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Charlie to Brooke:

I'm Gonna Cut You Off!

7/3/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The gravy train is about to come to a screeching halt in the child support department ... at least if Charlie Sheen has his way with Brooke Mueller.

TMZ has learned ... Charlie filed legal docs this week ... asking a judge to cancel his obligation to pay Brooke $55k a month in child support. 

Sources close to Charlie tell TMZ ... he thinks it's absurd he should pay her anything while she's in rehab, because she doesn't have the kids -- they're with Denise Richards.

Charlie believes Brooke is using almost all the money for her rehab -- something he doesn't want to pay for.  Charlie has paid for several of Brooke's rehab stints before, and he doesn't think he owes her that obligation any longer.

Now get this ... we've learned Charlie has offered to up Denise's child support while she cares for Bob and Max, but Denise has refused the money. 

One final thing.  It's feeling like there's some bad blood here.  We've learned Denise recently brought the twins by the set of "Anger Management" to see Charlie at work.  You may recall ... last XMAS Brooke went nuclear when she heard Denise planned to take her kids by the set, and Denise backed off.

When mom's away ... the kids will play -- and dad won't pay.



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Good for Charlie Sheen! And if the Court allows it on a temporary basis good for them! If and when she is allowed child support again, it should be with an Executor who releases the funds. She should have zero access.

443 days ago


$55K a month and he's a deadbeat dad? In what world are you people living? He's working long hours so he can't have them with him, so having Denise care for them is a good idea and they are with their sisters. Brooke doesn't want help and taking away the money is a good idea.

443 days ago


Stupid crack wh0R3 doesnt deserve a cent anymore! It would be different if she was taking care of the kids.

443 days ago


Charlie, is not obligated to pay her child support when she does Not have the children with her.

443 days ago


That Denise Richards is one helluva woman.

443 days ago


The best Charlie could cut off would be his head.

443 days ago


$55K a month?! That's a little less than I make a year. Even for two kids, that's a lot of money. That's more than half a million a year. The average middle income families with 2+ kids, mortgage, car payments, bills, etc... don't make close to that, yet they can manage just fine. Some people are just too privileged. And I completely believe that Mueller is using those funds for her benefit as well. She doesn't even have to work anymore with that much cash. Takes away from "child support". Should be called "ex support...and make sure to take care of the kids while you spend my money." I need a sugar momma. lol

443 days ago


how about Lindsay Lohan have the kids,she has always benn pretty stable and reliable. LOL i could not care less about spoiled hollywood celebs. I do look up to the ones who care about helping others less fortunate,like Jeff Bridges.

443 days ago


dude regardless of what u think about her, they are ur kids and for that alone u need to pay.. man up u schmuck

443 days ago


seems like it wouldn't be hard to set up an account for the money, and hire an advisor to administer the funds for school fees, clothes, etc etc. Even for payments on Brook's mortgage, because assuming she gets clean and gets the kids again, they'll need to have a home. But the money certainly shouldn't be in the hands of a person in rehab. Of course, that's if either of them cares about the kids and puts them first....which is questionable.
I've said it before but who ever thought Denise Richards would end up looking like the best mom on earth? She used to be kinda screwed up too, now she seems to be the best thing those kids have going for them.

443 days ago


People are hating Brook Muller for getting help with her addiction problem, and supporting Charlie Sheen for Abandoning his children so he does not have to give up his Addiction Problems?

443 days ago


He will be denied by the judge. It might be modified, but until she loses all chances at custody the support will stay.

443 days ago


Kudos to Denise for thinking of the kids, not the dough. To those who say Charlie doesn't raise his kids, at least he knows his limitations and can, AND HAS, proven his willingness to take care of his responsibilities.

443 days ago


there is no way she needs $55,000 a month for kids

443 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Whats got to be cut off is your Dinger Charlie- Yoe live with your head up your A-hole anyway- Nothing but a DISGUSTING, SELF-SERVING,EGOTISTICAL S-HEAD!!!

443 days ago
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