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Scottie Pippen Victim

He Spit at ME

I Never Said the N-Word

6/27/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Scottie Pippen
's brawl with a fan outside Nobu in Malibu was totally unprovoked -- so says Scottie's alleged victim, who tells TMZ, he never ONCE said the n-word ... and simply asked for a photo.

The 48-year-old -- who didn't want to be named -- tells us, he first spotted Scottie inside the restaurant on Sunday while waiting for a table.

The fan, his girlfriend and Scottie eventually ended up sitting near each other ... so the fan says he asked to take a photo with the NBA legend for his 12-year-old son.

According to the guy, Scottie didn't want to get up from his table to pose with him, but allowed the fan to take a photo of him sitting down (below).

When the fan saw Scottie leaving, he says he approached the ex-Bulls star in the parking lot -- thinking it wasn't a big deal -- and again asked for a pic WITH Scottie, knowing it would mean a lot to his son.

He tells us Scottie turned and said, "I told you no motherf***er" ... and then spit at him and punched him, at which point the victim fell to the ground. He says the last thing he remembers is seeing Pippen's shoe coming at his face.

According to the victim, he woke up in the hospital Monday with a concussion, fractured ribs, busted lip and chin, a broken tailbone, and possible brain injuries. He's back at home now.

As for Pippen's allegation the man spewed the n-word and spit at him ... the fan says not true -- "It’s sad to see Scottie is trashing me. I never called him the N word, and I haven’t done anything to that guy ... What’s the big deal? Taking one picture with a fan."

The man says police have already interviewed him and his girlfriend, but right now he doesn't plan to sue. "I'm not thinking about anything at the moment but getting better."

Calls to Scottie's people weren't returned.


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No Avatar


I used to like Scottie, but his rage apparently got the best of him. And playing the race card? Man that is getting OLD!

482 days ago


Dude should sue the hell out of Pippen.

What a low-down dirty punk thing to do to a fan.

482 days ago


I smell bull chit. I think this "fan" deserved his ass whooping.

482 days ago

Zombie Whitney Houston    

I believe this guy. It's pretty well known that Pippin has always been a pretty big a-hole.

482 days ago


Pippen is probably lying about the N-word, but the fan needs to let people eat their food in peace.

I wouldn't approach a celeb in a restaurant acting like it's their obligation to take photos with me.

482 days ago


no tippin pippen is trippin.. i knew he was liying about the whole N word bit (thats been over used by the way) and then dragging his daughter in the mix...how low can pippen get...hes not going to jail but its gooing to be an expensive dinner now.

482 days ago


I'm kind of siding with the fan! Why would he use the N word if he is such a big fan of pippin's! I really doubt he said that to him, especially since he wanted the picture for his12 year old son!

482 days ago


I think it should be a crime to be stupid enough to believe this guy's story.

482 days ago


he says....he says. someone is lying. stay tuned!!

482 days ago


I want to address the N word that rappers often use and it's new found exceptance by the public. Little Wayne and other rappers are able to use the N word because the WHITE executives let them, Fact. All other derogatory, sexual orientation and ethnic slurs have been censored and banned by these same WHITE executives, FACT! White males are the biggest consumers of rap and the N word makes more money for these big radio stations and music companies, Fact! 65% of all commercial stations are owned by 4 companies. Everything you hear and see on radio and TV is screened and censored, FACT! Freedom of speech only applies for derogatory words on songs with the the N word. Every thing else is censored. If these WHITE executives can stop it they also can promote it. Let an artist use the word Kike, Spick, Chink or F@g and see what happens. Do you think there are no non black artist who have tried to write those type of songs? You can't be that naive and stupid. lol

482 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Even by his own account he was harassing the man while he was in the restaurant up until the time he left. And he can't cut the crap about his sun. A 12 year old doesn't know Scottie Pippen and would likely care less about a pic of him.

482 days ago

Master Po    

lol so this a$$hole thinks saying he was knocked out will get him off for begging for free stuff like a peasant?

How about this while you where "out" you called him a name for not signing your crap so you can sell it on ebay.

482 days ago


He gave this piece of **** a picture while he was eating with his family. This entitled clown continued to harrass this man. There are witnesses . You clowns believe everything TMZ writes. TMZ has become the judge and jury. Jealous clowns

482 days ago


I hope Scottie sues his ass. This man gets asks for autographs everywhere he goes. Why would he choose this guy to beat the hell out of? Scottie has witnesses to the actual events. He was eating with his
Family. These celebrities owe the fans entertainment . You are not entitled to their personal lives.

482 days ago

Dom The Mover    

WTF, okay who's lying here? hmmm

482 days ago
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