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Jermaine Jackson

Paris Jackson Needs


7/3/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson does NOT respect authority ... so says her uncle Jermaine Jackson ... who insinuated that P's cutting incident was an overreaction to being told she couldn't go to a concert.

TMZ broke the story ... Paris was hospitalized last month for slicing her arm with a meat cleaver ... after she became upset at being told she was not allowed to attend a Marilyn Manson concert.

Sources say Paris'  issues stem from her father's death -- which she's had a very hard time dealing with ever since he passed in 2009.

But when we ran into Jermaine in Calabasas yesterday, he told us ... issues be damned, Paris still needs to learn she can't always do whatever she wants.

"[Paris] has to learn there are certain guidelines when you grow up being a teenager," Jermaine said ... "There are rules."

But Jermaine isn't just pointing the finger at Paris ... suggesting P's guardians are to blame -- "I just think that ... things could have been enforced a little stronger."

Jermaine never named names ... so it's unclear if his issues are with T.J., Katherine, or Michael himself.


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I have several reactions. Clearly, Jermaine shouldn't have responded to the question and his comment displays a lack of interest and true concern for Paris. But to be fair, what he said in the video is much more mild than what TMZ wrote. The comment about guidelines is obviously valid generally and he did acknowledge that more consistency was needed. But, it isn't just discipline that she needs. Paris is living in an environment of extreme contradictions with a beloved seemingly saintly grandmother who applies inconsistent limits, and probably little interaction and affection. I recall seeing Paris coming out of a local dept store 2 years ago. I was struck by a number of things. She was tall, adorable, dressed in her own unique style, smiling brightly, and looked at least 16 not 13. She was followed discretely by a body guard. But other than him, she was alone, shopping by herself on a late Saturday afternoon. My impression is that this happened a lot. In fact, the few times we've seen video or photos of KJ with Paris, I've noted that Paris reaches out affectionately to her and not the other way around.. Personally, I think what's happened with Paris, is the accumulation of a lot of factors including not fully grieving for Michael, emotional neglect, inconsistent limit setting with little actual affection, overexposure to social media, and a fractured sense of trust in her family following last summer. All that plus the current trial and Robson's accusations, just overwhelmed her even though she developed a pseudo mature demeanor. She needs a lot of help and I don!t see anyone in this group who seems prepared to step up.

442 days ago


Amazing isn't? Two dads killing themselves because their sons were "allegedly" molested.
No medical examination to confirm the crime just lies.
Why did they park their sons at Michael's house? What else money of course.

442 days ago


Teenagers DO act like azzholes too often, but evidently that is not the issue(s). I'm sure Micheal had nannies do everything.
Jermaine probably shouldn't speak about her at all.

442 days ago


Sorry rabids, guess who did not get to see the fireworks tonight!!!!

Well, well, there is a big enough fire burning in hell for the pedo, who would be really scared of the fireworks anyways!!!

441 days ago


Tabloid report on Michael Jackson 'FBI files' questioned

Los Angeles (CNN) -- A London tabloid declared Sunday that "secret FBI files" reveal Michael Jackson paid millions to silence dozens of boys he abused.

The story quickly echoed throughout global media, perhaps in part because of the trial of the Jackson family's wrongful death lawsuit against a concert promoter and the recent suicide attempt by Jackson's teenage daughter.

A website can enjoy a sharp spike in traffic -- which can translate into advertising revenue -- with a sensational headline.

But journalists and others who have closely followed the controversies and legal fights surrounding the pop star found the description by the Sunday People newspaper of the do***ents as being from FBI files to be questionable.

'Recycled tabloid reports'
Prince Jackson testifies against AEG
Paris: Michael said nanny 'lied a lot'
Compare Michael Jackson in 2001 to 2009

"None of this is new -- zero -- and there was no FBI involvement," said CNN Special Investigations reporter Drew Griffin. "It just sounds like recycled tabloid reports from 20 years ago."

Griffin saw and reported on the same material more than a decade ago as a local Los Angeles reporter.

"The bottom line is this stuff was not in the FBI files," said Tom Mesereau, the lawyer who successfully defended Jackson against child molestation charges in a lengthy trial in 2005. "The FBI closed the investigation. It sounds like a bunch of utter nonsense."

Journalist Diane Dimond, who is no defender of the pop icon, also attacked the Sunday People article.

"It is obvious the paper took this old story and proceeded to make it seem new by adding numbers to it -- 24 boys paid off $35 million by Michael Jackson," Dimond said. "The problem is there's no evidence to back up the claim that Jackson made that many payoffs."

Dimond's book "Be Careful Who You Love: Inside the Michael Jackson Case" details her coverage of allegations of improper relationships between Jackson and boys.

The tabloid report was published at a critical time for the Jackson family, as its wrongful death lawsuit against a concert promoter entered its 10th week and while Jackson's daughter, Paris, is being treated after a reported suicide attempt.

"The files will also dismay Jacko's kids, Prince, 16, Paris, 15, and 11-year-old Blanket, who have not yet come to terms with losing their father," the Sunday People story said.

Michael Jackson considered the British tabloids' use of "Jacko" to be a derogatory term.

Griffin, Dimond and Mesereau each point to Paul Barresi, a former porn actor who lost his private investigator's license for fabricating evidence, as the person who possessed the material published Sunday.

It included an audio recording of an interview done by Jim Mitteager, a reporter with the U.S.-based Globe tabloid, with a couple who worked as chefs at Jackson's Neverland Ranch. Mitteager left the tape to Baressi when he died of cancer in 1997.

"Paul Barresi made it no secret over the years that he had come into possession of the Mitteager tapes and that they included a long interview with Philip and Stella LeMarque, the former live-in couple at Neverland," Dimond said. "He discussed the tapes and their contents with me on several occasions."

Griffin said Barresi also gave him access to the material years ago. It included reports Barresi wrote when he worked for now-disgraced celebrity investigator Anthony Pellicano. Pellicano is serving a 15-year federal prison sentence for a wiretapping and racketeering convictions.

Porn star turned P.I.

"Since Barresi has fairly recently been stripped of his P.I.'s license, I can imagine that money has been tight for him," Dimond said. "My best guess is that the UK paper offered Mr. Barresi several thousand dollars for his copies of the old Pellicano files."

When CNN called Barresi on Tuesday to ask if he sold the materials to the newspaper, he responded: "I have no comment and that's all I have to say."

But before the question could be posed, he asked if the reporter wanted to know how many times he's had sex in a hammock. He explained it was a common question people ask because of his porn film career.

Barresi's films, with titles such as "Married Men with Men on the Side" and "Leather Bears and Smooth Chested Huskies," won him the X-Rated Critics' award for best "group grope scene" in 1985 and he was inducted into the GayVN's Hall of Fame in 2008.

Barresi, now 60, retired from the porn business to focus more on his investigative work, but court records suggest he was not as successful in that work.

He obtained a California private investigator's license in 2009, but lost it three years later. He signed a "stipulated settlement" with the state admitting that he faked a report about an ex-girlfriend's drug use to get her fired from her hospital job as a nurse in 2011.

Federal court records also show Barresi and his wife filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2010.

Tabloid stands by story

A Sunday People spokesman would not confirm that Barresi was the paper's source or if it paid for access, but he did stand by the story.

"Our article clearly states that we have seen copies of reports, phone transcripts and interviews carried out by an agent working for private investigator Anthony Pellicano who had been hired by Michael Jackson," Rupert Smith said in an e-mail to CNN. "The files were seized by the FBI when Pellicano was himself investigated in 2002. The do***ents then became part of the FBI's files on Jackson case numbers CADCE MJ-02463 and CR 01046."

In fact, the FBI released files it collected on Michael Jackson in December 2009, six months after his death. Most of them related to the federal agency's support of the California investigations of child molestation allegations against the entertainer.

Los Angeles Police, who were investigating child molestation allegations against Jackson, called the FBI's Los Angeles office in September 1993 to suggest the agency look into a "possible federal violation against Jackson concerning transportation of a minor across state lines for immoral purposes (Mann Act)", one do***ent said.

The Los Angeles County district attorney did not pursue criminal charges against Jackson, but the singer did reach a confidential financial settlement with the 1993 accuser, Jordan Chandler, and his father after they filed a lawsuit. Reports at the time said the Chandlers got between $16 million and $20 million from Jackson's insurance company.

The Chandler accusation became a key part of the prosecution's case when Jackson was tried and acquitted of molestation a decade later in Santa Barbara County, California.

Mesereau, who reviewed the 330 redacted pages released by the FBI, said the do***ents purported by the newspaper to have been included in the files were not there.

CNN also reviewed the files, which are still posted on the FBI website, and found none referring to other payoffs by Jackson. None of the file numbers matched those quoted by the newspaper.

"You can imagine what the prosecutor in Santa Barbara would have done with this information if they really had it," Mesereau said.

Phillip LeMarque did testify, telling the court that he once caught Jackson improperly touching then-child actor Macaulay Culkin while he worked as Jackson's self-described cook and "majordomo" for about 10 months in 1991.

Culkin, the second witness called in Jackson's defense, denied any improper touching by Jackson.

Jackson's guilt is 'inconsequential'

Barresi represented the LaMarques in an attempt to sell their story to tabloid media outlets, Mesereau said.

LeMarque admitted at the trial that he tried to make money from his story, even meeting with Barresi, who promised him $100,000 from the tabloid press, maybe more if the story were dirtier.

"He began to make the story more and more graphic as the price went up," Mesereau said, referring to Phillip LaMarque.

"Was it true that the broker told him the payoff might be higher if Mr. Jackson's hand was inside Culkin's pants?" Mesereau asked during cross examination.

"That's what he said," LeMarque said.

Barresi discussed his deal with the LaMarques in an interview for a PBS "Frontline" do***entary in 1994.

"My interest in helping them was that they promised me a percentage of what they made," Baressi said. "I was not on any kind of crusade to bring anyone to justice. Whether Michael was guilty or innocent at that point was inconsequential. My interest was strictly for the money, as was theirs, I might add."








441 days ago


It doesn't change the fact that Wacko & Jermaine
manipulated the kids, lied to concert promoters in Korea & Britain, refused to take care of their children's well being, & worshipped rich unethical people, and Paris isn't leaving the hospital.

Only in this world is it possible that Wacko escaped prison with Propofol lies, negligence of abused boys, taking Demerol because he loved Arnold Klein & Liz Taylor so much, mocking suicidal people by using the "SLITTING WRIST" phrase to describe his need to live with little boys, feeding junk food to cancer victims, paying off criminal families with millions, trying to hug a released murderer of 2 year old James Bulger, and accusing the police officers where he was arrested of assault/bullying, being a piece of crap, ugly, arrogant, difficult, needy, sycophantic, easily fooled, imbecilic, pitiful creepy plastic surgery freak & transvestite feminine innocent Caucasian-looking victim.
If he was so loving & understanding to kids, why didn't he allow his sons & younger siblings to "share beds" with Demerol/Propofol users such as himself?

441 days ago


Bull crap. Here are Paris problems.
Many times, she had nightmares that kids were laughing at her because her mother chose money and horses over her, she went running to MJ's room after waking up from those nightmares, and triggered MJ's alarm, MJ had the room locked with a "do not disturb" sign on. She felt totally abandoned when she knocked on the door and some other people's little boys opened the door naked and told her to go away!
She witnessed all the boys come and go from her daddy's bed with pron magazines on hand, but she was told never step into that room. She asked the Chef for juice and was given Jesus Juice and thus became alcoholic,
She saw her daddy cutting her nose but she was smart enough that would make her as ugly as her daddy so she cut her arms instead.
She heard her daddy threatening cancelling this and that when he could not get his way getting his "milk" so when she couldn't go to Marilyn Mansion Concert or similar things she couldn't get her way, she threatened to cut herself and "cancel" her life.
Then when Wade filed the molestation claim, her light bulb went up with the sound of the boys sex alarm. So she finally realized the kids were not just harassing her and the stories were true. She didn't know what to say next time when a kid would call her daddy a pedo in front of her face and she didn't want to wear those ugly masks again on the street.
What can she do???
Well, get some sympathy and hopefully she can still look pretty for those rabid fans!!!


What can she do???

Good question!!!

How about joining us for iPad! Give a ton of money to Wade with an apology. The world knows MJ was a diddler (70%), there is no way to fight that, what she needs to do is to accept the fact and be heroic to admit it and turn that around by helping the victims.

441 days ago


If we never protect abused kids like Jordan Chandler then we give gifts to drug abuse enablers and little criminal children and we damage ourselves with illegal sedatives/Demerol & hack off the part of our face that expresses a lot of character & emotions, we don't get little doves released to the sky from fangirls. We go to prison.

MJ clearly had a history of not thinking he
should bend down to rules of the "little ignorant people" and his sexual identity was confused to the point where he believed he did nothing wrong to his African look, face & health.
"I'm getting on stage and I'm sane. How dare you call
me a freak, liar & racist!? I love the children everywhere I go!"
"Children worship me and I'm paying attention to them. You parents don't care about your don't have all day with them... BOOOHOOOO, Bashir."

441 days ago


The bull all the haters come up with!
Why are the fans rapids but not the haters?

441 days ago


typo: rabids not rapids.

441 days ago


She doesn't need a spanking she needs someone to talk to and a therapist. It's not her fault shes like this. Plus shes still young. She shouldn't get beaten while shes already suffering. That inhumane. Yes it's ridiculous that she slits her wrist for that kind of reason but it is more to that like 21STCENT said.

441 days ago

Uncle Rufus    

I agreed with Chris Rock: "Ain't Jermaine the GREEEEZIEST MOTHER F***** YOU EVER SEEN? "I had to WIPE DOWN my TV set after he was on it!"

441 days ago






440 days ago
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