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6/23/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
's breasts have swelled to a record-sized G-CUP following her pregnancy -- and sources close to the reality star tell TMZ, she LOVES whipping out her massive new mammaries for baby-suckling time.

Sources tell us, Kim's taking to motherhood like a newborn to a nipple -- in fact, she actively looks forward to her "feedings" with baby North West ... EVEN CHANGING DIRTY DIAPERS!!! As one source put it, "She does it all."

It's pretty crazy ... considering how vocal Kim's been about motherly duties in the past. Back in 2010, she got into hot water for criticizing a mom for breastfeeding at a restaurant.

As for Kanye, we're told he's a natural dad -- "No one has ever seen him like this."

Now for another famous G-cup ...



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I'd like to see a "Father Knows Best" return.

With Kanye/Kim in the saddle.

An update to the old, boring classic.

Kanye can even make street signs interesting.

Never been anyone like him.

Love the Kardashians.

(In the all-new remake of "Father Knows Best', Bruce can come in frowning at everything - doesn't even have to speak just frown)

Can't wait for Kris' new FOX show - counting the minutes.

434 days ago



434 days ago


Kris' new FOX show.

I'm hoping Kris has Charlie Sheen on.

To talk about Kim's new G-cup.

Stage a fake-fight between Charlie and Kanye.

Like it's Jerry Springer.

Kris will pull out all of the stops -

Me I'll quit my job to stay home/watch it.

So will most other wise men.

"Why are you handing in your two-weeks notice?"

"Er, Kris Jenner's new FOX show."

434 days ago


Of for god sakes, who cares. Bigger new is if you want to call it that, is did West sign the birth certificate yet?

434 days ago


I expect Kris' new FOX tv show to delve into the following:

The Kardashian empire and how it twas built.

Myself I believe Kris and Bruce built such based on:

They know the World's filled with Looky-Loo's.

"If you shoot (film) it they'll watch."

Kris show will go through the roof.

I'd prefer a Kardashian-channel.

All things Kardashian.

But this is and the reality shows?

A damn good start.

434 days ago


Something else I hope Kris-new-show goes into?

Another thing the Kardashians and I agree upon:

Blacks are a superior race to us whitey's, causasians etc. and other-thans.

They're better-looking, more talented, smarter, can jump higher, run faster, are funnier.

I only know cuz I be half-bruh.

Bridgeport, CT y'all.

434 days ago


I can't believe I'm saying this, but I will give Kim the benefit of the doubt on the "eww" tweet; I think she was more grossed out by the woman changing her baby on the restaurant table. As any normal person would be!

434 days ago


Critics have alrady slammed her Kris show. They don't think it will even make the 6 week trial run.

Dina and Michael Lohan can go on to make quick buck. Lindsay after rehab.

Jenner is so despised I don't know if she can even buy guests. Not ones that anyones ever heard of.

434 days ago


I'd also like to see Kris do a lot of bragging -

On her new FOX show.

About how the Kardashian girls have "girl" down to SUCH a science?!

Most MEN wanna become girls.

Had my nails done just last week - a first.

Then a Brazilian.

Won't be a-damn-man-left.

Once the K-girls finish this up.

We'll ALL look like them!!!

434 days ago


Where's the story here? Kim and Kanye both love being parents--like millions and millions of other people around the world. I don't think it's a blockbuster event. And she's been exposing her breasts for a long time, so no news there.

434 days ago


It is amazzzing that she is happy because Kanye is like, gone. He probably went south east, but who knows ?.

434 days ago


Hey and if you're as SERIOUS as am I?

About Kris new FOX show -

-and BECOMING a Kardashian?

You add a "yan" AND "ian" to your last name.


You KNOW you want to...

434 days ago


Side-by-side with Kris' new FOX tv show?

"Kardashian University."

Which offers Bachelors, Masters, PdH's.

I mean PhD's.

In becoming an all-out, full-blown Kardashian.

It's expensive, but worth it.

You'll LOOK a lot better, that's for sure ...

434 days ago


Really what the hell is she going to talk about.

How to lie, cheat, con and scam. How to pimp out your kids for a quick buck. How to sell you grand daughters photo to the highest bidder. How to maintain your plastic surgery.

That will good for about a 1/2 hour. No thanks.

It's going to cost Jenner a fortune to keep that show on.

434 days ago


I'm so over that armenian ****!!

434 days ago
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