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Alec Baldwin

Hates Lots of People

But REALLY Hates Gays

6/28/2013 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

3:30 PM PT
-- Alec just responded to all the homophobe allegations.

Alec Baldwin
-- who puts Paula Deen to shame in the bigotry department -- again showed his true colors with a hate-filled tirade that targeted gays.

A British reporter wrote a story that Baldwin's wife was tweeting recipes and other things during James Gandolfini's funeral.  The actor went nuts on twitter, claiming the story was false.  Nothing wrong with that.

But then Baldwin played his go-to homophobic card -- he's done it before --  tweeting that the reporter was "a toxic little queen."  Baldwin continued, "If (sic)  put my foot up your f***ing ass, George Stark, but I'm sure you'd dig it too much."

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Baldwin then called the reporter a "f***ing little bitch" several times and then just plain threatened, "I'm gonna f**k you up."

So we gotta ask ...


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Let's see how long it takes before he starts being abusive to his new wife. A leopard never changes his spots.

296 days ago


...So we got to ask, will anything be done about it??? Of course not, he's a left darling.. and only they can say and do as they please, in the present, much less in the past.

296 days ago


At the end of the day Paula Deen is the worse, she plays the sweet nice role but is very much a racist. With Alec Baldwin what you see is what you get

296 days ago


Typical hypocritical leftist...they are always the most homophobe and racist. Irony Baldwin and Deen are Obama supporters. Go figure.

296 days ago


The statement seems like one made out of anger and not homophobic. TMZ you guys cannot expect everyone to be sweet as pie as this is not the real world. Stop starting something just like you did for Paula, Isiah Washington and the list goes on. Responsible journalism

296 days ago


Alec will get a free pass from all the libs. It's only offensive if the person saying it is from the south or conservative or a Republican. I doubt we will even hear anymore about this in the media.

296 days ago


I doubt very much whether Alec Baldwin hates gays. It's obvious that he's one of those people who, when they're angry, they like to hit below the belt. So he takes something about the person and uses that as his ammunition. In other words, he's a hothead.

296 days ago

Fred Thompson    

First of all, "phobic" implies that he is afraid of gays. It is quite obvious that isn't the case. Second, he was implying that gays enjoy having things in their anal cavities, which from my understanding is how that whole thing works. I'm not sure how that's insulting, it's just a fact.

296 days ago

Jericho Morton    

I think he is entitled to be repulsed at sodomy, coprophagia and all the other repellent activities some self identified "queens" engage in, and seem incapable of controlling, hence the vast increase in HIV infection globally amongst those who engage in these activities. Trusted to practice 'safe sex' and they spread it more than ever. He's right not to trust them.

296 days ago


This guy is a good argument for gun control.

296 days ago


I was expecting the F word for gay when I read the headline and comparison to Paula Deen. I don't think this even qualifies tbh...

296 days ago

brian agard    

this isnt really homophobic

296 days ago

brian agard    

it seems he only hates one gay... doesnt seem homophobic to me

296 days ago


this is one of the few times i have found alex (his real name) rather amusing.

296 days ago


He's got a temper,I like Alec but he needs to calm down!..he needs to be with a man maybe..he's got too much gay rage!.He's played gay characters on SNL so I'm not sure he's a homophobe!..

296 days ago
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