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1st Overall NBA Draft Pick

Non-Hockey Player

Gets HUGE Canadian Honor

7/2/2013 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Canadian native Anthony Bennett -- the first Canadian EVER to get picked first in the NBA draft -- has just received an even greater honor ... THE KEY TO HIS CANADIAN HOMETOWN!!!

The mayor of Brampton in Ontario released a statement today, saying she presented Bennett -- who was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers last week -- with the key on Canada Day yesterday ... in honor of his incredible non-hockey achievements.

For our Canadian readers: basketball is a game in which two teams vie to shoot a ball through their opponent's hoop. No actual baskets are involved, and players tend to retain most of their teeth.

The mayor added, “All of Brampton wishes Anthony the very best with the Cleveland Cavaliers and we look forward to cheering him on during the NBA season.”

That is, as soon as they figure out what the NBA actually is ... and no, the Raptors don't count.

Take it away, Kyle's mom!

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typical americans... just blurting things out before they know anything about the topic! this article makes me want to stick to reading only perezhilton because at least the writers don't hate on us so much over there

477 days ago

Canadian Girl    

To all the staff and writer at TMZ, please do your research first before embrassing yourself.

477 days ago


Fumbled pass on that one, TMZ idiot reporters! Not only is TMZ now schooled on "where" basketball originated (Canada), or the fact that other great Canadian's like Nash have been mega-starts within the NBA.

The jab at Canadian's was a piss poor effort of non-researched poorly placed comments, and it has turned into an obvious blemish as a TMZ reporter fk-up.

Really sad part is TMZ doesn't even have the respect to do a follow-up piece on the fact that TMZ reported without researching their facts first. You owe Canadian's an ON-AIR apology - no two ways about it.

This article was a great example of TMZ's incompetency in journalism. Is Harvey deliberately trying to kill the Canadian fan-base for TMZ?

Hope many readers/viewers take your pissy attitude towards Canadians to heart and boycott TMZ on TV and TMZ tours. Better yet, I hope your TMZ tour bus is booked by two dozen rowdy, beer drinking Canadian's that trash the unit before it makes it around the block.

TMZ-who? Changing the channel from now on - asses! Show =some= respect for your viewers - apologize on air!

477 days ago


Another classic, uneducated post by TMZ. Almost the majority of their posts are insinuations of situations. It's boarderline bullying with a great deal of their posts about their opinions of the celebrity culture, and even release weasel words to grasp their readers. Harvey Levin is legitimately like the David Garlitz of tabloids.

477 days ago


LOL... typical Americans... think they own everything! What you're good at is "pre-emptive strikes", preaching "democracy" while not practicing, lie to your own people & target the ones who reveal the truth etc...

477 days ago

proud Canadian    

It's ridiculous that TMZ can write this kind of crap, and not have to answer for it!!!
If you guys don't have your facts straight maybe get out of the business!!
I guess it's true what they say about American mentality!!!

477 days ago


I echo the comment that a Canadian invented Basketball so TMZ that was a horrible fail on your part. What really made me mad though was the unfunny jabs about Canada THE DAY AFTER CANADA DAY! I don't think you'd like it if someone trashed America on July 4th. I kinda feel Canadians need an apology for the disrespect as I think a lot of Canadians feel this article was a bit rude, inaccurate and mean.

477 days ago

Canada #1    

Dear TMZ, I realize you probably are not the brightest people because you gig in life is to follow people around and take their picture. You are very good at that. However, your writer needs to forget the cheap shots. Basketball was invented due to Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian, at Syracuse University. Now if the writer would like to learn about hockey I would gladly enjoy showing them how to play hockey, including a stick to his chicklets to get the full experience.

477 days ago


Who do you think invented basketball??? Canadians!!!

476 days ago
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