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Tara Reid

In 'Sharknado' S**tstorm

7/29/2013 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tara Reid
is coming back -- kinda sorta -- for the "Sharknado" sequel, according to producers, but it's not what they privately said less than a week ago ... TMZ has learned.

The honchos who made the shark flick had a big reaction to TMZ's story over the weekend, that Tara Reid won't be invited back for round 2.  A rep for Asylum -- the production company -- tweeted, "@Tara Reid is awesome ... We'd be lucky to have her back for the sequel."

But we know there was a meeting last Wednesday in which Asylum exec David Latt talked about the sequel and zeroed in on the return of Ian Ziering -- and that's it.  There's no script ... it's all conceptual, but the talk was all about Ian -- and NOT Tara.  We're told the clear message was that she was out.

Latt now says if Tara doesn't do the flick it's because she's turned THEM down since the film has opened so many doors for her. 

Don't get us wrong ... we really like Tara, and think she'd be fun in part 2.  



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en Todo Momento!!    

oh. because tbumz thought they were the one's who 'promoted this flic' ON TMZ WHICH IS NOT YOUR PERSONAL PRIVATE PROPERTY SITE/WEBPAGE! and that the success of it was mainly due to their 'independent input' so they could 'influence and call shots' on 'who is not going to be in the sequel'? well, for BEGINNERS, YA'LL PLASTERED YOUR SITE VIA TARA REID TO 'INDEPENDENTLY PROMOTE THE CHIT-FLIC' how are you going to get all two faced and now pretend like you had 'nothing to do with her getting the boot'. it is up to her to decide if she wants to even fuqn participate. dumn asz fuqn tmz fyags. i swear. too much power trippen in that sweat box. ya'll need to uninstall your 'community urinals' because this chit is just straight up whacko.

361 days ago


while it was bad, it wasn't THAT bad. Syfy did a shark movie marathon on Saturday... and the movie "Dinoshark" had to be the TOP worst movie of the ENTIRE bunch, even Sharknado. Horrible acting, bad voice overs, non-existent CGI abilities, stupid plot, no writing... It made Sharknado look like a cinematic masterpiece.

361 days ago


The only reason TMZ is pushing this story is not because the movie is good, but because one of theircelebrity disasters is in it. They will promote this horrible movie until Tara Reed goes on another drunken, blathering trip down the celebrity escalator.

361 days ago


Tara isnt the young starlet anymore and the booze has taken a toll on her face. There is money in being a B list actor. SHe can do 2-3 movies a year and live well. Good luck to her, but i doubt she can afford now to start turning down gigs.

361 days ago


Latt now says if Tara doesn't do the flick it's because she's turned THEM down since the film has opened so many doors for her. ........HA HA HA, so many doors..what doors? I love Tara but these producers are fooling themselves.

361 days ago


The words Tara Reid & awesome don't really come to mind when it comes to making movies, but most movies aren't SHARKNADO

361 days ago


the only reason she would be denied a part is because of what she said about it while hosting tmz before it came out calling it awful... cut and dry...

360 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

and aside from that, all the stories you posted only got like max 30 comments. mostly from the 'fans of whoever you asked'. not because of the movie itself. one even only got like 5 comments. lame asz people trying to act like the 'success' was all their effort. lol. blocking my comments? phunny... anyways, she initially AGREED to play in this crazy freak show movie without knowing where it was going to lead to. i bet several others turned down the part, because it 'might be a bad choice for their career', when she was crazy (or desperate?) enough to take it. and now you want to kick her in the ass because now someone else can fill her shoes, since it turned out to be a success? crazy.

360 days ago


Yeah, like she's in the position to turn anything down.

357 days ago
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