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Paula Deen

Food Network Gives Her


6/21/2013 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

5:10 PM PT -- Paula has just released a statement, thanking the Food Network for 11 "great years." She said, "Because of the gift the Food Network gave me, I've had the pleasure of being allowed into so many homes across the country."

Paula Deen
's goose has been cooked at the Food Network.  Officials tell TMZ they are not renewing her contract, which expires at the end of this month.

Paula apparently was done in for her comments during a deposition in a civil lawsuit, in which she freely admitted to using the N-word in the past.

Deen issued an apology this morning that bordered on ridiculous -- it was heavily edited and frankly insincere.

She issued a second apology shortly before the Food Network said it would not renew her contract.



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silvio marini    

Who hasn't used the N word in their lives??? Especially if ur 50 yrs old or older like Paula. She didn't use the N word on air,so whats the big deal??? Clinton admitted to smoking pot,but still was President,he didn't get fired? Grow up people & stop being so damn sensitive!!!

490 days ago

darlene parker    

how dare you.... Paula Deen loves people white, black or whatever. I am so sick of one sided raceism.What happened to freedom of speech? Paula start your own network......and as for the today show you condone gays and same sex marriage. its time to get your morales back NBC.......

490 days ago

For Sooth?    

Well, they better fire Giada too because I can't look at her without thinking "blow job" with men, as in multiple, other than her husband. When I see her on the screen I always flash to John Mayer's face and her on her knees in front of him. That's a nice visual for family tv!

490 days ago


OK...Honest to God, I am no big fan of Paula Dean, but I am going "there".... WHO hasn't used the "N" word...more especially , how many black folks use it to call each other EVERY day? Give me a break. As yet, there is no law against it!

490 days ago


OMG This pisses me off!! EVERYBODY has used the "N-word" at least once at some point or another in their life!! SHE was just honest about it!!! GO PAULA DEEN!!!

490 days ago

Lena Foster    

Of course she should be let go. This is simple personal relations. We are not in the fifties anymore.

490 days ago


let those of you who have never used the N word judge the rest of us. Oh, lest I forget,any of you who hasn't called anyone cracker, honky, bitch or any other kind of name that makes a person feel bad. Don't tell me none of you so down on Paula Dean has never used that word! black or white
Because if you say you haven;t, then Isay you are lying

490 days ago

Bleacher creature    

Not a Paula fan but this is an over reaction. How many wrap songs have been published and circulated world wide using the "N" word . I guess it depends on whos saying it. When the "N" word is banned from the radio then you can fire her.

490 days ago


all older people have probably used the n-word, just like most blacks have used cracker and honkie. as far as I know no man or woman has died from straight being call a honkie cracker the N word, the S word even NIGHT F. we as humans have ALL errored so get a real live and live it

490 days ago


The country has been taken over by National Socialists........... We need to take it back and begin the purge that is way over due..................or there will be nothing left to take within a few years.

490 days ago


I guess the days of having your own opinion, right, wrong, or indifferent, are gone

490 days ago

D Fowler    

This is one of the stupidest thing I have seen. I don't know how I can boycott the company that is not renewing her contract.
All the time wasted by so many people talking and commenting about this is ridiculous. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid
Lee, Over reaction is a mild statement.

490 days ago


Oh please! Can we all just cut the Bull****! Black rappers use the word "******"* all the time. Now all of a sudden it's a big deal because she is white? She shouldn't have to "apologize" to no one. If you don't like what she said then don't buy her cookbooks or watch her show. This is such a double standard. Either it's OKAY to use the word amongst EVERYONE or it's not.

* Don't give use the bull**** argument "Well black rappers say "*****" and not "******." To someone who grew up in a time, where the word ****** was used, as a DEROGATORY statement, towards black people, find the word offensive whether it ends in "a" or "er." This country is full of hypocritical jerks!

490 days ago


walmart is going to drop her next......... just watch

490 days ago


A 100 year old white woman uses the word n****...who is really surprised here????

490 days ago
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