N" word. My friends and I had discussions about this topic...the "N" word was used...we are all guilty.

430 days ago


Racist this bitch just dug her own grave.who the hell going to buy her **** now

430 days ago

Blessed Be )0(    

Seem like to me it's always in music. Or you hear African Americans say it to each other likes its no big deal. But when a Caucasian says it, then it's all over. I just don't get it. It should not be use at all. I know she's from the south, but I Beleive shes a good hearted women.

430 days ago


She really should know better & act more refined now that she is a celebrity.

430 days ago
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