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Sherri Shepherd


About Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaving 'The View'

7/11/2013 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They may not have always gotten along ... sometimes they may have hated each other ... but Sherri Shepherd says she's really gonna miss her friend Elisabeth Hasselbeck on "The View."

Shepherd was at LAX, where she had just arrived from shooting a movie with Chris Rock -- when she told us she was "really depressed" that she wasn't at "The View" for Hasselbeck's big announcement.

Sherri says she's excited to work with Liz's possible replacement, Jenny McCarthy -- who will undoubtedly "cause some stuff" on the show -- but explains, "I've been with Elisabeth for almost eight years ..."

As we previously reported, Liz is heading over to Fox News. Jenny hasn't been confirmed as her replacement ... but judging from Sherri's reaction, it sounds like the deal is just about locked up.


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i thought Jenny was replacing Joy Bayfart

469 days ago


This PIG should have been fired from the view in her first year.I sat and watched this PIG state on that show that she raised her kids,Not to trust any white people.

469 days ago


Correction, Sherri & Elizabeth ALWAYS got along on the show. They're practically best friends. It's Joy who didn't always get along with Elizabeth.

469 days ago


boo-f@#$%^!-hoo, she already left the show, the world didn't stop, the sun is still shining, get a grip and deal with your "depression"

469 days ago


of course she's depressed, hasselbeck was the only person she could feel mentally superior to on the show.

469 days ago


I like Jenny... as long as she has stopped talking and using Jim Carey's mannerisms. That was annoying.

469 days ago


Be careful Sherri. You aint suppose to talk too much about "thangs" on the View. Look what happened to Star Jones. Anyway, you are the only one that's gonna miss that annoying child. Good riddance!

469 days ago

Donka Do Ball    

Mmm. Interracial lesbians.

469 days ago


Too bad they cant get rid of Shepherd too, she's supremely annoying. All she talks about is her mentally challenged son and her stupid husband and she's not the least bit funny.

469 days ago


Sherri leaks more good info than any ex NSA agent. She goofed on the Wendy Williams show and let out Elisabitch was leaving and then recanted and now Jenny McCarthy, which McCarthy replacing Hasselhore is HEAVEN. Thank ya Jesus. LOL

469 days ago


Sister needs to learn how to count because according to iMDB she's been on The View since 2008.

469 days ago


barbara-over the hill plastic surgery face. Always talks about herselr.
Joy-clever and funny but always worried about how she comes off
Sherri- please take her off. Useless talk about sex and her family
Whoopi-should be given the show with a couple of SMART women not just concerned with image.
Elizabeth-glad to have the annoying shrieker gone. Always checking herself on the screen to see how she looks. Fox deserves her.

469 days ago

Specimen Yarp    

These people proved on the show that they don't even know that the Earth is round. People this stupid should not be making that much money.

469 days ago


" Liz " really??? Awwww , since when she is " Liz "? Sherri Shepherd is probably concerned because they are getting rid of the other dumb gal, so she needs to be more careful now...

469 days ago


I stopped watching the view a long time ago since I'm only 23 I'm not really at the age to watch old ladies talk all day. But honestly, Jenny McCarthy is utter crap, she backed a fraud scientist, one who had is work debunked, cause numerous people to believe that phony crap about autism and vaccinations and the damage is done, to this day she still believes it, and so do countless others, why? BECAUSE they are all idiots who can't even do the most basic of research for themselves, do we need people like this on TV propagating more lies, making so Chicken Pox, Measles, and Mumps come back? I didn't have any of those growing up and neither did my friends, we were vaccinated, there's no correlation between vaccinations and autism in children, but yet because of her dumb ass people believe it just terrible.

468 days ago

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