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Cory Monteith

Did Not Die

From 'Deadly' Heroin

7/17/2013 1:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cory Monteith did NOT die from a new strain of deadly heroin that has been going around the Vancouver area -- this according to the coroner.

A police dept. 40 miles from Vancouver had issued a release warning a "toxic' mixture of heroin and fentanyl has caused a spike in heroin ODs.

The coroner who did the autopsy on Cory tells TMZ ... NO FENTANYL was found in Cory's system.

We're hearing the likely scenario is that Cory had not used heroin since entering rehab in April, and he may have gone back to the same dose he had learned to tolerate when he was using, but because his body was clean it couldn't handle the shock.


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Sian Oughton    

How terribly sad for his parents and family

428 days ago

Erin Thompson    

What i do know is that Corey wanted to come back to Hollywood and start filming for Glee Season 5
it doesn't make sense I just think that Corey wind up in Vancouver Canada first before he being spotted in Hollywood to get ready for glee season 5 with Lea i am a 100 percent sure that Corey is still alive someone else probably used the hotel room on 21st floor it might look like that someone was trying to chase Corey down that led to his death

All of this information can't be true from all things Assuming that
Corey Monteith check in at two different hotels one was Fairmont Pacific
Rim hotel and the other one was unclear Definitely it is not Drugs
There are plenty of Gossip and Rumors going around

421 days ago

Erin Thompson    

all of this is new is everywhere on the internet what is really the truth Did Corey Die from Heroin or did he not die from heroin please read this

421 days ago

Erin Thompson    

all of this is new is everywhere on the internet what is really the truth Did Corey Die from Heroin or did he not die from heroin please read this
Read more:
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421 days ago


This is exactly why drugs are a problem! To sugar coat it, "it was not deadly heroin" or a ""toxic mix" does not mean the heroin overdose was okay. It is still an overdose of an illegal drug. Stop trying to make it acceptable. It is not. . It is still heroin..

419 days ago


This is exactly how drugs are glamorized! To sugar coat it and say it wasn't a deadly heroin, or a toxic mix, only tells us its ok, it was just heroin.It is still a heroin overdose....

419 days ago

Ginger Pail    

Nah, just a regular White Wedding, yippee!

413 days ago


When a person cleanses themselves and is clean for a month of longer and then takes a dose that they WERE USED TO TAKING (then this is the fatal result as seen in Corey)... So many "holier than thou" *******s on here saying some pretty nasty things about a young man whom was a good person. Never shunned his fans, was polite to everyone he encountered. He made a TRAGIC decision to use after not using for a long period of time. This mixed with alcohol intoxication was just too much for his system to handle. So go ahead and throw your purity stones because you guys live in GLASS HOUSES!!!! Most of you on this page! One does NOT NEED A "DEADLY DOSE" OF HEROIN IN ORDER TO OVERSOSE! There was NO ETHENAL found in Corey's system. Corey was tempted and I am guessing something/someone triggered this RELAPSE. On the other hand, one must FIGHT to stay strong. I can only imagine what heroin withdrawl must feel like or the temptation to use that tar again... Lets let Corey R.I.P. and stop being hypocrites! I mean, whom on here has not had one to many drinks or dabbled in weed, etc...We have all tried something, just be glad you are still breathing! ...Be thankful:))

411 days ago



405 days ago


First of all, mixing heroin and alcohol can easily kill you. Mixing Fentanyl with either heroin or alcohol can easily kill you. Fentanyl alone can kill you if used improperly. Young adults feel they're invincible... I used to be one of them. But being in the medical field, I see how easy it is to die by mixing drugs improperly. If you want to live, you just don't do it. What will get you high one day can kill you weeks later if your body isn't accustomed to it. I feel very sorry for his friends and family, but we see this same pattern among young celebrities again and again. Exceptions in body chemistry, absorption rates, and liver function won't vary to protect you just because you're 'famous'.

405 days ago
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