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Michael Jackson Accuser

I Can Help Victims

Of Child Sex Abuse

7/27/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wade Robson
-- the choreographer who claims Michael Jackson molested him -- is launching his own foundation to help child sex abuse victims through new age healing ... TMZ has learned.

Robson founded a non-profit organization called "Hearts in Our Hands" on July 1 -- registering a domain name and a Facebook page.  

A rep for Robson tells us all the required legal docs haven't been filed yet -- but the group will be dedicated to preventing abuse ... and will take a holistic approach to treating victims.

Translation: a whole lotta meditation and yoga. 

A source close to Wade says the choreographer's gotten deep into yoga himself lately -- and now wants to quit professional dancing forever.

As TMZ previously reported ... Wade is suing MJ's Estate, claiming he was sexually molested by Jackson from the age of 7 to 14.

The Jackson Estate and several family members have dismissed Wade's claims as little more than a money grab.


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Like hes not gonna steal the proceeds.

460 days ago


LIBERACE’S ex-lover has claimed to have had a gay fling with Michael Jackson.
Scott Thorson, 54 — whose life with the pianist was turned into film Behind The Candelabra — said he began bedding Jacko in 1982 after he and Liberace split.
He said: “I was introduced to Michael Jackson through Liberace back in 1977 and we had a fantastic relationship.
“When we broke up in 1982, Michael swept me off my feet and said, ‘Hey, I’m breaking away from the Jackson 5. I’m going solo’. This is when the Thriller tour started. Michael swept me off my feet.”
Asked on Aussie radio if they were lovers, Scott replied: “Yes, for a short term.
“It was short term because Michael became very big at the time and his management team thought it best that we didn’t go any further with our relationship.”
He claimed they were wary of his court battle for a £73million payoff from Liberace — who died in 1987 aged 67. The case was eventually settled for just £60......,000.
Scott — currently on US probation for identity theft — said he and Jacko stayed pals until the star, 50, died in 2009 from a drugs overdose.
He added: “It was very sad. But it just goes to show what these plastic surgeons can do to you — or any doctor for that matter.
“Michael started his drug addiction because of the plastic surgeons.”


Look, we find more dirt on the wacko!!!!

Wow, hahahaha.............. very good tast MJ!!!



460 days ago


Victims of molesters usually become molesters themselves. So no, Wade, you just stay the hell away from kids and work on fixing yourself.

460 days ago





Yes, I agree, he is playing gullible people from THIRD World Countries for fools on his FAKE FB page to 'like' his fake page.
He is also paying for likes.
Not satisfied with TROLLING TMZ ROL DB CNN DM etc etc.. With his NUMEROUS alter 'nics', AND Cloning/Harassing MJ Fans and supporters, he has now upped the ante and taken his demented hate to FB.
The game is up OHWELL, you’ve been EXPOSED for who YOU really are.

460 days ago




460 days ago




460 days ago


Michael Jackson's Mother Takes Major Misstep During Cross Examination In AEG Case
by Joe Wilde | 23 July 2013
Katherine Jackson appeared confused and contradicted herself various times whilst on the witness stand on Monday (22 July)
The mother of Michael Jackson, Katherine Jackson, placed her family's ongoing court case against concert promoter AEG Live in jeopardy when she took to the witness stand for a second time on Monday (22 July). The 83-year-old did not appear as the heart-wrenched mother who was still revelling from losing her child as she did when she first gave evidence on Friday (19 July) - putting her character testimony into great peril for when the jury make their verdict - and made a number of misinformed statements during her examination by the defendant's lawyer, reports CNN.
Katherine & Prince Jackson
Kathereine, pictured with Michael's eldest son Prince, seemed to contradict herself in court
Katherine appeared to be argumentative, forgetful and too overcome with emotion to competently recall some of the more incriminating parts of her son's past live. As well as this, Jackson made numerous indications that she flat-out refused to believe some of the facts presented in front of her in terms of her son's addiction to prescription drugs - both in his lifetime and even now, following the inquest into his death that revealed the extent of his prescription drug addiction.
Jackson is currently suing AEG Live along with all three of MJ's children for the wrongful death of her son and their father. By the end of last week it looked as though the Jacksons already had their multi-million dollar settlement wrapped up, however Katherine's second statement made things a little less obvious as to who would win the case once again. When quizzed about his cancelled 1993 'Dangerous' world tour, which ended after the singer's pal Elizabeth Taylor flew into Mexico City to stage an intervention and take him to a rehab clinic, Katherine claimed she had absolutely no knowledge of this ever happening, regardless of her son's public statement and apology in which he admitted why the tour was cancelled.
"I don't like to hear bad news," the Jackson matriarch simply said.
Michael Jackson This Is It
AEG were organising Michael's comeback shows in London
When quizzed on a more recent occasion when her son's drug problem was called into question - the 2002 intervention her family held in his Neverland ranch to curtail his drug problem - she appeared to have no recollection of the seriousness behind the gathering, merely remembering it as a typical family reunion. She told the courtroom that neither she nor any of her other children directly confronted Michael about his drug problem during the gathering, saying "We just saw he was OK and was upset, and ... there was no deep discussion or anything." Directly contradicting previous statements made on Michael's behalf.
She went on to recall the time her son was living in Las Vegas and she was told about his addiction, at which point she directly questioned him about his problems. She went on to say that it seemed as though his drug problem was under control and was a necessity as he continued to suffer from the burns on his scalp attained during a botched Pepsi commercial shoot. She timidly told the courtroom, "I kind of believed him, and I didn't believe him," which again goes against her initial, more assured courtroom statement.
Katherine and her three grandchildren are suing AEG Live, who were promoting and producing Michael's 50 'This Is It' comeback concerts in London prior to his death on June 25, 2009, for negligently hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor who fed Michael's drug problem in his dying days and was found responsible for providing the fatal dose of the anesthetic propofol that killed the singer. AEG are countering the claim, insisting that Michael had hired Murray on his own accord and used advance payments from the concert promoters to pay the doctor. Payments that would have been returned following the completion of his 50-date residency at London's O2 Arena.

460 days ago


Jury hears testimony from Jackson's mother, former doctors, in 13th week of civil trial
The Canadian PressBy The Associated Press | The Canadian Press – Sat, 27 Jul, 2013

FILE - In this April 27, 2011 file photo, Katherine Jackson poses for a portrait in Calabasas, Calif. Jackson’s mother told jurors Monday July 22, 2013 she did not believe her son was responsible for his own death and broke down in tears as she described the difficulty of listening to negative characterizations of her son throughout the trial. The Jackson family matriarch is suing the company, claiming it failed to adequately investigate the doctor convicted of giving her son an overdose of anesthetic in 2009. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles, File)View Photo
FILE - In this April 27, 2011 file photo, Katherine Jackson poses for a portrait …
6 teens die in crash near Lloydminster, Sask.
Evacuation order lifted, residents return after B.C. jet fuel spill
Egypt's Brotherhood stays on streets despite 72 killings
Brokers see soaring demand for insurance against cyber attacks
Pope wraps up historic trip with massive Mass on a beach
More headlines »
LOS ANGELES, Calif. - A look at key moments this past week in the wrongful death trial in Los Angeles between Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, and concert giant AEG Live LLC, and what is expected at court in the week ahead:
Jackson's mother wants a jury to determine that the promoter of Jackson's planned comeback concerts didn't properly investigate Dr. Conrad Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter by a criminal jury for Jackson's June 2009 death. AEG's attorney says the case is about personal choice, namely Jackson's decision to have Murray serve as his doctor and give him doses of a powerful anesthetic as a sleep aid. Millions, possibly billions, of dollars are at stake.
—Jackson's mother told jurors she did not believe her son was responsible for his own death and broke down in tears as she described the difficulty of listening to negative characterizations of her son throughout the trial.
—Jurors heard from three of Jackson's former medical care providers, who described their treatments of the pop superstar. Nurse anesthetist David Fournier told the jury that he no longer treated Jackson after he stopped a surgery in 2003 in which the singer acted inappropriately during a pre-operation screening.
—Fournier told jurors that Jackson had a high tolerance for certain drugs, and that he felt the singer was dishonest by not disclosing that he had an implant that blocked the effects of opiate medications before a surgical procedure.
—Katherine Jackson break down in tears as she described the pain she experienced reading and hearing about emails in which corporate lawyers for AEG Live and its parent company described her son as "the freak" and an upcoming meeting with him as "creepy."
—Jackson's medical records from emergency room visits after he injured his foot and returned several times to request painkillers.
—"Even though he asked for it, he could have said no," Katherine Jackson said of Murray's treatments of an anesthetic as a sleep aid on her son.
—"He wasn't honest with me," Fournier said about Jackson, describing how he learned the singer didn't disclose having an implant that blocked opiate medications before a September 2003 medical procedure.
—A judge blocked a spectator who says he inadvertently snapped a photo that included jurors from watching the trial in-person. The judge required William Wagener, who posts trial updates on YouTube and Facebook, to watch the trial via video feed from an overflow room.
—Jurors will hear from Eric Briggs, a defence expert who says it was highly speculative to assume Jackson would have earned millions if he had lived.

460 days ago


He's a big fat liar!!!

460 days ago


Together ... Jason Pfeiffer, left, with Michael Jackson last Christmas
Together ... Jason Pfeiffer, left, with Michael Jackson last Christmas
Jacko 'gay lover': I lost a soulmate
Published: 20th August 2009

A CHUBBY clinic worker has claimed he had a LOVE AFFAIR with Michael Jackson.
And he says he lost his “soulmate” when the tragic singer died eight weeks ago.
Jason Pfeiffer, who works for Jacko’s dermatologist Dr Arnold Klein, said the men shared “a short romantic love story that ended in tragedy”. The 35-year-old executive claimed he first got to know the Thriller superstar over the phone.
He said dad-of-three Michael then asked him for a lift home one night — and that led to further clandestine meetings.
Jason Pfeiffer
Claims ... Pfeiffer out in LA
Pfeiffer said: “I guess our first ‘date’ was in my car. We went for a drive and were talking and having fun, but Michael had his minders who were ‘nosey’ as Michael put it.
“We had to make sure we were not caught, and although the date was short as I had to take him home before anyone noticed, we had a great time.
“I thought nobody else knew, but have since discovered that others did surmise the truth.”
But the “fling” was cut short when 50-year-old Jacko died in Los Angeles following a cardiac arrest in June. Pfeiffer added: “I’ve lost my soulmate. It’s very hard to describe the loss I feel — but there is something that’s empty in my heart.”
The clinic worker claimed he was in regular contact with Jacko through to his final days.
And he said the twice-wed star began acting strangely two weeks before his shock death.
Pfeiffer, who told his story to Aussie mag Woman’s Day, said: “He completely changed in the final two weeks.
“He was overly religious, overly dramatic, exhausting and exhausted.
“He was saying goodbyes the week before passing. Everyone was creeped out by it.
“Michael got very retrospective in the last few weeks, he was talking about God and the Mayan calendar and the year 2012 — which is when the Mayan calendar ends.”
JACKO’S brother Tito will perform some of the superstar’s hits when he tours Britain this year.
Other family members will join him as he supports soul diva Gladys Knight from October 6. Tito, 55, said “The UK was a very special place to my brother Michael and I’m so excited to be able to pay my respects to his fans there.”



MJ is very lonely in hell, but you can help him find a companion, so listen up:

Who would you rather-

Jason Pfeiffer or
Scot Thorson?

460 days ago


'OHWELL' AKA SUNFLOWER...another of his ‘'nics'’….
For goodness sake give it up.
I know what your 'particular' agenda really is, and that you don't give a flying f about Wadie Robsom, the LIAR...
You are so very DESPERATE that you QUOTE/UNQUOTE the UK GUTTER TABLOID that is THE SUN.
In this current wave of b/s unethical, without merit or TRUTH Tabloid Journalism, at least TMZ have not fallen FOUL to most of it, because they know better, so Kudos to them.
YOU have a VERY SICK agenda, I am falling short to call you what I REALLY believe you are.
I saw what you posted earlier, which was swiftly DELETED, suffice to say, it was utterly, disgustingly 'Paedophilic' in its content and context, and THAT’S why it was deleted.

460 days ago


A few nurses injected Propofol to commit suicide, on purpose.

MJ refused to hear that he'd die.

No one survived 3 weeks with no REM sleep.

He felt he'd be onstage with the kids.
He felt there'd be no way to pay his expenses unless
he used Propofol for "sleep" before many concerts.
He didn't inject any drugs when Murray was his doctor in 2008.

Mental illness & stupidity were reasons for his death wish behavior. Jacko said himself "No illness stops me from going onstage".

Fanatics claim the autopsy of everyone who died
from a rare sedative use proved that there was no physical deterioration.
Who in history lived through comas from Propofol, no sleep, malnutrition & brain deterioration???
Who hired criminals on purpose to inject drugs & Propofol?
Who looked & acted drugged up with taped proof of their drug abuse (slurring speech, incoherence, confession since 1993)?
Who had numerous surgeries & rubber injections to their nose & looked like they were dying since the 1990s?
Who stopped breathing in 2003 during a face injection because he didn't tell the anesthetist that he had a device implanted in his stomach to stop his Demerol addiction? Jacko.

No drug problem?
Fanatics prove they're liars. They are more compassionate than any "HATERS".
To them, Jacko & his liar mother were innocent but everyone else should pay the Jacksons. Katherine complained that AEG didn't say sorry about Jacko's death.

MJ keeled over unconscious in 1993 and 14 year old Frank Cascio had to pull him out of the hot tub. That was when he had scars all over his buttocks.

A bodyguard & Uri Gellar found needles & drugs in the London hotel & a completely unconscious MJ. They were lucky to get him awake after 10 minutes.

Before 2001 Jackson 30th Anniversary concert, he injected a bunch of Demerol in his home where Frank witnessed it happening. Jermaine recently told the press that he saw MJ's "blood shot red eyes". Frank never took MJ to the hospital because he was paid to shut up as his assistant ever since 1998, when he was 19 years old.

The chef & nanny also shut up & said nothing when MJ was being held up and couldn't move at the Staples Center.
Arnold Klein's assistant pulled MJ up during the videotaped dermatologist visits.
No one said anything to AEG, despite Randy Phillips & Kenny Ortega being at MJ's home.

In front of Prince, MJ said nothing to anyone about injecting Propofol & Demerol, but he ****tered a vase & threw a tantrum as he always did when
he couldn't magically get his "sleep". This was when his veins collapsed from injecting drugs.
With or without drugs & sedatives, Jacko would've died from no real sleep.

Jacko's son's testimony was a rehearsed as badly as Jacko's concert rehearsals.
He said Jacko slammed his phone down. cried after talking to AEG and told him AEG was killing him..

Jacko skipped almost the 3 weeks of rehearsals in June but he obsessively mumbled about God helping him & weeped & begged Ortega not to stop the concerts. He wanted more concerts than Prince.

Jacko son said Randy Phillips bullied Murray to get MJ onstage.
Phillips' emails said the opposite. Phillips said the one with irresponsible drunken behavior & disrespectful lies & deteriorating health was Jacko.

The reason Murray started screaming a few days before Jacko's death was MJ made his favorite disturbed criminal stay to get a
$150000 per month salary.
Jacko knew he could trick Murray into signing a contract with AEG.
He manipulated Murray into thinking that his body was never weakened since the 1990s & that Murray could ask AEG for $5 million a year.
Jacko lied repeatedly to health care professionals that he'd get sleep with Propofol. Jacko refused to take care of his health & Murray had no money and was pressured by Jacko to lie that Jacko did nothing to get paranoid, cold & deathly underweight..
Just like at the anti-Sony rant with Al Sharpton where Jacko blamed inhumanity for failing to sell a mountain of albums,
Jacko pretended he was the reasonable one.
Jacko told Kenny Ortega that he'd be fine onstage the next times.

Jacko didn't look as sick when he tried to fool everyone with fewer Propofol injections after June 20, 2009.

Then he had a huge dose on June 25, 2009.
That's the impression Ortega gave in the testimony.

460 days ago


Sara Jean


Can't deal with reality? you can always delete it right?

Delusional little rabid!

460 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Sara Jean


Can't deal with reality? you can always delete it right?

Delusional little rabid!


I wonder how many "nics" she has just to flag our posts with so they get deleted?

That's why she must be so paranoid.

460 days ago


Wacko couldn't find his childhood in 4 decades, so he decided to
smother many people's' lives & reputation.
Why didn't Wacko go to drug rehab?
Why did Wacko's family & friends say it was normal
for Wacko to cut off his nose?
Why did they deny that Demerol & Propofol was nothing new or seriously bad?
Shameful Katherine testified that she didn't want a drug intervention for Wacko because she saw nothing serious. Hope Katherine dies with severe coma too.

Why did Wacko not stop performing in the 1980s if he had no life without concerts?
Why didn't Wacko's fake friend Elizabeth Taylor not tell him to seek psychiatric counselling instead of the behavior that destroyed his kids' lives?

She got sycophant love from Wacko by going on TV to say "Jackson is king of pop. Jackson's child friends are all innocent. Jackson never abused drugs again. Jackson's plastic surgeries had nothing to do with self-destruction & drugs. He's only eccentric..."
Forced to sing and dance. Forced to take millions. Forced to take fame, and now (sobs), we discover he was forced to take Demerol & Propofol against his will since...forever.
Poor thing failed to get AEG to hand him a $93 million mansion.

Pressured to pay child support to Jermaine's ex-slut, he had to perform 50 concerts or momma Katherine would be so disappointed.
Good thing he endured a Pepsi commercial injury & the 1984 concerts for the Jacko family.

How cruel (racking sobs). If only I had known! Perhaps I could have done something.
Written a song poem thingy illustrating the trials of one child-like godlike man (his self-description).

Jacko, was so forced to live with death threats & daily stress his entire life.
Burdened by the biggest pioneering duties of music talent.
The most gentle personality.

I would've become a spoiled billionaire only to help bear the immeasurable load..

That will be the title of my first tribute.

Immeasurable Load.

460 days ago
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