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Brandi Glanville


and My Clothes are Falling Off!

7/9/2013 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0709_brandi_glanville_tipsy_photos_launchYou ever hit the bars so hard, you can't walk straight, you show everyone your ass, and your boobs fall out of your dress?

Yeah ... that happened to Brandi Glanville last night.

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star was stumbling around West Hollywood after what appeared to be a high-end bar crawl that started at The Abbey ... moved to Dan Tana's ... and ended at the London Hotel.

Good news -- it appears she took cabs everywhere.

Don't drink and drive kids.


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What a pig...

438 days ago


As usual, Brandi again proves she's nothing but trash. How nice for her sons to see their "mother of the year"

438 days ago


Old Hagg

438 days ago


I know shes a raging drunk, and apparently narcissistic for being on that Real Housewives crap, but DAYUM, she is SMOKING hot!

438 days ago


Why does she even bother wearing clothes? Just parade around in public nude, that seems like what she really wants to do. Hot mess.

438 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Hey Brandi - time to light that fuse between your legs and blow up that toxic box.
What does it say about a woman who loses her pants, lets her tampon string hang between her thighs, and tries to make out with her gay friend?
Oh, I know, it says she is tramp trash.

438 days ago


She needs to sign over her boys to her Ex and go to rehab, I feel sorry for them. She has passed up Pathetic and is way to Old to be clubbing. She will never get another Husband this way, hum I can see way he moved on.

438 days ago

Ben from Baltimore    

Somewhere LeAnn Rimes is smiling from ear to ear because Brandi has always picked on LeAnn. I wonder how Brandi will handle it now that the shoe's on the other foot? FYI-Brandi's book is titled "Drinking And Tweeting".

438 days ago

Anton Crowley    

I'd still hit that.

438 days ago


What a disgrace to classy 40-something women.

She looks like a drunk azz stinky mess.

438 days ago

Say Cheese    

No matter how much she drinks she's as dried up as her scabby knees and tampon string.

437 days ago


OK...I am so sick of these women/girls walking around the streets day and night in clothing that is so inappropriate. Boobs, butts, etc. hanging out. It is a shame we have to try and explain to a child who sees this, how wrong it is. I know some state/city was trying to ban the "saggy pants" guys wear and I say at least they have underwear on and you don't see actual body parts. Why aren't more people upset about the women???

436 days ago


I can see why Ed divorced this piece of trash now. Must have been hard to go out with this drunk slut all the time. My advice to her, go get some help (rehab) so in the end you can keep seeing your children. God forbid this woman actually find a man to marry. She's nothing but a drunken whore.

434 days ago


In the 2nd pic it appears she trying to eat that poor mans face. And despite the fact that she's naked & horny, he isn't the slightest bit interested. She ihas become the textbook definition of DESPERATE. And she's crazy mad jealous of anyone prettier or thinner than her, namely Joyce, her happily married gorgeous & classy RHOBH castmate & former Miss Puerto Rico. It's clear Brandi took one look at the Lovely Latina & went for Joyce's throat & wouldn't stop. The saddest part, besides what Brandi's children must endure, is that the supposedly classy ladies of RHOBH like Lisa & the swedish blonde who's name I don't recall, defend Brandi's crude racist & vulgar remarks. Brandi is dragging them into the sewer with her....

255 days ago

Valerie Beverly    

Brandi a drunken mess NAHHHHHHHHH thats all she is and she knows it thats why she stays drunk she doesnt want to face reality. I feel sorry for her children and dont know why her ex hasnt taken those kids from her. I'm sorry but its really hard not to judge her. Shes just a nasty mess

238 days ago
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