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Kris Jenner



7/15/2013 7:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


Kris Jenner
pulled out the big guns for her talk show premiere -- 'cause Kim Kardashian's baby North West will make its debut ... is what she wants you to believe -- BUT TMZ KNOWS IT'S NOT!

Kris' show posted a photo on Twitter and Facebook ... of herself cuddling an infant, with the message ... "You never know who will stop by our show today #WatchKris".

This would be the first public shot of North since her birth -- but we smelled a rat.  And guess what?  After some digging we found out the baby is owned by a hair and makeup person on the set.

Kanye West and Kim have been pretty clear about NOT wanting their baby in the spotlight.



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Desperation is so unattractive Kris.

428 days ago


she has whored out her kids, why stop at at her grand kids

428 days ago


So, are we going to all of a sudden get a sighting of Kimmykakes today before the show airs?
Meh, people are getting wise to her attention tricks which are sorely lacking in the surprise department. BTW, TMZ, I don't buy this crap with your 360... turn on the Karstoogians. You were sold this piece so that you look like you aren't playing favorites, nice try, we aren't buying that ploy either.

428 days ago


I bet the baby looks like Kanye and thats why they're taking so long to reveal her. Or maybe they're waiting for the princess to pop so they can steal her thunder again.

428 days ago


that's not going to help her ratings

428 days ago


what a cbag. shes so lame!!!

428 days ago


Ok I'm in a beotchy mood today so I'm going to take the side of ho-momma in this serious and earth ****tering debate. Kris made Kim famous which is what Kim wanted. The family was broke. Bruce couldn't support this stable of expensive taste mares, the colt-mares (and one sorry stallion colt) could not work and support themselves because they have no education, no talent, and it's doubtful they could operate a Mckie Ds' cash register with pics of food choices. Kris-BROOD MARE--had to come up with a way to support the biggest group of worthless children ever born. And she did. They went from no MONEY to being millionaires. Do we like HOW she did it? No morales, anything goes including releasing one of the mare-colt's sex tape, and airing ALL laundry for ALL to see. God no. Most hate it. But her group of colts loved their MONEY and success and mom. One mare-colt allowed her pregnancies, births, and resulting children to be filmed for the family good and MONEY. Now the most popular of the mare colts has a child and this child is MORE SPECIAL than the other grandcolts who are seen all the time in and out of the stable. This more special girl-grandcolt will be seen eventually by someone unless CON yea wraps her in hijab so why wouldn't the head BROOD MARE who put together the most successful rags to riches story involving the most un talented group of human beings on the planet--the stallion colt likes socks, has a successful SOCK line!! This moron can't walk and chew gum at the same time, HE didn't come up with this idea--and now this head brood MARE who even came up with a way for the moron stallion-colt to earn money, can't reap the benefits--MONEY--of the MORE SPECIAL grand-colt born into this fun family. Again, Southeast will be seen at some time!! To sum up, Kim owes Kris. They all do, even poor brow beaten down Bruce who is reminded daily that HE couldn't support these losers but hey I doubt there is a prenup so chin up Bruce, you get half of all that Kris, head BROOD MARE, has put together....

428 days ago


Who gives a crap what she has to say?

428 days ago


All I can say is that this family is just plain crazy. Cannot believe that a mother and grandmother would act the way that she does. All boils down to $$$$$$$

428 days ago

Barbara Ball    

This woman is a fame whore. Imagine thinking you and your no talent family members are so important that we just can't wait to see the baby. I wish all of them would hide themselves . Cannot stand any of them.

428 days ago


Who cares. No one will watch this show

428 days ago


i've babbled all along they will unveil north west right after the royal Cambridge baby is delivered. I don't give a **** what the cousin of Southwest looks like nor do I give a **** about the heinous family she was born to. Go away kartrashians...

428 days ago


The 7 Dangers Of Human Virtue (Per Mohandas K. Gandhi):
1. Wealth without work.
2. Pleasure without conscience.
3. Knowledge witout character.
4. Business without ethics.
5. Science without humanity.
6. Religion without sacrifice.
7. Politics without principle.
Except for #3 (The KarTRASHians have NO 'knowledge' to speak of), and #5 (they know NOTHING of science), these are, instead, the 'rules' by which Kris Jenner & her repulsive spawn live their lives. Disgusting.

428 days ago


I'd gladly give my left nut if it meant I NEVER had to see another story about anyone from this horrible family from any media outlet EVER AGAIN!

428 days ago


Fake seems to be word of the day (every day) when it comes to anything this woman or her brood touch.

428 days ago
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