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Bieber Photo Shoot Rules

1) Don't Talk to Me ...

2) No Selena Gomez Music!!!

6/28/2013 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
is a paranoid, self-absorbed megalomaniac ... is what you've gotta think after seeing the laughable rules he sets for photo shoots -- including a ban on speaking to the Bieber, and NEVER playing his ex ... Selena Gomez's music.

TMZ has obtained a rider from a Bieber photo shoot earlier this month, and other restrictions include NO cell phones and NO autographs whatsoever ... which are actually pretty common demands.

But Bieber also has a laundry list of food demands on set -- including herbal teas, a deli platter, a veggie platter, a large pack of Swedish Fish, Ritz Bits Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Ritz Bitz Cheese Sandwiches, and 2 large packs of Haribo cola gummies.

Munchies much?

Bieber also must have a serious sweating problem -- because he asks for several packs of white undershirts, tanks and socks as well. Weird.

Then of course, there's the required boombox with an iPhone 5 connector ... for tunes.

Just remember: "No Selena Music on set."


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Meghan D.    

Okay no. I tried to defend him for awhile because at first he was a good kid and there was no real reason to give him all the crap that he got. But now he's just an idiot. Self-absorbed, he pretty much ditched all the good people that were with him for a couple of pot-head leeches that call themselves rappers, and he doesn't really acknowledge his fans like he used to. I don't care what he says about not caring what people say and what he says about being a really good guy who just gets hated on for no reason. No one is falling for that b.s. now, Justin. Just grow up already.

483 days ago


Socks and underwear are for all his houseguests I'm sure because they probably throw clothes away instead of washing them.

483 days ago


This Kid is just getting to be too much. Pull your pants up and your head out of your ass. He may have talent but his behaviour as of the last few years is unbearable.

483 days ago


wasn't he hanging out with selena yesterday?? lol tmz you're full of bs

483 days ago


Well im glad they tell you NOW not to talk to the talent. Now what about us talking to justin bieber? ha

483 days ago


um, i don't get it. he doesn't wear shirts, does he? other than that, seems like normal stuff...

483 days ago


he is a punk bitch

483 days ago


Another child star whose ass has been kissed by all the adults in his life who truly believes he's ENTITLED. The list gets longer and longer. They truly believe they can do the things they do AND get away with it because they DESERVE to have/do/get anything they want. Adults created these monsters but when they reach adulthood, they are responsible for their own actions. Clearly Bieber has no adults around him brave enough to tell him his name and reputation should be important to him.

483 days ago


Definitely not on the Biebs train to loserville, but I'm feeling him on the 'No Selena music' policy - purely for taste reasons of course.

483 days ago


this kid is not in jail yet?

483 days ago


he's hatting on his ex~ why you mad hooE

483 days ago

ted moroz    

lets haqve that little punk come up to Winnipeg with his "tough guy bodyguards" and try pullin that kinda ****!!you'll find all of them in a dumpster off main by the morning!

483 days ago

ted moroz    

hes a douchebag,him and his "tough guy bodyguards" should bring that routine up here to'd find them all in a dumpster the next morning!..

483 days ago


Where it says "don't speak to talent"...who is it referring to? Can't be the Biebs. That's no talent.

483 days ago


I use to defend this kid because I felt bad for how he was "attacked" in the media, this was a life time ago in comparison to now, this kid needs to sit down and shut up. He is some messed up brat, he tries to image himself after big artists,one being Michael Jackson, Monkey, Masks, Hamster (obviously couldn't get a rat) and the croutch grab. His trying to stand in Michael Jacksons place. The kid is delusional. He is as humble as Donald Trump and as fake as pamela andersons boobs!

483 days ago
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