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James Gandolfini's Widow

First Photos Out ...

Running Errands

6/21/2013 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Gandolfini's widow was spotted out in public for the first time since his death, and her distraction of choice was shopping.

Deborah Lin, Gandolfini's wife of nearly 5 years, took a solo trip to a mall near their L.A. home on Friday, and went shopping at several stores ... including Bloomingdales. She also went to the bank.

According to a family spokesman ... they're working with the Italian government to get James' body back to the U.S. by next week -- and his funeral would be in New York no later than June 29.


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Most of these Asians women are gold diggers. They marry rich men just to leave their countries.

465 days ago


Most of these Asians women are gold diggers. They marry rich men just to leave their countries.

465 days ago



465 days ago


If you cut her down your cutting down Gandolfini....he's not stupid he knew what he was marrying so leave it alone. She is who she is and he liked/loved her that's all that matters. I'm sure he had a will so his money will be divided as he saw fit anyway.

465 days ago


It was said to be a trip with his son , as well as an appearance for the film festival , so why would she be in Italy? And people do shop after someone passes away, for clothes to wear to funerals or to buy something for the one that has passed. Classic case of people who never met the deceased deciding if the ones left behind look sad enough. Guess what? No one has to share that part of themselves with anyone or put on an emotional display so pictures can be taken of the tragic cir***stances. RIP Mr. Gandolfini, you were wild and fun to watch in your work :)

465 days ago


This woman probably has more balck dresses than most people have underwear, stop with the excuses, she should have gone to Italy to take her dead husband's body home and make sure everything went smoothly.

465 days ago


You just go to work and when the public has been attended to, you grieve the family member. She probably is in work-mode, having been married to a famous person and all that life and death brings. Besides, her house is probably a 24-hour command center with lawyers, agents, and people calling constantly. She probably needed an excuse to have a moment alone, so she said she needed something and she's the only one who can do the banking.

465 days ago

Kay Kaybear    

Don't judge a book by its cover.

465 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

She has a medium-sized brown bag that says "medium brown bag". That's the only relevant thing about this article. You don't get to tell her what to do, where to go or how to grieve "correctly". You don't know her and you didn't know him either. You knew Tony Soprano, not James Gandolfini.

465 days ago


She's probably going shopping for an outfit for the funeral.....and now grieving widow's can't leave the house or use their phone's? Oh please, she's not doing anything wrong!!!!

465 days ago


Sooooooo, now a widow can't possibly go pick up an outfit for a funeral, or send a text or leave the house? Oh please, she is not doing anything wrong, she's living!!!

465 days ago


She was looking for funeral outfits for herself and her baby. On another site, there were photos of her looking at black and white colored garments.

465 days ago


When my best friend died, I went to the bank and went shopping the next day as well. Had to buy a black coat, toiletries for the trip home, some stuff for the wake and reception after the funeral. I imagine it could be a similar situation for this woman. Does TMZ expect her to sit in a corner bawling instead of taking care of her responsibilities? And of course you show that one pic where she's not looking horribly depressed. I suppose it would be totally abnormal for her to try to look pleasant in conversation with other people?

If you've got solid info about her being a gold digger or whatever, just come right out and say it, instead of trying to nudge the reader to make some possibly very misguided conclusions.

464 days ago


I don't recall hearing much of TMZ chasing after James (or his family) while he was alive. Now, they are trying to nip at the toes of someone that just lost their husband?

I'm sorry but there is a hella lot that needs to be done when someone normal dies. I'm pretty sure she didn't have a suitcase full of "ALL READY FOR FUNERAL" Kit at her home.

She has to have a lawyer claim the body to transport out of the Italy (more so) he's a celebrity and anyone that is overseas when they die will have to have a lawyer present. While they are doing their **** you have to prep for the body to stay in the states like a Funeral home... Unless you want the body to stay at the airport to place the body where ever they deem fitting. IF you don't have a lawyer claiming the body---ITALY can bury the unclaimed body (even if your processing your papers that can take up to 30-60... days without a lawyer) and then you have to file claims to move the casket to transport.. Which if you move a casket from one cemetery to another in the states cost about 20,000 or more for a normal person. Now double that with who ever in Rome is handling the care of the body and how much they chose to slap you with on cost.. Which could average around 50,000 - 100,000 on ending cost that may even include the cost of transportation and customs. That's IF they choose to bury the body while going thru the claiming process which HAS happened.

Which is prolly what she has family members helping her with because the next thing on the list especially if you have a baby that prolly doesn't have funeral clothing is buy those. Which is prolly why she is texting on a phone instead of talking because you have TMZ vultures listening into everything.

The hardest thing would be looking for a casket. Because you have to buy a vault to protect the casket and then you have to go thru the whole process of what they would want in the casket.. What they would like to wear and he wasn't a small man I'm sure they have to get a special size. Then get a long lecture of should they be embalmed or not? IF shopping is helping her get thru the moment while planning probably a public funeral or private (depending how much of TMZ allows to be private) then more power to her.

Just because she's shopping and hitting the bank means absolutely nothing.. You have to DO those things right after someone dies--the process is already hard to begin with it's not something new. She has to go to the bank to pick up paperwork to file the Death Certificates at the bank and she also has to pay for a funeral.. The funeral doesn't pay for itself. I'm sure all his bills are in his name so she will likely need about 30 death certificates just to have things switch over.. It's really amazing that TMZ doesn't give someone distant in a hard time.

Magical little birdies don't come flying down from the sky TMZ and do all the little things you have to do during a funeral without completely falling apart.

463 days ago
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