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Paula Deen

Food Network Gives Her


6/21/2013 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

5:10 PM PT -- Paula has just released a statement, thanking the Food Network for 11 "great years." She said, "Because of the gift the Food Network gave me, I've had the pleasure of being allowed into so many homes across the country."

Paula Deen
's goose has been cooked at the Food Network.  Officials tell TMZ they are not renewing her contract, which expires at the end of this month.

Paula apparently was done in for her comments during a deposition in a civil lawsuit, in which she freely admitted to using the N-word in the past.

Deen issued an apology this morning that bordered on ridiculous -- it was heavily edited and frankly insincere.

She issued a second apology shortly before the Food Network said it would not renew her contract.



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Well butter my biscuit, I'm done.

487 days ago


Well I guess the NAACP are going to consider this a win. What a joke! She admits to using a word in the past and loses her main job?? Halle Berry was in a hit and run and got a slap on the hand, Russell Crowe beats a man with a phone and nothing, Lindsay Lohan IA in all of her troubles and loses nothing!? Ridiculous. Racists black and white need to go crawl in a hole

487 days ago


i have trouble understanding some of the comment.....people are not only pissed about the Nword....she was sued by employees for being violent and racist toward all should read the lawsuit before making stupid comments

487 days ago


Her food was killing people anyway. She's just a shill for the diabetes drug company now. I'm sure she made enough money to live out the rest of her life.

487 days ago


Oh please like African Americans don't say things about white people. I am from the south too and I am not saying that using the N is right in any way but the truth is that is wasn't that long ago when everything was segregated. There are alot of older white AND black people who still think differently about other races in the south. ANY race other then their own. Thankfully things are changing now but if you think for one min that white people are the only ones saying racists things in this country your as stupid as this story. EVERYONE says bad things about other people so quit being a crybaby and get over it.

487 days ago


Get over it...listen to black rap, the "N" word is all over the place. So if your black it is okay, if you are white you are screwed. I am so tired of the PC crap.

487 days ago


this 'politically correct' thing is getting ridiculous...

487 days ago


Glad to see this lady GO!!!! Who in their right mind promotes BUTTER in every recipe and is hiding the fact that SHE had diabetes?? MONEY HUNGRY HYPROCRITES DO!

487 days ago

Slim Shady    

She should go out and do a sex tape with a black guy just to prove shes not racist. Or maybe better yet live out her fantasy and have a bunch of black guys dressed as waiters acting like slaves banging her.

487 days ago

Worse than a being a racist, she should have been fired long ago for her artery-clogging, lard-ass making crappy recipes. Good riddance!

487 days ago


So what! She's given jobs to black in her restaurant! Black use the word all the time! Just come to Chicago and you will heart it at least twice a day! Why should she get the axe? Have all of you on Foodnetwork NEVER said a derogatory name for another group of people, EVER? Bet you have!

If you choose to axe her, then guess that means that you will only depend on Blacks to support your network and watch your programs? BTW, you have no problem putting "The Weiner Circle" in Chicago on your program with their obscene language and woman employee baring her chest! That has more class?

487 days ago


Every race is prejudice !!!

487 days ago


she was sued for being racist and violent toward black by employees...the use of the Nword came afterward....i think she was rightfully terminated.

487 days ago


Looks like Food Network execs need to take a sociology class. This woman is past middle aged and grew up in the racist South. Of course she used the word. It was a norm back then which she conformed too. Get over it!!

487 days ago


Sad that the black lobby have made this such an issue.
Some people feel they can intimidate others for saying it.
At the same time they use and abuse the term freely.

487 days ago
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