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'Big Brother'

Spencer's Mom Swears

My Son's Not a Bigot!

7/9/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Big Brother" star Spencer Clawson is not a Hitler-loving bigot -- he's just saying terrible things so his racist friends in the house will like him ... so says Spencer's mother.

TMZ spoke with Donna Clawson ... who insists her son wasn't showing his true colors when "BB" cameras caught him praising Hitler and referring to a gay housemate as "Kermit the f**."

"Spencer really is a great guy," she tells us ... "This is not a guy that’s a bigot or a racist. And he’s not that way at home. He's a great guy."

So why would Spencer say such horrible things? Mama Clawson says her son is just trying to fit in with the racist, homophobic people in the house ... because it's the only way he can win the reality show.

"If you're in a group, you go along with the group talk and that is what is happening with him."

She adds, "This is a reality show. The purpose of the show is scheming behind each other's backs."

"Spencer might not be perfect but he's my son. All those kids are somebody's child. He's a good guy."


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"every mother's son is PERFECT" ... sorry lady, your son is a racist and a bigot. he's a lump of ****z.

474 days ago


Only white people are Bigot!

474 days ago


Mom You need to face the facts YOU RAISED A RACIST BIGOT who will be unemployed when he walks out of that house.

474 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

The show had to do something to boost ratings and remain "relevant". So ... given the Paula Deen mess, and given the recent Supreme Court rulings, the producers chose hate language as the way to go. This whole show is as despicable as this guy is.

474 days ago


and i bet he smokes ciggies because the cool kids smoke, get real he is a slob and should be kicked off the show with half the cast

474 days ago


Bottom line, if you haven't seen the show or the internet live feeds, you can be easily misled. I've seen & periodically watch both when I have the time & when I don't there are flashback capabilities that allow you to see what you have missed. I can tell you that Spencer has Definitely made bigoted remarks away from & around the his like-minded roommates....none of which have to do with Hitler being a gifted speaker. TMZ has unfortunately put the focus on the wrong comment(s). I can't say that he's a raging racist but his remarks don't reflect this 'good guy' image his mother's throwing out. He's also extremely misogynistic....

474 days ago


My son is a good boy. It's those other kids who were the bad influence. Spencer is just a follower, you might say he's dimwitted. Now if he was in a church with good boys and girls he'd be a completely different person. Some people says he's a nutcase, but I'd prefer to think that maybe he has ADHD or that new disorder everyone is using to explain their kids maladaptive behavior, autistic.... yes, that's it. he's autistic.

474 days ago


There is an 11 minute video clip with most of the houseguests bigoted comments, including dear Spencers where he makes a remark then adds.. "Well, I guess that will go into my bigot reel".

474 days ago

Norma Desomd    

Spencer = bigot

Spencer's mom = idiot

474 days ago


Hitler WAS a gifted speaker. He mesmerized crowds of thousands with his speaking. How does stating that fact make someone a Nazi sympathizer?
We've been told over and over by the hippest of the hip and the coolest of the cool that f****t does not mean gay, that heterosexual people can be f****ts blah blah, but now this guy is being vilified because he used a word that millions and millions of young people do every day.
For some reason, ratings or whatever, Big Brother is creating this foolishness. They are going to ruin lives in the process.

474 days ago


Maybe Mom does not know her Son views and beliefs as well as she thinks she does.
You do not say things to fit in..NOT those kind of things.
He has made comments when he was not around the other RACIST people in the house..
Sorry. Her story does not fly with me.

474 days ago


Hey TMZ!! This message is for you!! Please stop focusing on the Hitler is a gifted speaker remark & check out this video clip! Includes most, not all, of the housemates bigoted comments, including Mr. 'Good Guy' Spencer who used remarks around & also AWAY from his like-minded cast mates. Please redirect the attention...

11 minute video clip with most of the bigoted remarks said by guests, including 'good guy' Spencer...

474 days ago


The only way out for him is to come out as gay at the reunion show, and have his partner be mud colored.

474 days ago


Sorry MOM
but your son is a racist and a woman hater as well!!
I can't even say HOW many times he's referred to females as `` C*nts!!
You and your hubby should be proud of Spencer
Hope his ass gets hung out to dry when he gets out of BB!!

473 days ago


Sorry lady your son is a grown man, not a 14 year old boy. He's responsible for what comes out of his own mouth.

473 days ago
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