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Kristen Stewart


'You Don't Deserve to Breathe the Same Air I Do'

7/30/2013 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kristen Stewart tore a paparazzo a new a-hole yesterday... dropping f-bombs and screaming, "You don't deserve to breathe the same air I do."

The video's intense ... Kristen is seen hiding behind a gate, waiting for a ride outside some building in Los Angeles, when the photog -- not TMZ -- asks, "Why are you saying f**k off?"

Obviously, Kristen was pissed even before the camera rolled ... but it's unclear what took place BEFORE the paparazzo started recording.

But Kristen, who appears like she's been pushed to a breaking point, unloads, saying, "Because you're a piece of s**t and you don't deserve to breathe the same air I do." That's just the beginning. It's crazy. Check it out.


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it's amazing how these uneducated type people make it in hollywood, she might fare better in the real world if she at least finishes high school. she knows what she signed on for and has zero appreciation for her success ...

452 days ago


LMAO! Love Kristen!

452 days ago


Im sure her breath smells like semen anyway

452 days ago


Cannot stand this girl! she acts like we give two hoots about her conceited self and the glorious air that she breaths...maybe when she actually does something that warrants the kind of attention she thinks she deserves then maybe the "air" around her might be special.....maybe.

452 days ago


Ask Prince Harry, what do you think about papzz. Kristen is still a princess and her vocabulary. I would not hold fists about!!

452 days ago


Se has no class..not as bad as bieber, but still bad.

452 days ago


I can understand how she feels - there's a line, or there should be, and hawking someone who obviously doesn't want to be hawked is crossing over that line. Why not just take the shot when she comes out instead of taunting her with questions about RP???

452 days ago


If I were a big Hollywood star that had the paps following me around everywhere I'd keep bluetooth wireless earbuds in my pocket and every time I saw some paps I'd put in the earbuds and crank up some loud music.

Problem solved. No annoying questions from paps to have to listen to. Kristen CAN control what she hears.

She can also screw over the paps by wearing a hoodie and dark sunglasses everywhere so it messes up the pictures and makes the pap wait outside for hours for nothing.

Who knows, maybe some fashion guru will invent some sort of stylish thing to put over their head. Maybe something like those burkas that the Taliban women in Pakistan wear.

452 days ago


The bottom line is when you become a celebrity, paps are part of the territory. Ignore them or be need to be a douche. And who the hello is she? You're a worthless, talentless whore...I think its you who doesn't deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us.

452 days ago


I don't get why these celebs get so pissy over the paps. You know going into this career that it comes with the territory. If you don't like it...don't become an actor (not that she could act her way out of a paper bag if she needed to). Stop your whining and thank your lucky stars they still think you're relevant. The only issue I have with the paps is when they harass stars while they're with their kids. Or impeding traffic and possibly causing an unsafe environment. But if they're just standing on the sidewalk taking pictures & asking questions...well that goes with the job. Get over it.

452 days ago


Thats not Kristen, she didn't say anything.

452 days ago


Heres the thing, the paps hound Rob all the time and he is always a gentleman. Makes me wonder what kind of abuse he endured when he was with her. I remember at comic con, he was joking with her and she told him in front of the cameras to "shut the F up" I have to admit, I feel sorry for the dog.

452 days ago


You would think she would be happy now that she and Rob don't have to pretend anymore. She and her girlfriend appear inseparable. And hello - Rob at Beyoncé concert?!

452 days ago

John dowser    

bottom line is she now knows she loves RP. But chicks don't realize that once you cheat on your boyfriend, if he is any kind of a good dude, you have ripped his heart out. He usually forgives, but that trust can never be 100% restored. I feel bad for her, but we all will reep what we sow, and she is...

452 days ago


Kristen WHO?

452 days ago
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