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Jeff Garlin

Sued Over Window Rage

He Was Acting INSANE

7/23/2013 5:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0723-jeff-garlin-tmz"Curb Your Enthusiasm" star Jeff Garlin went ballistic on a tiny helpless woman inside her car, screaming, giving her the finger, and smashing her window with his bare hands ... all over a parking space ... this according to the alleged victim, and now she's suing his pants off.

A woman named Rachel Depaz filed the lawsuit against the actor for assault and destruction of personal property ... stemming from his arrest last month in Studio City.

In the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Depaz says it all started when Garlin blocked her in a CVS parking lot and refused to move out of the way. The two exchanged (possibly rude) gestures and eventually Garlin snapped, getting out of his car.

Depaz says Garlin then "slammed his fist against the driver's side window so hard that it broke the glass."

In the docs, Depaz describes herself as 5'2" and says she was in fear for her life, calling Garlin a "very large, powerful and threatening man." FYI -- Garlin's about 6'1" and pretty heavy.

Depaz is suing for unspecified damages.

Garlin was arrested following the incident -- but as TMZ previously reported, the L.A. city attorney has already declined to file criminal charges against him.


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Aren't lawsuits supposed to have some sort of basis? It's a legal matter, plain & simple. What were her losses?

466 days ago

Blue Lake    

He can't apologize enough for this boorish and dangerous behavior. He should be banned from ever working in this town.

466 days ago


He should be in jail for this...but alas he is a prominent buys freedom...I would be in jail if I committed destruction of property, uttering threats etc....f'ed up justice system

465 days ago


I've had this happen to me.

Some dyck that later describes herself as meek and slight-of-build and temperament.

"In fear for her life."

Meanwhile she cuts him off, takes a space he's heading into - then tells him to svck on it.

Is all tearful when police arrive.

Team-Jeff all the way.

465 days ago


She goes home after-the-fact.

Googles him.

Finds out she landed a big one.

Calls an attorney that-very-moment.

In kind of a yelping, pathetic elderly=lady=victim mode -

Con artist -

Lawsuit proves it.

Take her to trial, Jeff.

Go Yard on her.

465 days ago


Sue the dumb bastard....sue his pants off....

465 days ago


If the City Attorney declines to press charges.

That means the woman's full of ....


Her days of carelessly/rudely parking at CVS?

Cutting our comedy stars off?

Have officially ended.


"Illegal posing."

Don't give her a dime, Jeff - not a dime.

465 days ago


Counter-suit p.s.

"Excessive Meekness When In The Presence of L.A.'s Finest."

465 days ago


He looks like "director" Kevin Smith.....and that's not a compliment.

465 days ago


(3rd of 3 counter-suit p.s.)


The VOICE she used once police responded?

Eleven octaves HIGHER than the voice she used on Jeff -


-Take that to Chase or BOA.

465 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

So excuse me just a moment. Isn't this guy, Garlin, some kind of famous Hollywood tv star or actor or something? I don't watch tv so to me he just looks like another stupid fat ignorant ass hole on drugs. But ok, he's famous. Case closed! Give him a cookie and tell him how great he is. And as for that other person, that Depaz person, throw her in jail and fine her for felony celebrity tampering. When a famous person wants a parking space, you're supposed to just GIVE IT TO THEM! What is wrong with some people?

465 days ago


I like Jeff Garlin. Loved Curb Your Enthusiasm. But honestly, a large dude smashes my car window while violently screaming at me and I am most likely just going to shoot him and consider it self defense. Be more polite to each other out there as some of us have legally armed ourselves and don't feel like suffering through an assault simply because you're having a bad day.

465 days ago


IF the LA Attorney's Office isn't pressing charges then that should be it... this woman is obviously out for $$$$$$$$$ because Mr. Garlin is a celebrity. The LA Attorney's office have interviewed her ... she is just looking for some celebrity $$$$$. Jeff Garlin is known as a kind man who does tons of charity work and has never been in trouble before...somehow I think he was baited and i hope the whole truth comes out. I'm team Jeff!

465 days ago

phil osopher    

I met Garlin at Freakbeat Records in Sherman Oaks one day. He was a complete A-Hole. Wouldn't even give me an autograph ...what's that about?
Remember that Jeff?

465 days ago


please dont make us see him pantless

465 days ago
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