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Nipsey Hussle:

LAPD Cops Used

'Excessive Force'

7/17/2013 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Nipsey Hussle tells TMZ ... "hyper-sensitive LAPD officers" overreacted and used excessive force when stopping the rapper and his crew at a Trayvon Martin rally yesterday -- and he insists he did NOTHING wrong.

We broke the story ... Nipsey was handcuffed after cops believed he may have been brandishing a gun ... but later let him go when they realized he was not in possession of a firearm.  

Now, Hussle tells us ... cops blamed the mix-up on officers who were monitoring the event in a police helicopter ... and they believed they saw Nipsey with a gun.

Nipsey says the confusion may have stemmed from an incident with a random person who threw a bottle at Nipsey's car. Nipsey says he and his crew got out of the car to say something to the bottle-thrower ... then quickly got back into their car and drove away. Moments later, they were surrounded by cops.


Nipsey tells TMZ ... he's especially upset at the way cops treated his brother (who is disabled) -- "They pushed his face on the concrete. They dropped a knee in his spine then twisted his arm and cuffed him while he was not resisting."

Nipsey says cops held them on scene for 4 HOURS ... before they eventually determined no one in Nipsey's crew had a gun.

Despite being at the Trayvon Martin rally ... Hussle doesn't think the situation was a case of racial profiling -- "I think it was the result of hyper sensitive LAPD officers overreacting once again."


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Mr Wood    

You know it is hysterical that you hillbilly, inbred, trailer-park, cable stealing, redneck Pieces OS hide behind your computers in your mothers closet wearing her clothes type all of this trash, BUT WOULD NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS SAY THESE THINGS TO A PERSON OF COLOR'S FACE......YOU RATCHET WHITE-TRASH A-HOLES!!!

410 days ago


If the cops had been white, he would be screaming racial profiling. Get real.

410 days ago

ralph ortiz    

Who and what is a Nipsey Hussle? Any relation to the real celebrity - Nipsey Russle?

410 days ago


I have a question. Who is Nipple Hustle?

410 days ago


In the old days, the LAPD would have shot him dead. Sure, today they're physically aggressive, but at least they're not firing 50 rounds into someone like they used to do.

410 days ago

Tennis Ace    

Anyone else sick and tired of African-Americans leaning on that crutch and NOT taking responsibility for teaching their kidss the difference between right and wrong?
Here's an idea... the next time acaucasian, Asian, or Latino gets killed by a bullet, let's all loot and pillage in Beverly Hills! Who's in?

410 days ago


America people know that cops go after blacks. Some cities are real bad for racial profiling. NYC, Florida, AZ, along with CA. This has to stop. The people must fight back against the racism within our law enforcement departments.

410 days ago


Nipsey? Not Nipsey Russle? Who the f is this?

410 days ago


Oh look, more silly anonymous gossip lurkers who fuel hate and kill minutes by spending time commenting on posts you apparently don't want to read. That's called mental masochism. Nipsey Hussle is far from a "no-name", but ironically he would take your side in preferring not be on a site that lacks any credibility such as TMZ. He is known much farther outside of LA (selling out tours worldwide), and apparently you don't remember his contributions to his community, independent record releases and self-owned store, or maybe even his appearance in the We Are The World 25 for Haiti thanks to a Quincy Jones invitation. Don't lump this man in with your typical stereotype of a "thug rapper", he isn't. For as privileged as most of you bored computer drones are, I would think you would spend more of that time being productive or helpful to your own life or strangers around you. *Shrug*

410 days ago


just reading the comments on here alone lets me kno , wow lot of dummy's on here.

410 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

to what? an idiot in the middle of a bunch of other idiots acting idiotic for the sole purpose of acting idiotic?
that isnt overreacting, its called doing their job before one of the idiots does something even more idiotic.

410 days ago


Lucky you didn't get shot trying to escape.

410 days ago


just reading the comments on here everyday , lets me know how many people still are very will neva go away they will always hate black people all because someone told u so ,...keep following the leader it gets u very far ,.......NOT!!!!

410 days ago


This guy is not a no name! He has 2 really hot songs that i got on itunes, one is called "feeling myself" ft. Lloyd and the other is called "West Coast Anthem" ft. Kaizer Sose and they are awesome!

410 days ago


Another lame attempt to sue the city.

409 days ago
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