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Emma Roberts

Busted for Domestic Violence

With Famous Boyfriend

7/16/2013 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Emma Roberts was arrested for a domestic violence incident in Canada -- after allegedly bloodying her boyfriend, Evan Peters ... TMZ has learned.

22-year-old Emma -- Eric Roberts' daughter and Julia Roberts' niece -- was taken into custody early July 7 in Montreal after getting in an altercation with Peters ... who stars in "American Horror Story."

According to Montreal law enforcement sources ... someone called police to report a fight in Evan and Emma's hotel room.

We're told when cops arrived ... they observed Evan with a bloody nose.  Emma was immediately arrested.  One law enforcement source tells us Evan also had a bite mark.

Emma was released hours later because 26-year-old Evan did not want to press charges.

Sources close to Emma tell TMZ ... Emma and Evan were hitting each other and she was arrested because he had obvious physical injuries. The sources deny Emma bit Evan.

Our sources also say the couple -- last seen in public at the "The Lone Ranger" premiere (above) -- is back together and both are working on "American Horror Story."



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She looks like the Overly Attached Girlfriend.

460 days ago

BB not bb    

I looks kind of stupid If you are with a man who angers you that much, it is better to just dump him. He probably gets under her skin and tries to make her feel stupid. i don't know why he let her get arrested either. That was not very gentelmanly.

I have a feeling that this is not a good relationship. She probably expects more from him than he is capable of. Some men are passive aggressive, and since they are men, it makes women feel like beating them up.

Then the man, either turned on by it, or just wanting to play the victim, gets off on making the woman look like the bad guy. Mental abuse can be torture.

He should have told the police that he would not be pressing charges on the spot. I think he is a kind of bully, even if she won the fight.

460 days ago

BB not bb    

He looks like one of those guys who plays dumb and innocent and tries to annoy the hell out of women. He probably has gay sex on the side. I don't trust this guy. He is annoying looking.

460 days ago


something you'll never hear:
omg, white people are so violent! -outraged white citizen.

460 days ago

Shawn Tuttle    

Why do this? And they r back together? Hey guess what ummmmmm the relationship won't work! When u have issues as a couple like this, it is time to move on.

460 days ago


He didn't press charges?What a *****!

460 days ago


Hollywood is such a trashy, nasty place. Just scroll down the TMZ news and look at it! SAD!!

460 days ago


Pics or it didn't happen

460 days ago


If that was a regular family without being in the public eye.....she would have been arrested...facing charges, going to court, and being on probation. Do they all get away with it?

460 days ago

BB not bb    

Look at the size of his arms and his chest compared to hers. He couldn't free himself from her or stop her? I think he provoked it so that she would get arrested. I think he is probably trying to control her through some weird mind game manipulation.

He doesn't look very nice. He could be a sociopath. She looks very nice, so he probably can annoy her a lot.

Men are more full of themselves obnoxious now than ever.

460 days ago


Surprised she wasn't charged. In most places in Canada it doesn't matter if the victim wants to press charges or not, in cases of domestic violence charges are almost always laid. Of course Quebec has always been a bit different than the rest of Canada, so who knows.

460 days ago


Time to end the relationship.

460 days ago


Certaio stories follow Eric Roberts around. Possible domestic abuse, making (let's say) other friends despite the marriage. Having a mom that puts up with other "friends" can cause built up jealousy & rage in a child from that type of marriage , especially the females. The idea being the child believes -if he doesn't value mom then he doesn't value me.- If you doubt this look up the "Cadet Murder Case" Diane Zamora (story has it) came from that type of background & she wound up convicted in the slaying of her "love rival" who police believe never spent time with Zamora's b/f to start with. The "other friends" & any domestic violence in the home grouwing up ... you can see how this could happen.

460 days ago


Hasn't her father had repeated problems in this area in the past? I always thought sons of abusive fathers grow up to be abusers, while daughters of abusive fathers often grow up to be abused. I'm not sure whether I should feel encouraged or sad to discover that there's no gender bias in this trait after all.

460 days ago

Julio Robles    

BAHAHAHAHAH I am so sorry but Emma is the cutest girl ever this is just hilarious

460 days ago
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