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Celine Dion

Bigger Than Michael

So Claims AEG

7/25/2013 10:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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It's Billie Jean vs. Titanic, and AEG claims the ship wins hands down.  Translation -- AEG is trying to convince the Michael Jackson jury that Celine Dion is bigger than MJ.

AEG exec John Meglin is on the stand in the wrongful death case, scoffing at the Jackson family's claim that Michael would have earned $1.5 billion had he lived.

Meglin told the jury it's his opinion Celine is a bigger star and therefore more bankable than MJ ever would have been.  Yet according to reports, Celine is worth a measly $400 mil. 

Fun facts:  Jackson ranks #3 in most albums sold worldwide -- more than a billion (behind the Beatles and Elvis) . Celine ranks #9 at 200 million albums.

As for Grammys, MJ also has her beat with 13 Grammys to her 5.

So we gotta ask ...


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Jacko showed off his anti-Demerol addiction implant to liar abuser Katherine, but she blatantly lied that he was normal and never looked like a drugged-out corpse from 1992-2009.
She claimed she never saw him in that bad shape prior to seeing the June 19, 2009 photo. LMAO

What greedy evil whore and son. No surprise, her fake husband & several of her kids are noseless retards.
MJ & Katherine use religion to excuse pedophilia.
Joe, Jermaine, La Toya, MJ & Katherine = liars & criminals

Rebbie - submissive
Janet - submissive clown, two-faced bitchy spoiled brat
The only one who looked ok was Marlon, despite his endorsement of Joe's whippings.

391 days ago

miss b    

Who dug MJ up to get that photo,looks like he's been dead for four years in that picture.

391 days ago

myra morris    

You know this really is a bunch of bs AEG needs to come to reality and look back to remember who feed them for many years.They work Michael to death sericously All they thought about was there own pockets. They didn't give a **** about Michael or his children all they cared about is money money money. If they cared on ounce about Michael he would be here today. But to me if truth be known Tohme Tohme is behind his death and I believe that and i will go to my grave with that. You AEG need to get over yourselfs and pay up for all of the mistakes you made on this tour and remember that Katherine and his children are the one's that are suffering. Fess up pay up and let this family greive and go on with there lives OMG have a heart already Michael was an ANGEL and ICON but most of all he was a HUMAN BEING R.I.P. OUR ANGEL MAY YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND CHILDREN GET THE PEACE THAT YOU DESERVE ALL FOR L.O.V.E

391 days ago

Devvart Hada    

Obviously The World Knows Who Is The King Of Entertainment Even Celine Know The Same. Michael Jackson Is The Biggest And The Best ..!! AEG Good Morning & TIME OUT

391 days ago


michael jackson is the biggest ever. bigger than elvis or beatles. and sold more albums/copies than both of them. thats a FACT! these 1 billion or now 2 billion figures that a recod company claim was only to make the number 1 position. and thats another fact when white people are not happy when a black man is the BIGGER than them.
so the question from TMZ is useless.

391 days ago


Celine is an amazing artist, nothing against her. But bigger than Michael? No! Michael was a very hands on extremely multifaceted artist. Michael raked up enough awards to fill a personal hall of fame, 197 in all. Including 13 Grammys, 2 of which he shared with Quincy Jones, 22 American Music Awards, 40 Billboard Awards and 13 MTV awards, to name a few. While most performers stop living to win one Grammy in a year, Michael at age 21 raked 8 Grammys in one night! He surely earned his place as the biggest artist of all time. Doesn't matter who comes after, he will always be the greatest and will always be 'The King If Pop!

391 days ago


Remember, is 2010 at the Grammy Awards, the announcer annouced 'These ppl who r gonna sing the Earth Song (Mjs song) are the people who were inspired by Michael, these ppl were inspired by Muchael and its like their idol.. And one of the singer was CELINE DION -.- then how can u say tht she is better than Michael??? NO ONE CAN EVER, EVER BE MICHAEL JACKSON OR TAKE HIS PLACE AND NO ONE IS MORE POPULAR OR COULD BE WORTH MORE THAN MICHAEL IN THIS WHOLE WIDE WORLD! MICHAEL is the ONLY ONE, then, now and TOMORROW! This will never change!

391 days ago


for mj haters eat your self :p he is number one in the world he is the most famous person in the whole world and his album still had the biggest sale mj never took drugs he just cant sleep well mj was very active appear in time without modern technology (the internet) and he reach all of the world even celien she said he inspired her so if u like her u have to respect mj
this is what am talkin about please if u dont vote for mj respect him cuz he is perfect he reached all of this sucess before the singers of theses days and please read well and listen b4 being a judge and talk about his life

391 days ago


Great, when did "he" last perform?

in 2006 at Earl's court in London where he was given a diamond award and once again got in the Guiness book of records for the sales of Thriller.

391 days ago


Celine is a great singer, but Michael Jackson will always be the biggest star in the world!! FOREVER KING OF POP!!!!!!

391 days ago


Michael is the greatest artist the world has ever known. No one was, is and ever will be like him!!

391 days ago


Jacko Was A Sicko.

390 days ago


He sounded shaky & like a transexual at the World Music Awards. He was embarrassed and wanted to leave the stage. He looked like he waved good-bye before dying. He was badly disfigured, really creepy, monstrously ugly, old & washed-up.

390 days ago


Dafuq????????????? Michael Jackson is even BIGGER than Elvis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

389 days ago


Watched a TV docu about Celine (way before MJ died), where Celine said that MIchael Jackson was her biggest influence.

389 days ago
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