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Scottie Pippen Victim

He Spit at ME

I Never Said the N-Word

6/27/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Scottie Pippen
's brawl with a fan outside Nobu in Malibu was totally unprovoked -- so says Scottie's alleged victim, who tells TMZ, he never ONCE said the n-word ... and simply asked for a photo.

The 48-year-old -- who didn't want to be named -- tells us, he first spotted Scottie inside the restaurant on Sunday while waiting for a table.

The fan, his girlfriend and Scottie eventually ended up sitting near each other ... so the fan says he asked to take a photo with the NBA legend for his 12-year-old son.

According to the guy, Scottie didn't want to get up from his table to pose with him, but allowed the fan to take a photo of him sitting down (below).

When the fan saw Scottie leaving, he says he approached the ex-Bulls star in the parking lot -- thinking it wasn't a big deal -- and again asked for a pic WITH Scottie, knowing it would mean a lot to his son.

He tells us Scottie turned and said, "I told you no motherf***er" ... and then spit at him and punched him, at which point the victim fell to the ground. He says the last thing he remembers is seeing Pippen's shoe coming at his face.

According to the victim, he woke up in the hospital Monday with a concussion, fractured ribs, busted lip and chin, a broken tailbone, and possible brain injuries. He's back at home now.

As for Pippen's allegation the man spewed the n-word and spit at him ... the fan says not true -- "It’s sad to see Scottie is trashing me. I never called him the N word, and I haven’t done anything to that guy ... What’s the big deal? Taking one picture with a fan."

The man says police have already interviewed him and his girlfriend, but right now he doesn't plan to sue. "I'm not thinking about anything at the moment but getting better."

Calls to Scottie's people weren't returned.


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No Avatar

Spicy mag    

Lets go to the videotape!

484 days ago


Un-freakin-believable! Morons here justifying putting a man in the hospital because he may have been annoying. Thug-nation.

484 days ago

BB not bb    

Theses little Hipanic guys on the steroids can be pushy and obnoxious. For one thing, you don't know the celebrity, so why would you think you can insist on him doing you a favor to amuse your son. These people want time alone also just to relax and not be in the public eye.

I am thinking that there is something missing from the story. The guy must have been threatening or obnoxious to the point that Pippen popped off.

I wouldn't have the nerve to ask for an autograph or pciture from a stranger. Even if they were already willing, I would feel ashamed like I thought their signature was special or like pretending to know them menat something.

People don't do this to policicians, so why do they do it to people who are atheletes or entertainers? Are they just some sort of clowns on call 24/7?

Maybe they fan was following him and yelling what is the matter with you, why can't you just help me out, or something. Fans can get very rude and hostile when they don't get their way.

484 days ago


I know Scotty personally and this version sounds more plausible. No Tippin' Pippen is a complete a s s.

484 days ago


Pippen would obviously play the race card. Why not take a picture with a FAN. "Celebs" need to get their heads out of their asses.

484 days ago


TMZ...please set your filter to weed out comments containing anything with " $?? an hour" or block them or something please!!

484 days ago


So scottie has been giving autographs for three decades and now all of a sudden he beats a man senseless because the guy wanted a picture for his son. Any IDIOT that believes there isnt more to this story needs his head checked.

484 days ago


Don't believe it at all.

484 days ago


@ Stans4Forreals:
I'm sure you're right. Who in there right mind wants to confront low-life ghetto trash and knuckle draggers?

484 days ago


Since when does a fan have the right to interrupt a celebrity when they are dining out, particularly, in a restaurant. How did Scottie know that the obsessed fan did not have a gun on him. The victim deserved what he got. Maybe in the future, he will not harrass people

484 days ago

My 2 Cents    

I believe Pippen. Racism is still alive and TMZ & the comments prove that everyday

484 days ago

Buck Boy    

Shame that The Pipster is walking free. There should be a law that makes it even more illegal to CLAIM someone used the N word just to keep your criminal azz out of jail and potentially incite more violence against a fan.

Plus, if you send him away, he will not be bothered by people asking for photographs in pissy restaurants.

484 days ago

all about the money    

Who's telling the truth? Is Pippen using the N word as an excuse to justify his attack? Was the N word even used or is it being brought into this issue in light of the out roar Paula's N word caused to gain sympathy for Pippen? Did Pippen assault the fan or the fan assault Pippen?
Truth is a 3 edged sword. Their side, your side, and the truth. I just hope when the "truth" does finally come out that Pippen didn't bring the "N word" into the situation to capitalize on the uproar Paula's nightmare has caused recently. If so well...Pippen's credibility will be lost and I hope he is made into an outcast like Paula.

484 days ago


So, he wants us to believe that he asked for an autograph, Scottie said know, he walked away and Scottie assaulted him for no reason?Yeah, right. I'm fairly certain he did or said something after Scottie said no because people rarely just take no for an answer in their autograph quest.

484 days ago


see, i knew he didn't say the n-word, the blacks are always using the "he said the n-word" excuse whenevr they chimpout and attack someone.

484 days ago
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