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Amanda Bynes


Actress Scrambled to Rinse Pet After Driveway Fire

7/24/2013 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

7:18 AM PT -- THE DOG IS SAFE!!!!! Law enforcement officials tell TMZ ... Amanda's dog was claimed by her parents after she was placed on a 5150 hold.

Amanda Bynes
accidentally drenched her pet Pomeranian with gasoline while building a fire in a residential neighborhood ... then raced to a nearby liquor store to clean the pooch ... and TMZ has the bizarre footage.

The surveillance video -- taken inside the liquor store -- begins minutes after Bynes allegedly used a canister of gasoline to fuel a fire outside a random elderly woman's home in Thousand Oaks, CA around 8:38 PM on Monday night.

At 8:39 PM ... Bynes can be seen bursting into the liquor store and darting straight for a restricted  "employees only" area -- while holding the dog in her outstretched arms.

The cashier -- sensing something was wrong -- rushed out from behind the register and chased after Bynes to see what she was doing.

TMZ spoke to the owner of the store who tells us ... the cashier detected a strong odor of gasoline and observed Bynes attempting to rinse off the dog in a sink in the back area.

We're told ... as soon as the cashier confronted Bynes, she "freaked out" and left the store without further incident.

Moments later, cops located Amanda and placed her on a 5150 psychiatric hold believing she could pose a danger to herself and/or others.

As for the dog, it's current whereabouts are unknown ... but we're trying to track it down.


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I hope someone removes that dog from her care. Poor little thing. :(

459 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

This is one of the saddest public meltdowns I've seen. I don't like her, but I do feel concern. She's hurting and it doesn't seem like her family or friends are there. Even though her own actions endangered the dog, she clearly cares for him/her. My best bet is the dog is with her parents. This happened in her parents neighborhood and I would bet the police spoke to her parents before or after the 5150 hold.

459 days ago


If that gas can exploded and her hair and everything else caught on fire she would have gotten 2nd or 3rd degree burns. No doubt, she'd be UGLY as hell after that. Burn wounds are extremely painful too. She'd hate that.

She'd look in the mirror and probably freak out completely and have to live in the loony bin the rest of her life.

459 days ago


Her parents did a big NOTHING allowing their daughter to sink alone lower and lower to where she's lighting fires.
Amanda must hate their f--king guts for good reason.
I hate them too.

459 days ago


Stupid psychotic bitch!

459 days ago


I just read online that Amanda might be forced to be in the psych ward for 2 weeks instead of 72 hours. She definitely needs it.

Clearly, she's a danger to herself and others. She's way more crazy than Lindsay Lohan ... and that's not so easy to do.

459 days ago

Nun ja biz    

Jail is not the answer for Amanda. She needs treatment for whatever mental illness she is clearly suffering from.

459 days ago


That poor dog.. I bet the gasoline stung the poor doggie's skin.. Amanda is in no position to even care for herself, much less a vulnerable animal. I hope her dog gets placed in a safe home.. :(

459 days ago


She talked that crap about random people, and now you people sing Kumbaya. Lol, and who knew Kumbaya is a camp fire song! hehe.

459 days ago


I wonder if Amanda was sexually abused or something when she was a child actress. I read somewhere that child sexual abuse can really mess a kid up and they sometimes get crazier as they get older.

That one former child actor Corey Feldman said a few years ago that pedophilia is fairly common in Hollywood ... even among the top media moguls.

They sometimes persuade young boys and girls have sex on the "casting couch" just like for some legal age aspiring actors and actresses.

Corey Feldman said him and his friend Corey Haim both were sexually abused ... probably by Michael Jackson and other Hollywood people. Corey is afraid to name names because it might hurt his career.

459 days ago

Ryuga the Dragon Emperor    

Leave Amanda alone, she didn't start the fire anyway. I hope the dog is okay. There's nothing wrong with Amanda. People need to leave her alone, her behavior is normal.

459 days ago


That poor dog.

I find it sad that TMZ has made it their life mission to follow every ****ed up thing this woman has said and done. When she finally has the episode that surprises NO ONE, they have the audacity to be worried about the ****ing dog. I mean it's not like you guys fed into her insanity every damn step of the way.


459 days ago

Bossy Potato    

Oh my god. She has lost it. Poor girl.

459 days ago


The video Is hilarious

459 days ago


And here I thought we'd all be bored after Lindsay went to rehab! This girl needs help, but this is great stuff!! Lol

459 days ago
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