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Justin Bieber's Posse


... Caught On Tape!!!

6/21/2013 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber's housemates -- Lil Za & Lil Twist -- are law-breaking, aggressive punks ... who dangerously rocketed through the streets of Calabasas and cussed out their neighbor ... and TMZ has the footage.

The latest incident went down Thursday inside Bieber's exclusive gated community -- The Oaks -- where one of Bieber's neighbors witnessed Za and Twist tearing up the streets in JB's cars ... a black Range Rover and the infamous white Ferrari.

You'll see a lady with a camera driving 25mph -- the speed limit -- as the two cars are stopped in front of her ... one in the oncoming traffic lane.

As the woman passes Bieber's cars ... Za and Twist turn on the jets and screech past her at speeds way in excess of the limit.

It all comes to a head at one of the gates in the community, where Za gets out of his car, aggressively confronts the woman -- and proclaims he's a resident of The Oaks with this glib gem ... "I live with Justin Bieber and you know I do."

He then tells the woman, "F**k you. Get the f**k out of here."

As for Bieber -- he was in Miami to watch the NBA Championship.


No Avatar


Probably a good thing Paula Deen wasnt shooting that video lol....

426 days ago


You can take the punk out of the ghetto. . . but. . . .

426 days ago


Calabasis Needs to hire some Cops , with a Speed gun -----catch those POS speeding , Before they Kill some kid playing . Also Need to "throw that POS Bieber OUT" of the neighborhood--letting his "friends" drive his cars liks idiots !!!!

426 days ago


Kanye's still loopy from walking into that street sign and Kim isn't smart enough to see what they did here. And their defense is gonna be, "If it's such a stupid name, why was it used on an airlines?"

426 days ago


Kanye's still loopy from walking into that street sign and Kim isn't smart enough to see what they did here. And their defense is gonna be, "If it's such a stupid name, why was it used on an airlines?"

426 days ago

Shah Boogey    

Nah **** that bitch... No1 was speeding.. She recording them just to try big her self up... He was cool an calm an asked her nicely a number of times to back up an she wouldnt... White bitch...

426 days ago

DMH-San Diego    

Come on PLEASE! They were being polite to her and she was being a nuisance! They were not terrorizing, she was purposely going slow in front of them to get them to pass her.. I would do that on the streets of San Diego. Leave Justin Bieber alone... I'm so sick of this unfair bull****... Justin keep your head up and stay strong dude, don't let them get to you.. They will tire of this game soon and retire to their poolside gossip sessions. They just needed something to do while their rich husbands were out of town.

426 days ago


It AMAZES me that the homeowner association allows JB and his friends to behave like they own the place. Keyshawn should of bitch slapped that little Ellen Degeneres looking kid. No offense to her....

426 days ago

Canada Guy    

I really have no idea why the "Neighbourhood Watch" hasn't taken care of Mr. Bieber and his little pals. That kind of crap would be dealt with quickly and effectively in most other neighbourhoods if the "Security" just stands by and watches.

426 days ago


this is f**ked up like they are teenagers they can do this like f**k the speed limit so what they just wanna have fun b**ches these days

426 days ago


These guys are young boys doing young boy things. Why are adults so mad at them?? Let them live. You wouldnt've pulled that camera stunt if he was Suge Knight....

426 days ago


I would venture that people like the guy on the video are on the top of the list as unwanted neighbors. I can see people moving before they even sell their house to get away. I know someone who did and these people have money.

426 days ago


I checked it out, unruly neighbors does affect property values and I would venture

426 days ago


all you *****s are just hating on beebs becuz u dont have what he does wouldnt u guys do the same if u were in his position and if u say know then u must b a goodie tooshoes. stop hatin on beebs u jealous f***s (not a beeb fan either)

426 days ago


the driving these guys are doing is messed up , they think they are entitled. if you look at video more carefull you will see that they both crossed a solid yellow line . this is illegal. they are just idiots.


426 days ago
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