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Lindsay Lohan to Oprah

$2 Mil For My Thoughts!

7/16/2013 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
's guts don't come cheap, because we found out she's spilling them to Oprah at a cost of around $2 million.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us ... The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) has been negotiating with Lindsay for 4 months.  The plan -- an 8-part docu-series about Lindsay's struggles, her career and her plans for the future -- but we're guessing it's mostly about her struggles.

It's a better deal for Lindsay than just taking her top off.  For that ... Playboy paid her a measly $1 mil.

Ironically ... Lindsay's latest rehab stint may have scored her more cash, because of the drama and interest created around almost going to jail, firing her lawyer, going to Betty Ford, bailing from Betty Ford ... and on and on. 

Sources tell us ... Lindsay actually signed the deal at Betty Ford.

Lindsay got some perks from Oprah as well -- as in TWO fully-paid assistants and a stylist.

Substance abuse can pay handsomely -- Who knew?

Hey, we interviewed Lindsay for free -- check it out!



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the one redeeming thing about this is that Lindsay has no self-control or professionalism...she will be drinking from her 'water' bottle, chain smoking the cigs and throwing tantrums which will hopefully not be edited out, or she will just collect a check and not show up

464 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Betty Ford was a great success haha .

464 days ago


Don't worry she will go on the oprha show and do what all addicts do. Say what needs to be said to make every one think she is all better. Then with any luck the talentless actress will go home and OD. Why is it these hollywood types get a pass on behavior that would get us locked up for a long time. Only in california can this happen. That state couldn't lock up a criminal with help.

464 days ago


Jerry Springer > Oprah Jerry.

464 days ago


We hear about all her crap daily, who watches the OWN network anyway. I am glad we don't get that channel where I live. O has the money to throw away, and that is just what she is doing. Don't pay Lilo, just send the check to the IRS.

464 days ago


You know the old saying "a penny for your thoughts"? I wouldn't give that for Lohan's thoughts. Oprah is a fool.

464 days ago


Oprah did not get to where she is by being stupid. This may bite her in the ass but Oprah can afford to lose 2 million. This is just another show to the OWN network. It is not going to make or break Oprah or her network. This is business-maybe not the best business decision Oprah has made but the woman knows what she is doing-if Squeaky ****s up and we know she will- then that is even better publicity for Oprah.

464 days ago


This isn't enabling her??

464 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Lindsay has thoughts? What thoughts?

464 days ago


You know What I Wish ? .......................................
That they (the sources) could come up with a better number then 2 million dollars Or 1 million dollars like last big rehab story.......They never change you can tell just how big the Bullshyt Spin is going to be by the amount of money they claim she is going get.......sooo if the "1 million" dollars she was suppose to have gotten from playboy really worked out to be a little over 250000 before tax's then this "2 Million" figure with be not much more.....cause in LALA Land everything is a MILLION dollars.....LOLOLOLOL .......................
This is part and parcel of the Big Lohan Inc Comeback Campaign ...wait to about two weeks before her release then announce some BIG AS(ed deal and ride it into every media outlet they can....go on TV do interviews and she will do her usual//// " I've really really learned my lesson this time" and " I have grow so much" ...and " I had a lot of growing up to do"...etc etc etc then if they are lucky she will hold it together for then next few weeks before she can't gets caught in some back ally wishing a friend Happy Birthday.....

You know this just shows how damn desperate Oprah is to save her failing network...cause Lohan Inc is like a Hyena pack they only go after the victims that are hurt and weak and are about to die anyway....Just like the producer of Liz and Dick...and the Canyons guys ....Anyway...if it gets made which I doubt at least in the 8 episode format it will be dropped for poor rating cause nobody wants to watch a Lying Whore tell more lies and pretend to be sorry for her past action....she just ain't that good of a actress......

464 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

I would LOVE to see the contract.

464 days ago


Bamove Oprah, think most folks are not interested in her thoughts......I'm surely not and would not waste the time to sit and watch it.......What were you thinking Oprah.....

464 days ago


Her thoughts are not even worth two cents because she sprouts nothing but lies through her blubber lips. The fact that she believes them to be worth 2 million is the root of her psychological problems: she truly believes that she, Lindsay is worthy and everyone else is worthless, is only out to victimize her, and should just shut it and pay to listen to her lies upon lies.

464 days ago


Woulda never happened w/o Shawn Holley.

464 days ago


For two mil Lindsey can expect the dentist's chair/drill.

I'd still prefer Stern on this one - but Oprah's getting very good/direct.

Or maybe Oprah always was - but restricted at ABC.

464 days ago
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