Flavor Flav Enough Fireworks to Blow Up a Small Country Update: SHUT DOWN

5:00 PM PT
-- It's a no go. Sources tell TMZ, cops just showed up to Flav's house and told him he'd be arrested if he set off a single firework. BUMMER. 

North Korea is so jealous right now ... just look at the MASSIVE stash of explosives Flavor Flav is planning to blow up today on his unsuspecting block in Vegas.

Flav tells TMZ, the arsenal is worth roughly $8,000, but he didn't have to pay a cent because he has a deal with the local firework company that supplied the mini-bombs. According to Flav, the company agreed to give him cash and a garage-full of fireworks in exchange for one commercial ... what a steal.

But Flav's not about to blast his neighborhood to kingdom come -- the rapper tells us, he learned his lesson from last year when he accidentally ignited a mega-explosion on his block ... and had some 'splainin' to do when the cops raced to the scene.

(FYI -- Flav got a stern talking to, but was never arrested or even cited last year).

But tonight, Flav insists he's going to be "responsible" with the fireworks ... and will try to make sure the show is a quick one, in an effort to not piss off his neighbors.