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Prince Jackson

Jiu Jitsu Badass

At Legendary Fight School

7/8/2013 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0703_Prince_jackson_launchPrince Jackson is one step closer to becoming a cold-blooded killing machine -- TMZ has learned, Michael Jackson's first born just earned his blue belt in Jiu Jitsu last week ... from one of the most famous martial arts schools in the world.

It's no small feat ... sources at the renowned Gracie Academy in Beverly Hills -- where the 16-year-old trains -- tell us, there are only 5 belts total in the Gracie belt hierarchy, and it takes a LONG time to move up in the ranks.

FYI, the Gracie family is Jiu Jitsu royalty -- and has trained scores of MMA stars like Brendan Schaub, Nate Diaz, Antoni Hardonk, Rani Yahya ... hell, even Tim Tebow.

As for the belts, blue is the second belt after white -- and in order to advance, we're told students must learn 34 different maneuvers (such as an arm bar, elevator sweep, and a guillotine) each with roughly 4 different techniques.

After blue comes purple, then brown, then black -- and to get to purple, we're told Prince will have to learn an additional 600 moves.

Better start practicing.

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Pedo Michael was so obsessed with turning little boys into sycophantic MJ worshippers in a children's hospital.
He couldn't bare to think about humiliating himself by not doing concerts for little boys.
Obviously, he could live without little boys after 2004, but he brainwashed Paris into believing that Neverland needed more children.
According to Jacko, all kids were sane & loving like him.
He had to stare at little boys in photos at his mirror and wanted to live in a $93 million home.
His ego couldn't deal with living as a "vagabond", so he used Propofol to escape his pedophilic desires.
At the concert & children's hospital, he would finally stare at a bunch of little boys, 5 years after not seeing any boys in his bedroom. With no brainwashed fanatics, he wouldn't have had a big house & money to pay Jermaine, Randy & Katherine.

Too bad he couldn't force Lisa Marie to have grandkids of pedophile father in law Elvis, and a pedophile murderer he tried to be friends with couldn't be there to watch his failed concert attempt, a la Whitney Houston and her Cocaine voice.

Look what happened to both their daughters. One almost killed herself with pills & severe knife wounds and the other girl is marrying a "designated son of Whitney Houston". Vile parents luckily escaped PRISON because no one believed it was important to prevent their kids from seeing their parents' dead bodies and suffering later & self-destructing in their own lives.
Their daughters believe they aren't really in big trouble. Paris butchered herself and says she didn't need that much counselling. Bobbi Kristine was kicked out of a neighbor's apartment building & insulted the neighbor even though she bothered them with noise disturbances.

439 days ago


Jacko didn't go to rehearsals for more than 2 weeks because he knew he looked like a corpse.

He was desperate to pay his leeching family & prove to the media that he wasn't a pedophile freak drug addict. He cried & begged Ortega to keep him onstage.
The pedophile was desperate to play Peter Pan again.
Karen Faye failed again at covering up his scarred face and Arnold Klein stuffed him with plastic & pumped him with Demerol but they made him look like a transvestite.
Karen was his bag lady for pain killer meds 20 years ago. No wonder she did nothing for him when he was dying. She was the secret keeper just like "friend Murray". Everyone was his best friend when they pretended he wasn't a criminal. Funny how the Jacksons & Elizabeth Taylor pretended that Jacko had no desire for drugs & boys.
He had the nerve to comfort Taj after he got molested by a pedo uncle; he was a pedo promoter all his life.
Who thought the masturbation "discussion" with a 13 year old boy in 1979 and a photo of him & his pubic area revealing 17 year old nephew T. J. were innocent?

439 days ago


The rabid haters calling me names,how easy it is for them,afterall they are always right.Even the experts don't know what they are saying,i am referring to all the doctors who testified at murray's trial.

438 days ago


"A metamorphosis"

A much different Jackson appeared at the next scheduled rehearsal on June 23. "It was miraculous," Ortega testified.

"I was overjoyed at his energy, his state of mind, his enthusiasm," he said. "He had a metamorphosis. It was pretty extraordinary."

Murray told investigators he stopped using propofol to induce Jackson's sleep for the two previous nights -- after 60 nights of it. Jackson lawyers contend that is why Jackson was revitalized.

Ortega said Jackson appeared to have gotten "real sleep, organic sleep."

A sleep expert testified last month that someone can recover quickly from heavy use of propofol, which interrupts the normal sleep cycles. All of the symptoms that Ortega saw in Jackson on June 19 suggested Jackson had been deprived of real sleep for weeks, the expert said.

Expert: Michael Jackson went 60 days without real sleep

Jurors watched a video of "Earth Song," the final song Jackson performed at the June 24 rehearsal -- his last. "I love this piece," Ortega said as he watched.

438 days ago


Pedo MJ didn't need to manipulate just one teen and disturbed doctor to be a criminal.
He subjected kids to a Pedo Pan incest photo and promoted pedophilia families & friends in prison.
Sicko Wacko Jacko proved he was "innocent" with the final Propofol injection, and we all know he knew how to inject himself. Vein scars & scars all over his buttocks were proof of the Jacksons' lies & fake innocence. They controlled Prince to lie that Wacko was pushed around by Randy Phillips, when that was proven deceptive. AEG & Randy Phillips were actually clueless about Propofol because no one ever injected Propofol to do concerts. Jacko would've continued abusing drugs until he died early, whether or not he humiliated himself in front of the media like Whitney Houston did.

No wonder they loved criminal transvestite pedo uncle MJ.
T. J. could sexually pose with a pubic picture next to MJ to
attract pedo fans. Unfortunately, the pedo's song failed to gain popularity, since millions of children were forced to see the horrific child porn photo and watch the creepy pedo place his leg on a nephew's thigh.

Who were they fooling? 17 year old T. J. was manipulated to look sexual next to "boy nudity loving" Jacko, Propofol-injecting, ugly mutilated transvestite. Pedo Pan was the favorite family idiot, so he was treated as an innocent, clueless media victim. Not even a sexual 17 year old nephew photo proved how evil Pedo Pan was. Pedo Pan lovers aren't bothered that Paris tried killing herself, despite his drug lies to the kids & neglect towards strangers' abused kids.

438 days ago

What I Think    

I suppose it is a good thing he is learning self defense. Fat dorks like him tend to get beat up a lot.

438 days ago


Whatever sofi, you can deny what you said. That only makes you a liar. And you are not the first or last rabid liar around.

One word of advice, don't trash talk us "haters", because you don't have the tools. I feel bad for you because you didn't seem to be a bad person but a little bit of simple mind and a lot of stupidity.
So I am going to ignore you for a little while, you are allowed to continue to be a spineless following liar whoring for a living (feel bad about calling you that, but hey that's what you are a lying whore!) But don't kill yourself, you will only hurt your kids who have already lost their mother mentally, you don't want to leave them all by themselves. physically. That's not point to sing " you are not alone" to them, once you are gone!

438 days ago


Really happy that the Wade's supporter page have grown so rapidly. rabids are trying their usual tactics, trying to force it off page book. No point rabids, another page will go up. You mimi mentality will just make you busy with your mouth, like here with Harvey, the pedo supporter.

Deleting our "hater"s' posts are a failure. We are not occupying TMZ literally. Where are the rabids. Umm if I'll ever find their rabid hole, I will certainly do a Justin Bieber, Pissing on it!!!!

438 days ago









438 days ago



438 days ago


Where was the paparrazzi when Pedo Pan needed their 911 call to save him from himself?
All the bodyguards & chefs couldn't save a conniving brainless psycopath.
No one could write a movie this pitiful & shameful.
In the end, there was no Jack the Ripper. Only plastic surgeons ripping his nose up & doctors shoving catheters & needles in his body.
He was so obsessed with injecting rubber in his nose, he couldn't get on stage.
There was no wrist slitting in the absence of children, as Wacko whined about happening. His daughter slit her wrist, though.
I'm sure she watched him mentioning wrist slitting twice to Bashir & Ed Bradley, the last claim was that he would kill himself instead of hurting & neglecting anyone's kid. Liar never could amaze himself with pure stupidity. Digging a hole everywhere for himself to die in.

Pedo Pan claimed that he saw disgusting nude gay men and was so drugged that he could've forgotten that he signed up for a 'charity video' that was produced by a porn director.
That's hilarious because he spent a long time with the porn producer and posing in videos with teen Aaron Carter. Aaron also woke up at Neverland with Pedo Pan staring at him at the bed, and Nick Carter wasn't even his bro Aaron's guardian. Nick said he felt uncomfortable & left Neverland without Aaron. Aaron wasn't Macaulay Culkin, who enjoyed travelling to the Bahamas with Wacko without his parents. Aaron & Mac were from dysfunctional families but Aaron knew Wacko was a liar..

Just a decade earlier, 17 year old T. J. removed his pants, showing his pubic area and posing sexually next to the mental midget Pedo Pan.
Why was Saint Katherine crying in resignation in court, instead of angrily yelling that Wacko did nothing wrong? AEG will have to pay $40 billion to reward the idiotic liars.

438 days ago


'In a series of photos, Michael and TJ, who was 17 at the time of the shoot, stand tightly together as TJ progressively loses more and more of his clothing to the point where he’s wearing just a pair of socks and undershorts, which he proceeds to pull down, exposing his pubic hair. “There was a stylist there, but the shoot was basically directed by Michael,” a source tells Star. “At one point, he began ripping up TJ’s shirt while he was still wearing it. The vibe was weird, but no one would say anything to Michael, that’s for sure.”'--------
Depraved pedophile was not only in love with boys, he was directing his nephew
in a sexual photo shoot with him & enjoying it..
Yet, he knew his other nephew was molested by another uncle.He believed his own lies. Did he give milk & cookies to T. J.? Good thing, none of these nephews gave him his "milk". Good riddance, boulder-nosed monster.


438 days ago


yeah, MJ was in perfect health. He was only mentally and physically challenged with insomnia, anxiety and paranoia despite of lupus, vitiligo and impotent for women.

MJ, the king of all pedos, was/is/will ever be the greatest fraud the world has come to see. Wade is the fraud buster. His supporters are truth speakers with lots of compassion, empathy and high standard of morals, and intelligence.

438 days ago


TMZ you should erase all this **** in the comments!! Ugly people when you write something bad about Michael you should think about his kids first of all, they are not guilty in anything!!! Just shut up your dirty mouthes !!!Prince is a wonderful educated child, very handsome and no metter who is his biological father the truth is that his real father is Michael Jackson and all of you, moral freaks, will never go where he gone!!!

434 days ago


TMZ you should erase all this **** in the comments!! Ugly people when you write something bad about Michael you should think about his kids first of all, they are not guilty in anything!!! Just shut up your dirty mouthes !!!Prince is a wonderful educated child, very handsome and no metter who is his biological father the truth is that his real father is Michael Jackson and all of you, moral freaks, will never go where he gone!!!

434 days ago
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