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Michael Lohan

Oprah's Gonna Save LiLo

7/21/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey
is the answer to Lindsay Lohan's prayers  -- at least according to Michael Lohan who tells us that LiLo's BIG deal with the big O is the best thing that could have happened to her.

Our photog spotted papa Lohan at LAX Saturday -- and asked him how he felt about LiLo making nearly $2 million to do a sit down interview and 8-part docu series with O.

Michael says he couldn't be happier for LiLo and explains how the Oprah effect could be just the thing his troubled daughter needs to keep her nose clean.

He also discusses whether or not he'll make an appearance on the show ... check it out.


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any good that comes out of this will be ruined by michael lohan is one quick phone call to tmz live.

461 days ago


The only reason why Lohan stayed in rehab was because she was court ordered forced.

She isn't forced to do this Oprah crap. Want to bet Lohan will take the money and burn her.

Winfrey can't be that stupid. She's got to have some kind of contract that if Lohan tried to screw her she get's nothing.

461 days ago


Bwahahahaha sorry Michael, but the rest of the public sees this as O's way to save her failing network. You really are in lala land.

461 days ago

hank hill    

Lindsay Lohan searching for sperm donor


461 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Everyone have a great day.....see ya'll later on.

461 days ago


Winfreys network is doing a little better but still not great by a long shot. How she thinks this junk with Lohan is going to help is beyond me.

And why is this if pulled off to be aired sometime in 2014 that's like a year away.

Guess I'll believe it when I don't see it.

461 days ago


This is a win for Oprah no matter what happens. If Lindsay cleans up -Oprah wash the one to save her-where everyone else failed. If she is a mess (which I think we can all agree will happen) Oprah can sit back all concerned, smug and I told you so-no one does that better than Oprah. She can look at the camera and say I tried my best but Squeaky is beyond hope and help. No one can Oprah did not try and at the end of the day Oprah is still a billionaire and secure for life and the Lohan's will be selling any child they can to make a buck.

461 days ago


Doomed from the start. This is ALL WRONG. Oprah is not a "savior," she's an employer. When the shows don't do what they need to for OWN, the lady will move on. Just ask Rosie.

460 days ago


If Oprah thinks the Cracken will save her failing network, that's not going to end well. I hope she has an iron clad contract with Crackie, even so, she'll take and number and stand in line to sue her when she burns her like she does everyone else.

460 days ago


Lohan needs money and drug money. If Lohan can pull this con off she will. Just don't see that happening. She can't even make a 2 day shoot without being a complete nightmare and going on binges for days. Why should this be any different.

Lohan is just going to make whatever money she can to drink, drug and party.

How Lohan thinks that 6 rehab jokes current 90 days forced rehab is going to change her over 10 years of hard drinking, drugging and partying is going to change is still funny as hell.

460 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

I'm going to have nightmares about this impending pregnancy. I can really see her doing this. She would see it as the answer to all her problems.

460 days ago


Will Oprah film Lindsay helping young woman? After all isn't that what Lindsay wants to do with her life? We will all be crying as Lindsay transforms the lives of young woman everywhere. Any celebrity can adopt a poor child and give them wonderful lives but only Lindsay can teach them the Arab businessmen circuit and that my friend is priceless.

460 days ago


See everyone later. Play nice unless Nicole shows up again and then let that bitch have it!

460 days ago


Shouldn't rehab have saved Lindsay as opposed to Oprah saving Lindsay post rehab?
I also noticed that Lindsay's fee is now "nearly" $2million.

460 days ago


Cmon... no one believe she's getting anywhere near even 1 million for this. The cable network isn't even in the top 25 cable networks on zap-to-it. Lindsay accepted minimal wage for her last project. She comes cheap these days...

460 days ago
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