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You Be the Judge

6/29/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Busy week, with lots of alleged bigotry front and center -- from Alec Baldwin's Twitter rant, to Paula Deen's Titanic-like career plunge.  So we gotta ask ...


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They're all guilty.

460 days ago


If the only way U can comment on Ur sister sites is Facebook.... its never gonna happen.. give some other options on how to post comments already... same for Ur videos.

460 days ago


Paula is being heavily punished.. yea but she is not truly sorry .. maybe sorry for what it's costing her. Her ignorance is still there.. no epiphany to what she says is wrong with her "I is what I is" statement. THAT is why she keeps getting dropped.

Alec has always been a mean tantrum hate slurring mother and only benefits from it. He throws a fit on a plane and makes airline commercials months later. GLADD kissed his ass and no one wants to reprimand the man.I think people think ~after all this time~ it's a part of his schtick to throw tantrums. It's serious but no one takes it that way.

Harvey U still piss me off with being a starf*cker for Miley..why? because Anna Wintour said so... a starf*cker is a starf*cker. I grew up around celebs and humans are humans and assh*les are still assh*les...could care less about their status.

The only celeb to make my eyes open like saucers was Alice Nunn "Large Marge" from Pee-Wee's movie..she was cool as hell too hehe she approached me and talked to me because she knew I was trippin hehe but hell we all have an achilles heel. Miley ain't mine..for damn sure.

460 days ago


Dang. How bad are you when OJ wins the popularity contest?

460 days ago


How in the hell was the Patriots supposed to know? Saying that is saying that every employer in the country should have known if one of their employees was capable of committing a crime.

460 days ago


Alec is an ******* but he's very smart. He USES the media for what he wants. If he's attacking photogs, it's because he wants media attention for some reason. Just watch, next time he pulls that, he'll have something he needs press for. He knows bad publicity is still publicity.

460 days ago


The fact that so many people think what Paula Deen did was cool just shows how racist our society still is.

459 days ago


On the topic of rap names -- Lil Nuts -- who gets it? Amanda Bynes, or Justin Beaver?

459 days ago


Heres one Harvey: Will Hernandez become OJs younger bitch if he was jailed with him?

459 days ago


These polls goes to show 90% of the people who post on TMZ are racists-most don't even know it. I can almost guarantee you that they have more skeletons in their closest than these celebs.

459 days ago


i don't know why alec baldwin keeps winning Awards....

459 days ago


Paula should start charging money for her HOE CAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

459 days ago


Even if Kathrine Jackson Wins she will lose in the Appeals Court!

459 days ago


In my honest opinion the poll in this site is so wrong I have a feeling that the racist are voting with their multiple account. Because Alec Baldwins rant about calling a writer "Toxic little Queen" pales in comparison with Paula's Deen and her brother saying the N word. and suggesting that her favorite catering idea is dressing their black waiter like the slaves from the south and even her ignorant brother Bubba saying that the President himself should wallow in mud because he is not black enough. I'm sorry but those are BLATANT racism and thank God those companies cancelled their contracts on her. Her action is pure DESPICABLE AND PEOPLE WHO ARE DEFENDING HER IS AS EQUALLY DESPICABLE, UNMORALISTIC CREATURE.

459 days ago


How come Chris Rock isn't on the list for his video "Cracker"? It's very racist.

459 days ago
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