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Our Racist Houseguests

7/2/2013 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The honchos at CBS tell TMZ ... they were certainly OFFENDED by several racist and homophobic comments made by the current "Big Brother" houseguests ... but hey, that's live programming for ya.

The houseguests have been under fire from what appears to be the ENTIRE INTERNET over the following comments:

-- GinaMarie referred to welfare as “n**ger insurance”
-- Aaryn called gay contestant Andy a "queer."
-- Spencer referred to Andy as “Kermit the F**" ... and praised Hitler as a gifted speaker.

CBS has released a statement to TMZ ... saying, "We certainly find the statements made by several of the Houseguests on the live Internet feed to be offensive."

However, The Eye points out that 24/7 live programming can sometimes reveal some bad things about people ... saying, "At times, the Houseguests reveal prejudices and other beliefs that we do not condone."

There have been rumors that Big Brother will be 86ing some of the offensive cast members -- but it certainly doesn't appear that's gonna happen.


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Like they didn't encourage everyone to be as outrageous -- err, 'as lively', as possible knowing full well that at some point at least one of these losers would shame themselves even more than they already have by agreeing to be shameless on a 'reality' TV show. No action beyond boilerplate PR releases about how naughty these little losers are until sponsors start threatening to take their $$$ elsewhere. And next season, CBS will do the exact same thing all over again.

394 days ago


Once again TMZ is 24 hours behind.

394 days ago


I will be surprised if any of the offenders (I'm looking at you Spencer, Jeremy, GinaMarie, Aryan, David and Amanda!) actually have jobs or any prospects for new jobs after they get out of the house. The reality is, you can't say stuff like they have said - in such a public setting (under a microscope) and not expect severe consequences. That's the world we live in now.

394 days ago


Who are the sponsors of CBS Big Brother? CBS may not want to do anything about it other than provide the vehicle for racist hate language but we CAN do something about it as consumers.

394 days ago

Keyser Söze    

Alright... here's a rundown, taken from various sites, of some of the comments we're talking about, for all the ignorant people who are taking this whole thing so lightly (you'll notice very quickly we're not just talking about black folks here...) Remember, none of them are made up:

+ GinaMarie said that, because of her income level, she receives “n*gger insurance” (she whispered the n-word, so it’s possible she said the version that ends with “a”). She whispered it to both Nick and Andy, neither of whom challenged her.
+ GinaMarie said Helen, who’s Asian, “should be kissing our ass and serving us some f*cking rice.”
+ Aaryn said of Andy, “No one’s gonna vote for whoever that qu*er puts up.” She also suggested he’d win MVP because “people love the qu*ers.”
+ Aaryn said about Candice, who’s black, “be careful what you say in the dark; you might not be able to see that b*tch.” (A month ago, Aaryn tweeted, “Attractiveness comes from inside. What would you look like if your looks mirrored your words and actions?” So much irony...)
+ GinaMarie said Candice “gets that f*ckin’ blackness,” referring to Candice’s reaction to something that happened in the game.
+ Aaryn said of Helen, “Shut up. Go make some f*cking rice.”
+ Talking about sheets that smelled bad, David said they were that way because “black Candice” was on them, and then admitted, “that was totally racist.”
+ Jeremy, who calls the house’s women “b*tches,” said of Katilin, “I did touch her vagina today.. she didn’t act like she was happy.. I like to feel around see what’s she’s working with.. see if it’s a nice meat wallet … I know she’s on her period.”
+ Spencer called Andy “Kermit the f*g”; Amanda called Andy “F*ggoty Ann” (McCrae later called her out for that language, but she defended it).
+ Spencer said that the medical torture conducted by Nazi doctors was beneficial and praised Hitler’s speaking abilities, even while acknowledging that he’d be criticized for that.
+ Spencer referred to women as “c*nts.”
+ GinaMarie said, “you know two blacks stick together. They’re like tokens.”
+ Aary, about Candice "I want to put a washcloth over her face and pour water over it"
+ Katilin said she likes gay people but they’re “untrustworthy in a game like this.”
+ Spencer, calling Helen Kim Jong Un
+ Aaryn, about Helen "she is the first Asian I know that doesn't do nails"

... And the show technically started a week ago.
Now, I'm all for freedom of speech and all(although hate speech and freedom of speech are two very different things...), but... damn. That's a WHOLE LOT of ignorant comments right there. How the f*ck could anyone be cool about this, I have no idea, but, whether you are or not, it certainly would be a great indicator of your overall character.

At the very least, some of you may now fully realize how much of a sh*tbag they truly are...

394 days ago


Simple. Boycott the show. Let the ratings dip and the ad $$$ revenue slide and these azz pimples will be off the show quicker than Ryan Seacrest can scan a mirror!!

394 days ago


Hey y'all, I should be in that house! I'd fit right in.

I is what I is, a racist.

394 days ago


CBS is not all that offended. If they were really on board, they would have far more minorities than these single tokens. It is so blatant, the 1 per Rule, it is laughable if it was not so insulting. Thats why I am not watching when I saw the guests. Now I KNOW I will bypass.

394 days ago


racist people will always use it they hate, thats what they do. what im trippin off of did they try to change the meaning of cracker-what the- liberals are so full of s..t. saltine crackers thats what it means., because white people are dull and bland and white.not the crack of a whip. its a racist term why would black people make a racist term thats mean towards them .come onnn

394 days ago


It'll come back to bite 'em in the a$$--and I mean the houseguests. That's the way the show is supposed to work. They don't have to be loveable. They're partly representative of the general public; especially the young, stupid, immature portion. What are the odds ANY of them would win MVP?
Let the chips fall...

394 days ago


the welfare thing was funny cause its true...funny how gays speak of acceptance and equality but when you refer to the Bible and politely disagree with gay marrage and the lifestyle the gays show you what a hypocrite is all about....gays can have an opinion but straight people cant....thats a crock of chit....i think gayness is immoral and just nasty...there is a reason why God wont let em breed

394 days ago


That little girl from Texas is the worst out of the bunch of them, imho. Then Spencer, Gina Marie, and to a lesser degree Jeremy, & Kaitlyn.

394 days ago


It sounds no different than the comments, that people post on TMZ!

394 days ago


"Reality" television finally gets real and they want to stop it? Idiots!

394 days ago



394 days ago
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