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Lindsay Lohan

$5 Mil Lawsuit On 'Rehab Hold'

6/28/2013 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
just learned a bad lesson while she tries to get her life back on track in rehab -- addicts get special breaks when they're sued.

As we reported, D.N.A.M. Apparel Industries -- which manufactured clothes for Lindsay's 6126 line back in 2009-2010 -- sued the actress for the massive $5 million sum in May, claiming her "drug-addled image" made the clothes unsellable ... and they lost millions as a result.

But in a twist of irony, Lindsay's "drug-addled image" just bought her more than a month to scramble a legal defense -- because D.N.A.M. has just agreed to a ceasefire while she's in treatment.

According to new court docs, D.N.A.M. won't serve Lindsay 'til she leaves rehab in mid-August "in a gesture of good faith and so as not to disturb her healing process."

FYI, the lawsuit's already been filed ... but the legal process can't begin until Lindsay has been served with the documents.

You'll recall ... Lindsay initially sued D.N.A.M. for $1.1 million, claiming the company licensed the 6126 trademark, but shortchanged her big time on hundreds of thousands of dollars she claims she was promised in exchange.



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Are they suing for 5 million cigarette butts?

489 days ago


What did everyone get for Lindsay's birthday?

I bought her a year subscription to "Relapse"

489 days ago


I'm with Hannah, 'Shane' sounds an awful lot like 'Moto VAjj' aka Smitty. Where's Mumsy, lets get him on this twitter account. . .

489 days ago


Here is my take on this...oh and I Nicole!. They might as well serve her with the papers now. We all know she's made zero progress so far. She's only in rehab because she lied to police, obstructed justice, and almost killed Gavin in the Porsche. She's mad as hell she' s in there and we are not stupid. She hasn't learned a thing nor wants to learn a thing. Process servers throwing a summons at Lohan is a guilty pleasure of mine. So come August, another on will be given to her and she will ignore it. Shawn Holley or not, there are other super lawyers, Nicole. As for this upcoming Star magazine piece on her. I so want to believe some dude who is a patient at Betty Ford conned her into thinking he was Robert DeNiro's son and she thought if she banged him (in her usual haunt, a mens room) she would be back in the movie business. I believe the word desperate was the term used to describe how bad she wants back in. This will never happen now. And even if it was DeNiro's kid in there, as if he has any pull and Robert DeNiro certainly would NOT be casting Lindsay Dee in anything. She still doesn't get it. She's a washed up child star brat, who wasn't really that talented as a kid. Her attitude, looks, and substance abuse problems get worse each day. When she gets out and pretends she gets it not and tries to be fake sober, she really thinks the public is falling for it. And I mentioned this to Maddy. I think when she gets out in August the next year is going to be even worse. The Italy mom/daughter whore fest is gonna be good watchin'. She's got her birthday coming up too on 7-2. This will be a drama filled day, I can promise that! What I would like to know is, how long can Lohan whore in enough money to keep the family home from becoming property of J.P. Morgan Chase bank? And what about the IRS money owed. She didn't pay all of it back with Sheen's donation. You can bet the farm in a few months we will read on TMZ she hasn't paid her 2011 or 2012 taxes either. I'm all over the place here but is Gavin on his way to Los Angeles? I think he is and something tells me there might be some smuggling to the junkie come July 2. Good, good stuff. Sue her for every last penny she doesn't have!

489 days ago


Gavin and Dina are baking a cake out of Adderal with a file in it for her birthday so she can escape.

489 days ago

LINDSAY LOHAN'S next mugshot    

Oops , read it wrong. I read 5 millionth lawsuit. Sounds about right.........most people don't get so many lawsuits.

489 days ago


Lindsay Lohans 6th court orderd rehab and current forced 90 days rehab, doesn't mean a thing.

489 days ago


This is a nice way to start the weekend-everyone coming together on TMZ to discuss the latest Lindsay drama. I have missed everyone.

489 days ago


Does anyone give a S about this broken record?

489 days ago


Where is 9? She may know more about this than I do. I think that her firm does work in federal court.

Anyway, I took a gander at the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the local rules for the Central District of CA and nothing jumped out at me. HOWEVER, I kinda wonder why Lindsay needs to be served personally. The court already has jurisdiction because the underlying suit was filed by Lindsay. Once the court has jurisdiction you mail everything else--and to the party's attorney if they are rep'd by counsel. Unless the counter claim is considered a new matter and????? No idea---sooooo not my area........

489 days ago


Andy, FU, Mumsy, and Skeltoe have a new twitter 'playmate' . . . Hehe

489 days ago


Life continues for everyone but Lindsay. I'm sure she takes this as a sign she has won or whatever. When I had surgery my life continued. Bill came and needed mailing. Garbage was picked up every Wednesday and Kids still needed to be carpooled and groceries shopped for. Down for 6 weeks and the real world just came knockin' at the door!! That's outside of Hollywood and Lindsayland.

489 days ago

Grandma Cracker    


489 days ago

Suzy Q     

They should have the process server set up at the nearest liquor store so when she stops there right after she gets out of rehab, he can serve her.

489 days ago


Doesn't sound like LoHag has a crusty leg to stand on, lol

489 days ago
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