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Paula Deen

Dropped By Publisher

6/28/2013 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The demolition derby known as Paula Deen's empire rolls on -- she's just been dropped by one of her publishers, which says it will no longer release her next project ... which was expected to be a best seller.

In a statement released Friday, Ballantine Books announced it has cancelled the publication of "Paula Deen's New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, All Lightened Up".

But get this ... even though the book wasn't set to come out until October, it's already #1 on Amazon with pre-order sales.

Ballantine adds its name to the long list of companies abandoning ship in light of Deen's n-word controversy ... The Food Network, QVC, JCPenny, and Smithfield Hams, etc ...



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Target, QVC, Kmart, Sears, Wal-mart. Caesars Entertainment, Smithfield Food, Home Depot, Novo Nordisk (diabetes drug making firm), Ballantine Books, JC Penny and I am sure there is more to come... I am telling you all, these companies know something we all don't. I'm thinking they know what's on that behind the scene video tape Paula has blocked and refused to turn over to court. It has to be more then the N-word being said more then 20 + years ago. Yup, I am thinking that video is damage good to Paula Deen career and those companies are backing out now rather than later..

482 days ago


Alec Baldwin can run his mouth and say some very offensive things and it's all supposed to be ok? He comes across like a total a-hole and I bet I'll see him plugging Capital One cards on TV tonight. I'm not saying Paula Deen didn't use the n-word, but maybe just maybe Paula Deen is getting less than a fair shake. She said she doesn't know what offends people, yet you better believe Alec Baldwin knows exactly what offends people and he's apparently very comfortable doing so. That offends me more deeply than the n-word.. Paula Deen isn't on Twitter spewing hate, but she's getting treated way worse than someone who did. It's a double standard and you can't have it both ways.

482 days ago


people should stand back,some supporters may be in for the hurtful truth,why would all these big corporations start letting her go if they did not know just a little more than her avid base fans.there is more to this than meets the eye.

482 days ago


The woman did not kill anyone or harm animals.II will avoid using all the merchants who were so quick to dump her.

482 days ago


This is just getting ridiculous!!! This is what happens when you tell the truth? i feel bad for her. I support her 100% !!!! GET OVER IT PEOPLE there are worse things going on.

482 days ago


Martha Stewart made a comeback and so will Paula Deen..maybe this will open her eyes as to who her 'true' friends and colleagues are. The rest were just there to make a profit off of her and are too afraid to stand up for themselves. I don't agree or like the word she used, but this is just insane!

482 days ago

tmz posters dont know sh1t    

screw this backwards lady! forget the N word thing...she wanted to have a plantation themed wedding. like that era in american history is anything to marvel at! her mainstream run is DONE! GOOD RIDDANCE! GO BACK DOWN SOUTH AND MAKE MILLIONS AMONGST THE REST OF THE KLAN MEMBERS! SCREW ANYONE WITH A RACIST MENATALITY!

482 days ago


All this Paula Deen comotion couldn't be just because she admitted to saying the N wod 30 years ago. There has to be a lot more we don't know, because this is just stupid.

482 days ago


This is just too much. Sure she used the dreaded n-word but so what? You can't go through any section of a large city and not hear it blasted on the radio from the nearest car full of kids. Not saying that she was right but get a grip. Ballantine is walking away from a sure #1 best seller. Do they go through each and ever lives of the other authors that they publish for and make sure they are politically correct? Do they edit the stories they publish to not print that word? Hypocritical BS!

482 days ago


Deveal posts repeatedly: it's beyond the N word... Read

These are allegations yet to be proven in a court of law, and not fact. I scanned through it. The most egregious allegations are against Bubba. That he is Paula Deen's brother and partner(?) it is understandable that all individuals and partners would be named as defendants, as well as the corporation(s). They have the deepest pockets.

But as yet, nothing is "proven". So the lynching is premature.

482 days ago


Please people, go online and read the court do***ents. Paula, Bubba and others are in big trouble, using that 'word' is the least of their problems. Sexual harassment, violence, etc... I think the sponsors are afraid of what will come out if this goes to trial.

482 days ago


It's not ridiculous. The N word and racism is unfathomable in 2013,yet common place with white or black. Blacks should be shamed in particular for using the N word, clearly they do not have an understanding or appreciation of the generational work and struggle of both! black and white to correct a societal wrong.

482 days ago


Hypocrisy at its worst. Thirty years ago, so let's drop her!!

I'll buy the book from her new publisher in a heartbeat just to spite Ballantine. Hope it goes to the top of the charts.

482 days ago


No such thing as innocent until proven guilty. We are losing our rights and this is just one example. Maybe she's guilty, maybe she's not. But these people who have been more than happy to do business with her for years executed her before it even goes to trial. Sad.

482 days ago


If you want to read the actual court do***ents regarding this case then click and/or copy/paste the following link:

The following link (pay special attention to page 8 where Bubba basically admits to everything Lisa has stated and also states that he uses the N word often at the restaurant and until the lawsuit never had any regrets....also page 9 where it talks about video recording of Paula imitating a sex act on an éclair and using fool language). All are found on the following link.

This is why Lisa Jackson filed the lawsuit! Not because Paula Deen used the N word 30 years ago....Paula must truly think we are all stupid to follow this hogwash....and yes, I am around her age, born in the South, educated white woman who is deeply ashamed and embarrassed due to her actions or should I say lack of actions.

482 days ago
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