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You Be the Judge

7/19/2013 5:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A lot happened this week ... another Kanye attack, a racist attack against Oprah by a jealous actress and a venomous reaction to a magazine cover.  So we gotta ask ...


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Kanye needs to accept that he's a homo and stop with the anger. Walk the streets of France hand in hand with your boyfriend instead of hiding behind closed doors.

407 days ago


I'm gonna let you finish, Kanye, but everyone knows Alec Baldwin did the best paparazzo bashing of the year.

407 days ago


Hispanic guy kills black kid and they try to blame it on white people.

407 days ago


Zimmerman is not a star TMZ!

407 days ago

my 2 cents    

Most dangerous from The Wayback machine - Sean Penn, Ryan O'Neal and the legendary Fank Sinatra.

407 days ago

Buck Boy    

With each insane installment of this media attempt at a world record in bashing. I am seeing the most ardent supporters of equality step back and wonder if we have lost sight of equality and simply gone bat **** crazy. This new movement is so full of hypocritical holes. None bigger than this movement to convince American's that WE are at fault for our failure to understand the brilliance of Rachel Jeantel. While it may appear she is the biggest bigot on planet earth, it is US that are bigots for failure to see and understand her comments as Just Us Justice.

407 days ago

fred bishop    

it's funny how you want kanye in jail,but photographers can be inches from you and your kids putting camera's all in their face.5 camera men swarm him knowing he let it be known,stay away from me,and i think they making a big deal out of this.this camera man is known to try and profit off of his aggressive tatics...

407 days ago


It is NOT anti-democratic to boycott Rolling Stone. They were allowed to freely publish the photo and article; I am allowed to express my opinion that I hate it and I won't buy it. It's like saying if I don't buy a Jay-Z album I am a racist. No, I just don't care for that kind of content, and I would use that exact same response to Rolling Stone.

407 days ago


You're killing me with the ``` who would I rather
Oprah or Ray dawn ` question
I'd rather fluck `` Kanye!!

407 days ago


Kanye West attacking Paparazzi Raw Footage Full Video HERE:

So what's gonna happen when his kid does something he doesn't like? This says a lot about his character. I feel sorry for that poor child.

407 days ago


rae* dawn chong

407 days ago


Until a certain segment of Americans accept that all people have racial biases, and until a serious discussion and actions are taken to improve the situation, the problems continue. But, most people are cowards who lack self-awareness.

It is time for people to shut up and think before spitting out nonsense. TMZ is part of the nonsense. The poll asking about the Zimmerman protesters is ignorant. What should happen is mature discussions about race, about all states with versions of Stand Your Ground laws, what should happen is positive change.

407 days ago


You know you can't take the voters very seriously when they believe that Kanye is more dangerous than OJ...

407 days ago


There needs to be a 100 feet rule. Anything closer, photographer gets arrested and thrown in jail.

TMZ: Someone needs to invent a way to vote all boxes at once on you polls. What a pain!

407 days ago


That wasn't a racist attack against Oprah. Rae Dawn Chong is Black too. Her objective was to be nasty and hateful so she used to worse terminology she could think of.

407 days ago
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