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Kylie & Kendall Jenner

We're Girls Gone Wild

In Malibu!

6/28/2013 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Malibu has become Temptation Island ... because we've learned 17-year-old Kendall Jenner and her 15-year-old sister Kylie Jenner have set up a house by the sea -- where clothes are kept to a bare minimum.

Sources close to the Jenner sisters tell us, the Kardashian fam is renting a palatial beach pad primarily for the two girls during the summer months -- and no doubt, the hormones are going nuts.

You'll recall, Kylie is currently dating Will Smith's son Jaden ... and Kendall's obviously got her own endless list of suitors.


But there is a small catch -- we're told one of their parents (either Bruce or Kris) has to be present in the house at all times because the girls are minors ... but as far as parentals go, they're both pretty hands-off. 

Bruce has been the one with the assigned duty and that's why he's been living in Malibu lately -- not a bad gig.


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Cannabinol kid    

It's a shame those kids will take up with the same garbage her whore sisters have.

445 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Bruce?? You are in a position to help change the world as we know it today.

The best thing that you can contribute to the world IS TO SAY "NO MORE" AND WALK AWAY FROM THAT MADNESS.

There must be consequences for the horrifying behavior that goes on in your home. Bob walked out and now you need to walk out yourself. I watch that show occasionally and I honestly feel sorry for you.

445 days ago

arale norimaki    

Why do people here in America make this kind of trash rich & infamous ? All she did was go south get pissed on. America has went down the sewer when thats all it takes to be rich & infamous.

445 days ago


What a gross mix these two.. WHY is this news? Kartrashians are all the same!

445 days ago


Jaden Smith looks " special"....he fits right in w the rest of the freaks IMO

445 days ago


Kylie sis so young and she has Thunder thighs like the rest of the family What is it with these girls? Do they eat too much and rte afraid of a workout?

445 days ago


another one of kardisians go for .....

445 days ago


These 2 girls have the world by the tail. Good looks, wealth, and parents who will do anything for them. Regardless of what people think of the kardashians, they are a tight family. It's rare that you see a reality show family that doesn't spontaneously combust after a few years. They seem to take everything ini stride.

445 days ago


Kris is trying set up yet another Reality TV show like the OC or the Hills with her youngest hores-she knows Kim being a whale and with Kanye will only destroy her reality show and the "empire" so she is desperately pimping out Kendall and Kylie

445 days ago


TMZ is so Smart - ROFL - They purposely placed Jayden Smith in the Picture knowing it had absolutely nothing to do with the story , and look at all the Racists lose their minds ...lolololol

445 days ago

Norma Nunez    

I dont understand y you guys write so much trash about these people their rich stuff is going to b written about them i u dont like it dont read it .its that simple. I c that all u guys do is write such horrible things about this family. No ones family is perfect if thats the way they live who cares. U give them more power by talking **** about them. Focus on your own lives and stop reading if u dont like what is written.remember no ones perfect neither are they or u that keeps reading about them.and by the way congrats on your baby girl. I have a son and hes my sunshine. Good day:)

445 days ago


I can't wait to see Kendall Jenner's Black boyfriend .. - You all know she's going to be dating black , Right ? lol

445 days ago


I like making fun of Racists ..Sorry folks

445 days ago


This is pathetic spin. Kris Jenner was just the other day talking about how she and Bruce needed a break from each other, and he needed a place to get away to since Kim/Kanye/Kompass have moved into Bruce's house and demand silence or some such nonsense. That place was not rented for the girls for the summer. Seacrest's prod. company is paying for it, and Bruce just asked them to extend his lease six more months, making it a year's lease. Now how does that make it a summer pad for the girls?

Y'all write stuff, but apparently think the readers have the same IQ as Harvey and writers, and have no short term memory retention of what we have read.

This is one of the most blatant attempts at pure lying that I have seen TMZ/Kris Jenner do.

445 days ago


Will Smith do something before this goes down as an epic parental failure.

445 days ago
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