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Justin Bieber


... Or Definitely High?

6/20/2013 3:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

062013_justin_bieber_instagram_launchJustin Bieber just posted a video on Instagram ... and let's just say he appears a bit elevated.

Bieber -- with his shirt off and a chain around his neck -- is trying to deliver a message to his fans about his excitement over the new ability to post video on Instagram ... but can't get through 3 words without cracking up.

Plus, his eyes are super glazed.

Now, we're no weed experts ... (ok, some of us are) ... but it seems like Bieber's next move was probably a munchie run.

... not that there's anything wrong with that.


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how come his tatoo on the chest are that way ! in the other photo the latin numbers tatoo are in theright part of his chest but here I see it on the left man ! what is it ?

487 days ago


He was laughing and smiling. He wasn't high his friends were making him laugh. He cant even act crazy or have fun with his friends without people saying he is high. Give him a break and let him have fun and smile and laugh without everybody saying he's high. ***ots and I'm not calling Justin a ***ot I would never do that I'm calling Tmz and people that say he's high a ***ot.

487 days ago


He was laughing and smiling, he wasn't high, cant he at least have one good day , that he can laugh and act crazy without people thinking he high. Give him a break he can have fun to. don't mean since he kept laughing don't mean he was high we was happy. so he wasn't high.

487 days ago


I will never get what makes someone like him so very desperate for attention?

487 days ago


he cant even laugh without u doing some stupied fake dumbass ****. get a life....

487 days ago



487 days ago


He is not high, God forbid Justin Has a good time and laughs. Not to mention that you all live up to this dream that justin is supposed to live up to OUR expectations. No. He has his own life. Now you get one. And stop trying to judge his..

487 days ago


He's just laughing and having a good time? he is not high for **** sake.

487 days ago


He's definitely high! He's not wearing a bra!

487 days ago


sorry I will have to stop all your rumors because it is in earning your money on. but I think it's disgusting that you say lie about other people themselves to get closer! put it mildly, I'm actually furious with you! Now, I happen to be a Belieber with Big B! and I know that justin bieber has not smoked cannabis that ... if in was wiser about marijuana would know you often have little red eyes after you smoke it which Justin fortunately not .. and understand it now ... in doing a story about he makes it to the can get more readers because of the it catches their attention just because justin is known (and ****ing nice!) need to not run him down and be so mean to him constantly bitches! just because he tells you that he does not want to take pictures of him being in the girl insulted and boom! so says a lie about him! and (justin bieber has run a papparazie down and he just drove on!) no justin bieber could not see anything for your stupid blitsche and he showed several times! he ran now! and the man jumped out in front bieber's car and it is perhaps not the smartest thing to do when bieber can not see anything because of your ****ing lights! so please! stop! I hate you and love justin! and if you believe in it there so it's good enough not brain presses!

487 days ago


his life...anyways..glad he's happy & young haha

487 days ago


For mother ****ing sakes. Just because he was happy doesn't mean he was high. Leave the him alone. Also most of you haters commenting need to does something better than wasting your time commenting on a article. Grow the **** up or get off the internet. He's has more money than you and donates most of it to Charitys

487 days ago


Justin is just high, he's not super high because I know what it is to be super high and that's not super high!

487 days ago

Jolene Carl    

Hahahaha, **** YOU, TMZ! He wasn't high. How would you know he's high?

487 days ago


I hate that he has developed a studder.... "cra-cra-crazy news" ... our country is doomed if our youth is like this.

487 days ago
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