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James Gandolfini's Widow

First Photos Out ...

Running Errands

6/21/2013 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Gandolfini's widow was spotted out in public for the first time since his death, and her distraction of choice was shopping.

Deborah Lin, Gandolfini's wife of nearly 5 years, took a solo trip to a mall near their L.A. home on Friday, and went shopping at several stores ... including Bloomingdales. She also went to the bank.

According to a family spokesman ... they're working with the Italian government to get James' body back to the U.S. by next week -- and his funeral would be in New York no later than June 29.


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What a bunch of Judgemental A$$E$ COMMENTING HERE like USUAL. Maybe she needed to buy something black for the funeral. Give me a break. She isn't f'n partying.

455 days ago


She's probably greiving by shopping and texting. Maybe it hasn't hit her yet.

455 days ago


Come on! Maybe she went shopping for a funeral dress. I would be too distraught to eat much less leave the house.

455 days ago


this woman is she nuts, we are cryin night and day for a man we dont know and shes out. how dare her, she must be happy hes gone, with his money. and she has no beauty. how could he marry a person with no heart, i hate her.

455 days ago


Leave her alone God Damn It!

455 days ago

Baby pink    

It's waaaaaaay too soon to b "out .& about" and terribly uncomfortable that this ***t doesn't have her face buried n a sopping set pillow of tears with tragedy being so recent and almost unacceptable in the sadness of such a heart breaking loss!!

455 days ago

Baby pink    

..'wet' pillow..

455 days ago


She doesn't look sad at all. Had i lost someone i loved my eyes would be swollen out of my head from crying and i wouldn't want to be out shopping i guess maybe it shows her true colors #golddigger #justsayin

455 days ago


Going to a mall would be the last thing on my mind while my husbands dead body was in Italy. Why isn't she in Italy??

455 days ago


Crotchpunches the dumb people on here who fail to actually go outside of TMZ to see the d(black jacket, etc.) and clothing for her baby. Jesus she just flew back home and I don't blame her, I wouldn't want to be in a foreign country with my baby no longer than I had too. The widow was there with him on that trip. I swear you people NEED TO READ before you judge. I'm sorry you are all weak people who can't move or budge when someone dies but important stuff has to be done ... period. It shows her strength, not her lack of compassion for her deceased husband.

455 days ago


Leave it to TMZ to portray JG's widow in an unfavorable manner. We all know TMZ hates the Asians. And pretty good chance his ex wife flew to Italy because JG's son was there when he died.

455 days ago


Already out spending his money, brutal I'm sorry but if my husband died I would be inconsolable not at Bloomingdales!!!

455 days ago

Baby pink    

Even the comnon reaction of being "grieve stricken" (Consisting of: crying, staying n bed sue to weakness, not wanting to eat, consumed and overwhelmed with sadness & NOT wanting to go F***ing shopping @ the local mall)!!

454 days ago

Baby pink    

..due to weakness..

454 days ago

Baby pink    

..would've been more appropriate, while someone else handles any mall duties u might have @this time..Assuming "if course" that this sort of craving wouldn't enter one's mind, with much more important things to preoccupy their thoughts.

454 days ago
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